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  1. Hey, I am new here. A little about me: 22 F with way too much free time on my hands ... Regretting that I never went to college. But thinking I might rectify that with a little teacher/student role play online for what I would like to imagine college to be like. Are there any teachers who are into spanking naughty students or setting tasks to be completed and graded? Any resources for where I could find some fun play like this ...? I am young but love to think about what it would be like to be at a proper "training" school ...having to complete assignments, proper posture, sitting on pebbles for added discomfort, stinging lashes on my ass, thighs, hands, tits, etc ... This is my fantasy training school after all ... School uniforms, rules, discipline, all of it ... Sorry this is kind of a stream of consciousness post of just some stuff I have been daydreaming about in my free time ...
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