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  1. Thanks so much for following back. Glad I saw your profile! 


  2. "Let's get these down so that we can have a serious discussion."
  3. The lecture's been given. Explanations and apologies offered. But there is no going back now. You're going to be spanked! The picture captures his look of resignation and her look of determination.
  4. A real moment of truth. You are over your wife's knee with your pants and underpants taken down. The thick wooden hairbrush resting on your bare cheeks as she continues to lecture you about why you are getting this. You know it's going to hurt...a lot! But you've earned it. Time now to get your mind right and focus on why this is happening.
  5. torotk


    You got a very good caning. Serious stripes and weals! Well done!
  6. You certainly don't spare the belt, do you?
  7. Very nice Sir. Is two the most you have spanked in one session?
  8. Yes, keep that strap well oiled. Neatsfoot oil. Then have it hanging on a hook for the next time a girl or boy (of any age) reports to you for some serious discipline.
  9. torotk


    That is a good dose of some old fashioned domestic discipline. A belt licking to remember! Well done Sir.
  10. torotk

    Mom and Daughter

    Well done taking your belt to these two! No doubt the Mom needs extra attention because she should be more responsible for her daughter's behavior. Looks like you made sure she felt the kiss of leather across those big bottom cheeks! Hope they both learn from your discipline.
  11. Excellent job taking the leather to these two....making sure to punish upper thighs as well!
  12. torotk


    Looks like you don't have to go outside the home for marriage counseling! Congratulations to both of you.
  13. torotk


    You obviously needed an attitude adjustment.
  14. Loving, but no nonsense home discipline
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