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  1. My first spanking was from a woman I lived with for a year at age 30 while I was on parole.
  2. In a disciplinary situation, real or imagined, having other people know would certainly make it more embarrassing
  3. Most of my communication involves words like "please" or "no more" or "yes, ma'am", or "no, ma'am"
  4. I have been spanked several times by a girlfriend while several other women watched. These were birthday spankings and it was a fun environment, but the spankings were real, which made them painful, embarrassing, and exciting for yours truly.
  5. A wooden hairbrush can sting something awful, especially when applied to my sit spots.
  6. Most of the spankings I have gotten have been at the hands of and over the knees of other women.
  7. For me, having to take down my own undies while he or she is seated in the spanking chair is really embarrassing. This is especially true if I have to stand there for a while, totally exposed.
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