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  1. hi, Columbus as well
  2. for me it should be bare at least if not nude
  3. I once got quite marked up and that weekend went to a father daughter retreat and spent the night. Had to be careful not to show the marks in the shower area.
  4. similar struggles here. ive never been spanked over clothes either but i do make it a point that sex is not to be involved
  5. im sure its possible, i was red but not bruised. he did make sure it stung though
  6. he used a belt and paddle and had me strapped in place
  7. it was good. it sure added to the sting. he disapeared for moment and came back with spray bottle and sprayed my ass down and then continued
  8. yes, its difficult to admit and often comes with responses that make you want to completely hide forever. My question is, do spankers face the same shame? do they understand the spankees needs? do they care? or is it only their need to dominate that matters? How do spankers view the spankee? Im sure those questions resonate differently to each individual.
  9. only once, it is embarrassing as nothing is left unseen. it can hurt bit more too
  10. I got my first wet butt spanking today and it does up the level a bit
  11. Fines mean nothing to those that can afford them, its just an annoyance. However spankings put everyone on the same playing field, public or not. My first response is public should be allowed to witness it but that would be horrendously humiliating. Maybe in a semi private place where only those who intentionally wanted to watch could.I do think it should be bare though. I tried spanking someone once over clothes and did not realize how much bruising I was causing. Bare for safety and adds to the punishment. It shouldnt be pleasant, it has to cost something and there arnt many would would willingly take that as a real punishment. Some here of course might.
  12. When I grew up we had a couple outbuildings, chicken coups size and an old outhouse that hadn't been used in years. One time my dad threatened to take my brother and I out back behind those building for a whipping we would never forget if ever caught again with what he found us with. I knew he meant it and stayed clear from what he took from us after that.
  13. my first adult spanking was from a guy on Craigslist when they still allowed personals.
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