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  1. There's something about the song White Rabbit that always sends shivers down my spine when I hear it...it gives me a feeling of being powerful and at the same time being terrified...

    the way Grace Slick goes from intoning quietly to yelling at the end somehow reminds me of a camp counselor or nanny telling a story to naughty children to warn them to behave...I'm sure the song has nothing to do with spanking really...but when I heard it on drugs and with my spanko mind...it turned into this :)
    There were aspects to the experience that were exciting and very pleasurable...but like the song...it also had aspects of a bad, bad trip!!


  2. On 7/17/2023 at 6:55 PM, Bramblewine said:

    Only one issue here: I find the purple dialogue bubbles on page 14 impossible to read. Must be the color contrast. I have no trouble with the others. I probably wouldn't have trouble with the purple if it were on a printed page either, but my eyes can't take it in from an electronic screen.

    Love the overall effect though.

    I'm glad you liked it :)

    Yeah the black on purple is maybe a little TOO dark...I'm planning to put all the stories together and edit things a bit when I'm done...so maybe I'll change the words to something higher contrast like yellow or even white for the final version :)

  3. On 7/6/2023 at 4:37 PM, NYCOtk said:

    Rude, I had this deck. It was a gift and I remember when I saw this card, my tummy dropped into my shoes, I got hit and cold, queasy butterflies ( all symptoms of excitement in 20/20 hindsight). I wanted simultaneously to hide it and somehow peel back the words and see an actual over-the-knee spanking. I can still hear the “ouch”. It’s my voice and it’s trying to be stoic. Thank you not only for the connection you’ve made me feel with your art, but now with this half/forgotten born-this-way memory. My default factory settings were “Spanking”, it seems. I’m again feeling less alone. Thank you. 

    wow your memories are so interesting...the idea you could somehow peel back the words and see a real spanking...I think that's sort of how I thought about it too!! and your sound memory is soooo interesting...I don't have that with Shufflebook but I do with other things...in fact when I was watching fireworks on the 4th and listening to the booms and cracks...it made me think about getting a spanking :)

    I'm glad my post brought back interesting memories for you!! I wasn't sure anyone else remembered that game...but I figured SOME other spanko out there would!! :)

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  4. On 7/6/2023 at 3:25 AM, Bramblewine said:

    A game like that for spankos would be ideal.

    I never heard of Shufflebook before. Looking it up online, it looks like the cards give you characters and a situation, and you have to make up a story to go with them. A spanking story version of that game would be easy to come up with. It could even be a forum game: someone posts characters and a situation and the next poster has to write about them, then give new prompts for the next poster.

    I don't actually remember much else about it other than the spanking card!! For a spanko version I wonder what the phrases would be? hmmmm :)

  5. On 7/4/2023 at 6:52 AM, Dunelmman said:

    I’m sure that years ago people were more ‘open’ about spanking. We are simply too uptight in talking openly about it nowadays sadly.

    id love for there to be statistics about how many adults think about it or practice it in their lives. I suspect you’d never get the truth because we are programmed to keeping that sort of information under wraps (even in anonymous surveys)

    in other matters love your artwork. Perhaps you should make your own shuffle book cards and sell them to Spankos…

    thank you for your kind words about my art :)

    hmmm...a special set of cards for spankos? that is a rather interesting idea... :)

  6. so I had a fever today...and for some reason when I have a fever it sometimes makes me remember stuff from childhood...

    What I remember is when I was about 7 my friend Charley had this game at her house where you shuffled a deck of cards...each card had a picture on it and a few words...and you made up a story based on the cards...well what I remembered is one of the cards was "got spanked...ouch!" Now as you can probably imagine I found a way to get that card in EVERY time we played :)

    I'd completely forgotten about it all these years!! so when I remembered it I was going crazy trying to find out what the game was called...well finally I found it!! What's also interesting is alot of the pictures I can find of the game show the spanking card... hmm... I guess I'm not the ONLY one who found that card especially interesting!

    The things spankos remember huh? :)


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  7. On 6/23/2023 at 4:37 AM, Bramblewine said:

    Since the red was as bright, glittery a red as can be, I don't think so, but he did say he got the magenta to match.

    I got as spanked as I wanted to be, for sure. I could almost say and then some.

    I love that description of 'as bright, glittery a red as can be' :)

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  8. 1 hour ago, Bramblewine said:

    Thanks to all who've shared! Keep the stories coming!

    I finally have one of my own. Today I had a play date, in the ER's apartment. I'd been there once before and knew the lay of the land, but I don't have access to it except when I come over to play and he's there, so setting something up in advance was out of the question. 

    I came prepared. When the right moment presented itself, I pulled out a confetti popper and deployed it all over the living room, right in front of him.

    He thought that was so much fun, he kept picking up confetti pieces and putting them on my bottom while he was spanking me, saying he was trying to match the color. Pink, magenta, red...

    After, I offered to clean it up, but he wanted to leave it there, it looked so cheerful.

    that sounds very fun indeed!!

    was it a good spanking...and did he match the red color? :)

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  9. I have a BA in Illustration...I started out as a painting major but that didn't work out...I was sad about it at the time that I didn't make it in fine arts...it's kind of a long story...which I go into in my 2nd graphic novel :) But it eventually turned out well I think...alot of the people I knew in art school who were fine arts majors aren't working in art careers at all now...on the hand I've made a living at commercial art for more than 30 yrs :)

    I also took some classes toward an MFA...but I never finished it...a fun fact though...last year I got to be Professor Rumps :) My friend asked me to co-teach a digital art class...I liked doing it...though I'm not sure I was very good at explaining stuff to the students!

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  10. it depended on when during my period...right before it could sometimes be 'interesting'...I tended to be kind of irritable then but also more easily aroused...so not a bad time for spankings :) A few days later though the cramps and headaches would start...and spanking wasn't exactly the first thing on my mind :( it's past tense now though...since I'm over the hill...

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  11. yeah I've been surprised about how dogmatic some spankos are...I somehow thought we'd all kind of stick together and be accepting...since vanillas don't really accept us...so who else will?

    I don't know why people act like that...maybe they're afraid or projecting their own feelings of guilt and shame? it's sad when people do it on here though...because there's hardly any places that feel safe for us... there's stuff about being a spanko that's hard for me to accept about myself...even to this day...but pretending it's not there has never helped...

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  12. 26 minutes ago, sweetspankcammy said:

    @danadares  I just don’t want them in my life. Nothing bad happened though I am the one who ended the dynamics. That’s why it makes me feel bad bc I don’t mean to be hurtful. We just don’t need to be friends. I don’t want to be friends. lol So let’s move along! 

    sometimes a clean break really is the best thing...I've had experiences where it was messy...trying to be friends but then the feelings would come back...and it was like a yo-yo...

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  13. it goes back to my very earliest memories...probably age 3? I remember when I was supposed to be napping...I'd close my eyes and tell myself these elaborate stories...I could almost SEE it enfolding.. all sorts of things would happen in the story that didn't have to do with spanking...I was a princess...or an orphan adopted by a rich family (echoes of Annie maybe?)...I'd have all sorts of adventures...but it always led to a spanking... the funny thing is that's still how my brain works to this day... :)

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  14. On 6/5/2023 at 6:51 PM, Bramblewine said:

    How many of us also love fairytales and horror?

    I certainly do. But the good thing about those is, you can't mistake them for literal reality, and they don't require actual suffering to create.

    Abuse survivor accounts exist only because someone suffered that abuse. 

    true...but many vanillas are fascinated by survivor stories...hearing about murders...all that stuff...I remember in art school people were just obsessed with van Gogh and how he cut his ear off...I read alot of the murder ballads are based on true events...and even some fairytales...so there's something about horrible things that's also fascinating to lots of people... of course what spankos can feel hearing about an account of a spanking (even an abusive one) is even more complicated!!

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  15. well the only time I got spanked in school was in Kindergarten...it was for throwing a book at my teacher!! Back then they had this thing where before lunch all the kids had to lay on blankets on the floor and nap...well I hated it and could never just fall asleep like that anyway...instead I was just sitting there quietly and reading a book...it was bad enough I refused to sleep as far as the teacher was concerned...but she also didn't believe I could read...well my mom was an English teacher and had already taught me to read...so I really was reading it!! I got so mad the teacher didn't believe me...that I threw the book at her! Well as you can imagine she wasn't too happy...and marched me off to the principal's office... He was very stern and insisted that I apologize...I tried to explain I threw the book because my teacher didn't believe I could read...but he soon had enough too...turned me over his knee, and spanked me! The weird thing about it is I was very scared when my mom came to pick me up that they'd tell her what happened...but...nothing happened...not that day...or the next...or the next... I'm sure if they did tell her I would've gotten in more trouble at home...so what happened? I don't know...one thought is the principal just considered it over and done after I'd been punished and didn't do anything like that again...and another thought is he wasn't actually supposed to spank pupils...so he was afraid he'd get in trouble... the world will never know for sure :)


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  16. 4 hours ago, Bramblewine said:


    Her essay is posted here, among other places:


    I've read it before, and other survivor accounts. Honestly, what keeps me riveted to those accounts is the talk about corporal punishment. Any mention of it stimulates my spanko's brain.

    If there's ever a time when I have difficulty with being a spanko, that's it. How can I be so turned on by something so horrendous? And yet I am. I don't condone it, but reading about it pushes exactly the same buttons as reading a piece of spanking fiction.

    yeah...I've totally had that experience...I remember a few years ago I read this story about a girl in the 40s or 50s in a Catholic orphanage...she was horribly abused...including very severe spankings with a strap...one part of my brain was totally horrified...but the spanko part of me was fascinated...so much I even had fantasies inspired by it and did an illustration of a strapping the next day (I changed it to a Victorian orphanage and took the Catholic part out and gave everything a very gothic look...really stylizing the whole thing)... one idea I have is it's not so different from fairytales or horror movies...it's a way of confronting something horrible and in a way gaining control over it...I mean the way I changed it around in my head to this over the top Victorian fantasy thing...it no longer had the same horrible power the real story did...if that makes any sense...?

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