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  1. Technically no I haven't fixed it, yet. However I ordered a new one and when emailing back and forth with the owner, he had no problem sending me replacement parts for the broken one. So I could have two going right now but I still haven't figured out how I should set up that fun.
  2. I haven't tried any implements larger than 1ft. Not sure about the total range. One thing I do recommend is finding a better way to setup the stand mount. I dont use the clamp that comes with it. I have a wood table (tv stand) I drilled a few holes into. One for the mount piece, then bolted an L-bracket to the mount. Way better stabilization.
  3. For the most part yes they do work the same spot. You can't really go dead weight with it like going over someone's lap. Using a larger implement helps so you don't have to wiggle as much but it can be challenging finding a light weight large paddle or whatever. I ended up breaking the machine because the paddle I was using was right at the weight limit of 100 grams. It didnt under work the machine but it definitely wore out the spring after a few months of use.
  4. I created this tread to talk about the spanker machine. You can get one from the link at the bottom. I personally have been using the machine for a few years now. I've gotta say it has been well worth it. Especially when it is hard to find a partner (ER or EE). Feel free to share your thoughts if you have used this machine or are interested in buying one. I have done some modifications to it. Really just to make it more stable during use. Mechanically speaking I have a good idea of how it operates. I have posted a personal experience on spankingtube (second link). Hope you enjoy! Posting more soon Links: https://www.spankermachine.com/index.php?lang=es https://www.spankingtube.com/user/DBA/videos
  5. Hello world! I'm a 23 year old male who likes spanking and being spanked. Prefer to experience with women, however, some guys I won't turn down. I have had this kink for most of my life, but have almost no real world experience with it. I really started getting into spanking once I started watching spanking videos. Honestly, I find it more arousing to watch spankings than regular sex. I have tried the spanker machine before. Found it to be very pleasing. It did break on me, only because I was using something heavier than the recommended weight. Lasted well over a year before I wanted to use something harder. Also, max setting feels absolutely amazing after a good 10 minutes with a paddle. I am considering getting another one. I would like to find someone in the michigan area, near my age, to experience spanking with. Would be willing to me discretely and on more than one occasion.
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