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  1. 'Am I really going to let this setback ruin my life?'
  2. I think that I have a fairly general formula to decide whether I am willing to collaborate with anyone. It starts with a general conversation and the question I am asking myself is 'Is this person comfortable in his or her own skin.' I go for people who have a certain calmness and confidence. They know what they can and cannot do, what they like or dislike. The second thing I am looking for is whether the other person wants to collaborate or manipulate. Some people are effective to a degree but leave a trail of damaged and disappointed people behind them. My 2 cents...
  3. With a nice cup of tea? ( A British response....)
  4. 'Hello mother, hello father, here we are in, Camp Granada....'
  5. The music 'spiegil im spiegil' helps waft me off to the Land of Nod. <Nice piece anyway>
  6. In these parts the verb 'to flog' can mean a number of things: Sold your car yet? I flogged my Honda last week." "Naah, advertised it a few times but no point in flogging a dead horse."
  7. Working on my installation for major exhibitions in London and Venice. Images projected onto side of enormous white space - two small seeds morph into oversized peaches and then the most wonderful set of buttocks imaginable. A fly comes into view. It is followed by an oversized fly swatter The buttocks start twitching as the fly swat chases the fly. <<OK not great art but more fun than ....click here: >Bricks >>
  8. .. I know what I like. Vermeer, Rembrandt, El Greco, SJ Peploe, FCB Cadell, John Byrne all figure. in my list of favourites Unfortunately I cannot draw to save myself but perhaps I could come up with something to rival an exhibition in London which explore female fantasies including: '..., a naked bottom is exposed through a circular hole in a satin sheet. The fantasist goes for it; smacking, pinching, nibbling, scratching. The satin sheet shivers: perhaps from pleasure, but it looks more like uncontrollable laughter. '
  9. So much to like about this image. Love the two teddies - such a charming domestic scene really. Mom's 'no-nonsense' expression is so evocative. And the necklace...oh, I could go on....
  10. Loved this. For some reason the reference to jalapeƱo peppers was the icing on the cake, to mix a metaphor or two. (I am reassured that no vegetables, herbs or spices were damaged in the production of this image.) Please keep on fluttering Rude, you do it so nicely.
  11. So much depends on the tone and the context - key thing is to be sincere and polite? Well, I think that is a good start.
  12. Piece in today's paper with columnist stating that she liked clothes assistants saying that 'Madam has such good taste' even though Madam herself thinks she resembles a broken sofa..
  13. My first thought was to combine Monty Python type wit with Gore Vidal style waspishness to deliver a neo-verbal karate chop or two to Mr Stern of Texas. However, I suppose my original post could indicate that I am a nasty person. The scolding is part of an agreement which allows exploration of reprimand and punishment . It is followed by hugs and cups of tea. And before anything at all kinky has ever started it is made clear that at the end of any interaction no damage should have been done to anyone' self-esteem. Ego friendly intensity is the aim. It would be awful if the tea and biscuits (aka cookies ) were spoiled by resentment.
  14. Of course, where I am, the phrase 'a right little madam' equates to a brat. How could I have overlooked that?
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