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  1. I don't agree with this. At all... You sound mean.
  2. Hmmm I guess mine is rather short. -Gain the nerve to actually meet someone for a proper spanking -Feel flat wooden implements ( small paddle, hairbrush, wooden spoon.) -Cry
  3. I love Miley, sorry can't help it! She did an Easter photo shoot, with the Easter Bunny spanking her ❤
  4. All I am going to say is. Yikes. I think I'd be sitting on pillows for a long time after that.
  5. Oh my Goodness. I had no Idea there was clubs! Hi from Burien.
  6. Oh my gosh, this was amazing!
  7. I'm for sure one of those. I refer to elders as Sir or Mam, I would probably call a mentor-like figure Sir or Mam as well. If I am being scolded or know I messed up. I 100% use Sir. It's just that respect thing you know?
  8. Hi Able! Thank you, and I do remember you from the last time I was here!
  9. BrattyLittle


    Sorry, I am so bad at titles. I am somewhat new here, I've been here before but I was rather shy about everything and didn't speak much. I am a 25 year old female, but I consider myself a little. My little age I would say is 6 or 7. I enjoy the receiving end of spankings. I find spankings extremely helpful for so many things, including stress relief when everything is just too overwhelming. There is something so soothing about being over a knee and having zero control, and just letting out the tears. It's also so great for things that I need improvement on or when I act up obviously. Haha. I am in a relationship . However, he is uncomfortable with the constant spanking and my "little" space. He is okay with me having another outlet for this.
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