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  1. my first time was like 12 years ago. I was like 42, I saw ad on craigslist a guy into spanking other guys. I answered and we exchanged some emails. He was in mid 20s and said he loved the control aspect of spanking other guys. I agreed to let him come over when I knew I would be alone. He came in, he immediately took charge and started treating me like a naughty teen. he scolded me some and had me strip to fully nude and continued to scold. If my hand got close to my penis he immediately told me he had not given permission to touch myself. Then he told me to lay across his lap. The feeling of being naked across his lap was very overwhelming and i felt so vulnerable. He started hand and progressed to a brush. I will say the sting of the brush reminded me why i used to cry as a kid from spankings. I honestly did not remember that they hurt like that. I didnt cry then but I did squirm alot. Before he left he put me in the corner and told me not to get out until the sound of his car disappeared.
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