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  1. I have to admit I like the name!


    (also a New Yorker--by birth and upbringing, anyway)



  2. Found a friend who spanks. Had our first play date last night. Still feeling it! :) 

  3. Just joined FetLife (same username). Dear Lord, that's an experience! Hope to see some folks I know here over there... 


    1. rude_rumps


      I got on fetlife a little while ago too...I couldn't really find spankos...it's soooo hard to find stuff on there...but somehow I found an erotic art group that's interesting...not just spanking art but there's some quaint vintage erotic art on there I like too...but I wouldn't say I've made any friends or even acquaintances on there...it's more just looking around and seeing stuff...

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  4. Goodbye Friends.

    Moderators informed me that they received several complaints about one of my posts from a few days back. I apologize for saying something that distressed so many members of our community. That was honestly not my intention, and I apologize. I cared a lot about SN. I hope I contributed honorably otherwise while I was here. 

    Kindest Regards to you all,

    Chawsee  :rose:

    1. rude_rumps


      Seriously?? Your posts are some of the best on here...and you seem kind to everyone!! I think there's something wrong here... If people were offended why couldn't they just talk to you? And what were they offended by??

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  5. Forget spankings, I need a foot massage. 

  6. I'm watching Rilakkuma & Kaoru on Netflix. I am so realizing that I'm Korilakkuma and would love to have plushies of both Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma! Adorable bears they are! 

    1. rude_rumps


      You should get the stuffed bears! They're so YOU!! :)

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