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  1. Thanks so much for following back. Glad I saw your profile! 


  2. torotk


    You got a very good caning. Serious stripes and weals! Well done!
  3. torotk


    That is a good dose of some old fashioned domestic discipline. A belt licking to remember! Well done Sir.
  4. torotk

    Mom and Daughter

    Well done taking your belt to these two! No doubt the Mom needs extra attention because she should be more responsible for her daughter's behavior. Looks like you made sure she felt the kiss of leather across those big bottom cheeks! Hope they both learn from your discipline.
  5. torotk


    Looks like you don't have to go outside the home for marriage counseling! Congratulations to both of you.
  6. torotk


    You obviously needed an attitude adjustment.
  7. Loving, but no nonsense home discipline
  8. For me the switch is the worst, yet I'm fascinated with the idea of it....evocative of old fashioned rural discipline I suppose. Next is any wooden implement, especially a bathbrush.
  9. You absolutely did the right thing. I do feel sorry for her as well.....her spanking cravings are not likely to ever go away, and her vanilla husband is not likely to ever understand this need she has. It's an old story.
  10. Great picture! Pre-spanking corner time is often overlooked as an effective domestic discipline tool. Standing in the corner with your underpants or panties pulled down and your bare bottom cheeks on display, adds so much to the overall experience. It would be especially interesting in this situation to see a picture of the same woman in that corner after her spanking.
  11. If your husband wants to be in a FLR, he needs to understand his role.....and that role isn't just to let you make all the decisions and run the household. He needs to be a grown-up about it, and offer some solutions and help to make your life better. Yes, he should do as he's told, but he should also be proactive and find ways to be useful for himself and contribute to your relationship without consulting a list you have drawn up. Otherwise, he will turn you into his personal spanking machine, and you will end up resenting him for it.
  12. There is a piano in this story, so perhaps it qualifies. When I was 5 or 6 and in kindergarten, I witnessed my very first spanking. We were all sitting on the floor in front of the teacher who was going to read us a story. But first she called a boy up in front of the class and told us all that he had pushed a girl on the stairwell, causing her to fall. After talking a bit about how dangerous that was, she then undid his little trousers (but did not pull them down), put him over her knee and smacked his bottom in front of all of us. When she stood him up he was crying (more from the embarrassment no doubt) and she told him that if it ever happened again, she would take him behind the piano and spank him on the bare bottom. Well! That was it for me! I was mesmerized, and I believe a spanko was born right then.
  13. For me, all three terms are synonymous. We do seem to like different adjectives, words or phrases that speak to us. For example terms like "old fashioned", "whippin", "licking", "thrashing", etc. I don't why it is, but if someone told me I was due for a "good spanking" it would affect me more than if they just used the word "spanking".
  14. I haven't cried openly during a spanking yet. But howling, bucking and kicking and offering a lot of "bare bottom promises" and apologies (as in "I'm ssoooooorrrrrry!") can most certainly be expected.
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