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  1. Where to start? I'm a 40 year old guy from the UK who has been into spanking his whole life. Always loved the site of a red bottom and well, from an early age, knew spanking was an interest. I've been on and off here for a year maybe or so, and every so often, try and suppress the interest but it always keeps coming back!!! So, I haven't been spanked since childhood, quite open to discussing and lot of my experience of being the spanker was when I was younger. Recently, I've had feelings of what it would be like to once again be spanked, which I do find strange as my life, I have been pred
  2. Welcome Jade. Hope to talk more soon 👍
  3. Hi all. UK based newbie here. Spanking has been an interest from an early age - the norm - looking up spanking in the dictionary, finding books with spanking in etc! Really curious after seeing one and guess it here from there. Not the most experienced spanker, spankings given I can count on two hands! I like to chat, discuss experiences etc and occasionally, mentor online but I have to know and trust the person first. I consider myself a spanker, but do remember being spanked when younger fondly! Feel free to say Hi. Nice to be somewhere where others have similar inter
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