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  1. six new pages! :)
    I started working on these before the holidays...but decided to wait to post them until I'd finished all the pages...it deals with some difficult stuff and I thought it wouldn't be quite fair to leave things dangling...
    this ends the part about my relationship with Hans...but there's going to be an epilogue part that ties up some things and explains the other meaning of the story's title :)
  2. Spanking is very complicated for me...I've felt many of the things people talked about on this thread at different times... sometimes spanking is the most adult, erotic thing in the world for me...just thinking about it I've had orgasms...other times it's very intimate and caring but not really arousing...especially when I feel more childlike...or it can just be a light hearted, friendly game...or an embarrassing, painful punishment I feel like I need...or even a very transcendent, spiritual experience... it can be confusing because there are all these aspects for me...but I feel blessed to have experienced all these emotions around it...and that's why spanking is so special to me :)

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  3. Erica Scott (who's on here but I haven't seen her post in awhile) wrote a book...also Nikki Flynn...they're both memoirs with interesting perspectives...

    I'm doing an autobiographical graphic novel...it's a work in progress...so far I'm just partway through my college years...I've posted links on here and also on Deviant Art...my grand plan is to go all the way up to present day and get into what it's like being a middle-aged spanko :)

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  4. On 10/7/2022 at 12:28 AM, jennyjen said:

    Hmmm, well I’m an EE so probably not the best person to reply to this 😂 I’m a Chicago born Irish girl and sarcasm is kind of in my blood. However, it ranges from cute to downright snarky (when I’m angry). I don’t think I’d do well with being spanked for my cute sarcasm as it is a very part of my personality, but I would fully expect to be spanked for the snarky comments. In fact, it’s one way I use to push buttons to test just how far I can go and just how much he would let me get away with. 

    yeah...if I got spanked for EVERY sarcastic remark I made...I'd NEVER be able to sit down :) Maybe it is an Irish thing...I just can't help it :)

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  5. On 10/7/2022 at 12:11 AM, jennyjen said:

    @DunBenSpanked, I have read and re-read your post so many times and cannot thank you enough for such kind understanding and incredible words of wisdom. I absolutely love the keys imagery and that is a wonderful way of looking at emotional safety. Yes, I’m an idealist, and when I trust, I trust and give wholeheartedly. I tend to believe that people think and feel as I do even when I know not all people do. 

    I also appreciate the advice of “who you know”. 

    i admit, I took a small break from the site recently because of some bad experiences in even very guarded (on my end) conversations. I don’t like feeling “icky” and walked away feeling that way too often. I don’t expect to meet anyone right away or instantly know. I know trust and connection take time, but to build that, conversation needs to take place and the frustration of feeling used in a simple conversation is disheartening, at best. Thank you again. I truly and wholeheartedly appreciate it. 


    yeah I've had some 'icky' conversations on here too...I'm not sure why some people need to do that... :( but it's worth it to keep trying...there are some nice, sincere people on here too for sure :)

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  6. Let's see...

    1. My dad was allergic to pretty much anything...so when I was little I had some unusual pets...including worms, snails, a frog and a snake...

    2. I started out as a painting major in art school...but my teachers said my stuff was too 'representational' and I should change to commercial art...I was totally depressed and almost dropped out...but I guess it was the right advice...lots of people I know who did fine art majors don't work in the art field at all any more...and at least I've been able to make a living doing some kind of art for the last 30 yrs!!

    3. I did lots of odd jobs in NYC to make ends meet before I got enough work through art stuff...for awhile I worked for this company that did kids birthday parties...and I dressed up as different storybook characters...Alice in Wonderland was pretty fun...Cat in the Hat was not so fun because of the giant hot stuffed head I had to wear!!

    4. For years I had cars with manual transmissions because they were cheaper...including a vw bug ...but I never really learned to use a clutch...so I had a bad habit of rolling backwards into other cars on hills...which got me in some trouble :)

    5. I like all kinds of music...my dad got me into classical music and opera...then when I was a teenager I got into new wave and punk...then goth stuff in college...then I got kind of new agey...then old Appalachian murder ballads...world music...it's all in my crazy mixed up playlist... I don't really play an instrument...though my dad made me take viola lessons...which I finally quit in high school...I did use my skills though...I was in an Irish punk noise band in college...where I'd play weird screeching sounds on my viola into the mic :)


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