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  1. Agree with you Shygurl. The spankings I get at that time are more moderate intensity theraputic, with some occasional hard discipline ones intermixed. My cure for PMS? Strong Meds, Soaking Bath, Sensual Massage, Soft Music, and sometimes a "Syndrome Spanking" ! Jen
  2. 51. EEs: Victory is OURS !!! - Jennifer
  3. My discipline spankings seldom go long therefore I never feel the numbness that others are describing. In fact, my non-spanking discipline that goes along, due to the offense, is often much longer than the spanking itself. - Jen
  4. 54. Long time between postings! Jen
  5. Congratulations to you and your husband!
  6. Welcome to SN Aubree! This is a great site. And yes - Jaded is a cool person! Echoing same as other said about safety. Red and Jen
  7. This sounds interesting for Jennifer and I to participate in. Thank you for asking us! However, we are real old-school in online technology and could only participate via PM or email. Other VR platforms scare us. Please count us in. (Jen as Student RP, myself as House Parent RP) Red
  8. Dmirk. Congratulations on your victory over cancer and being a survivor! Thank you for the info about bethematch.org and how to get a test kit. Jen and I also join in wishing you continued good health in the future! 👍🏻
  9. Both types of spankings are given by me depending on what Jennifer needs. Recently, erotic hand spankings and non-spanking play.
  10. 63. Now you can post Scooter. Jen
  11. 70. Time to bring the count down again. Jennifer
  12. Very HOT topic with me when doing MedFet roleplay and erotic spankings. PM if more details wanted. Jen
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