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  1. If you are desperately overdue for a long, hard OTK bare bottom spanking by an older, mature professional man contact me. If you are inside the Providence, Worcester, Boston triangle then lets talk.
  2. Have you violated social distancing but honored wearing masks and washing hands while pursuing your spanking interests during these times?
  3. Stormy Daniels reportedly spanked Donald Trump with a magazine
  4. https://talkcitee.com/spanked-celebrities-who-are-famous-in-the-world/
  5. If you could spank or be spanked by a celebrity who would it be and why?
  6. Does the size and shape of your partner's backside matter to you in your spanking experiences? Lean, muscular, large, tattoo, hairy, smooth can be appealing to discriminating spankos. Does appearance matter to you?
  7. Have you ever scheduled spanking appointments as is pictured in the image below? Would waiting for and anticipating a spanking heighten the over all experience.
  8. What is your interest in younger and older spanking? Have you had real life experience being spanked by an older or have spanked a younger? Is there a special mystique about a wide age span? Do tell....
  9. Do you ever had the experience of being the spanker or spankee and thinking of a different person than the one you are presently with? Could be previous spanking partner, a boss you don't like, a celebrity or a person you wished was spanking you?
  10. There seems to be a preponderance of spankers in Great Britain. It seems to have a long history in its schools and institutions. Many of the best fiction and videos are produced in England. Many of the members here hail from the UK. Any explanations or thoughts on this phenomenon?
  11. As a ER or EE have you ever been recorded on Video/Audio, Webcam, Skype etc.? Would it be something you would want to watch days later?
  12. One of the common clerical abuses that was documented by LE was spanking of altar boys by perverted priests.
  13. Are visible marks on display in public something you have ever seen or happen to you in your spanking experiences? Humiliation and dominance over the top here or situational?
  14. Assuming everyone is of legal age and the actvity is consensual does an age difference between EE and ER matter? Anyone have a big age difference that worked?
  15. As a spankee where on the bum do you want the spank to land - left right alternate slaps on each cheek? directly over the crack? or the undercurve of the buttocks? As a spanker do you have a preference?
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