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  1. I don't think it's weird whatsoever. I also had the belt used on me and would get terrified when I was sentenced to a belt spanking because of how badly it stung. Oddly enough now as an adult I have very mixed feelings when I think of being spanked with a belt again. I can remember how I'd feel back then and how awful it was but I also have this curiosity about experiencing it again as an adult. Maybe PTSD isn't the right term for how I feel about it but there are definitely intense feelings that relate to the belt for me that I don't have when I think of other spanking implements or being spanked with a hand.
  2. BC1980


    Hi Emma. Welcome. I've also recently started to explore my interests in this and also come from a strict background so I can relate to how confusing those feelings can be. Take your time to get to know people and explore. There's a lot of good topics and information here along with the community aspect.
  3. What was the most embarrassing spanking you ever received. Age: 14 Who spanked you: Mother and Father Why: Got caught playing with fire and fireworks with a friend of mine by my mother who got home from work early. This was the early 90s so next texts or cell phones to communicate that she was coming home early. My friend was sent home immediately and I was sent to my room. Where: My room Did anyone see it: Just my mother and father What was most embarrassing: Having to pull my pants down in front of my parents at that age and the fact that it had probably been at least 3 or 4 years since I got one like this. How was the spanking done: Belt while laying face down on my bed. Was it on the bare bottom: Yes How long did the soreness last: A day at most. Stung like hell at the time but not much lingering soreness. Any cornertime: Not on this occasion.
  4. Thought I'd put this out there and see if anything comes out of it. Haven't been spanked in way too long and need to feel disciplined and punished again. Open to either a male or female spanker as long as it's strict and disciplinary. I look forward to hearing from someone and taking it from there.
  5. This is exactly what I experienced, even as close as being sent to my room for a spanking once but they changed their mind at the last minute. It's fascinating to me that such late age spankings are more common to hear about than I would have ever imagined, even into adulthood in rare occassions. At the time, I would've sworn that my parents were the only ones that still did that but it's interesting to hear that there were others out there.
  6. My interest in it absolutely stems from my childhood. Spankings were rare but were really the only form of punishment used by my parents. They were very ritualistic and I think I just became infatuated with the ritual of it over time. My last actual parental spanking was in my early teens but I came very close to getting one at 16. My guess is that my parents at the last second realized that it would have been highly inappropriate to do that at that age but I had already been sent to my room to wait for it - that's how close I got. As crazy as it sounds, I really wish they would have gone through with it but it's probably for the best that they didn't.
  7. As an adult have always been the ER and enjoy that side but really want to be on the other side and see what it's like.
  8. The feeling of helplessness during the waiting was always the most intense for me. Knowing that no matter what I would say or do, I'd have a red, stinging bottom and the not knowing if I'd have to pull my pants down or not while I was waiting intensified the feelings even more.
  9. I agree with this statement 100%. I don't think I'm interested in spanking only because I was spanked often but I do have some specific interests that I believe stem from my spankings.
  10. Spanked as the sole form of punishment until about 13/14 and then it stopped completely. No other forms of punishment after that. Threatened with it at 16 but they changed their minds right before I was about to get it. Like I was already waiting in my room and when they came in they just lectured and yelled at me. Still wish they would have followed through with that one but it's probably for the best that they didn't.
  11. Thanks but I think I'll take my time and try to get to know this community first. I'm in no rush to jump into anything.
  12. BC1980


    Welcome! I'm pretty new here too and just figuring things out as I go.
  13. Far from the thing I feel most guilty about but something that nags at me and that I think about often when this need/desire for spanking pops up.
  14. As someone just thinking about getting started, this was excellent. Thank you!
  15. As someone just starting to explore these desires, my bucket list right now is short and sweet. I want to be spanked for something I should have been spanked for over 20 years ago. At least I think that's what I want. Once I take that step then I can add to my bucket list.
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