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  1. Are visible marks on display in public something you have ever seen or happen to you in your spanking experiences? Humiliation and dominance over the top here or situational?
  2. Assuming everyone is of legal age and the actvity is consensual does an age difference between EE and ER matter? Anyone have a big age difference that worked?
  3. As a spankee where on the bum do you want the spank to land - left right alternate slaps on each cheek? directly over the crack? or the undercurve of the buttocks? As a spanker do you have a preference?
  4. I am an experienced older spanker. I provided needed discipline for young spankees 18-35. I am educated, personable, and a gentleman of honor. Retired professional. I am available for OTK bare spankings in the Central Mass RI area. Looking for stress release? discipline? no pain no gain? sensual journey via corporal punishment? If you are in need contact me.
  5. The personals and classified link on Spanking Needs is down. Has anyone used it? Is it coming back?
  6. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2011/12/kinky-blogger-sex-diary.html
  7. How far would you travel to either spank someone or to be spanked by someone? Would it be one and done or willing to travel for maintenance spankings?
  8. Which spanking is most satisfying for the spanker and spankee - a planned spanking or a spontaneous spanking?
  9. Have you ever used social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter etc., for communication about spanking? I understand private websites being used but I often wondered whether devotees of spanking used it among and between adults. If so was the experience positive and productive?
  10. A UK video company puts out "Girl's Boarding School" videos. Spankees look young but of age.
  11. Were you ever overpowered in play wrestling that led to a spanking? Was it consensual or a surprise? Was it a turn on?
  12. "To be or not to be that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and spanks of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles and be the spanker. That is the question." Bard de Sade
  13. Only if he was ok with it and talked with you about it or wanted to watch. Otherwise you could find yourself in a mess of drama or worse.
  14. Both are cathartic to the mind and soul.
  15. I am a former school principal who wishes to "brush up" on my spanking skills. If you are a younger and fit (m/f) spankee (18-30) and need or desire an OTK bare bottom spanking by an older, distinguished gentleman drop me a line. I am in the MA RI Eastern CT area and can host. I will leave an impression. Spank you very much.
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