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  1. six new pages! I started working on these before the holidays...but decided to wait to post them until I'd finished all the pages...it deals with some difficult stuff and I thought it wouldn't be quite fair to leave things dangling... this ends the part about my relationship with Hans...but there's going to be an epilogue part that ties up some things and explains the other meaning of the story's title https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Stars_page25.jpg https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Stars_page26.jpg https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Stars_page27.jpg https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Stars_page28.jpg https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Stars_page29.jpg https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Stars_page30.jpg
  2. Spanking is very complicated for me...I've felt many of the things people talked about on this thread at different times... sometimes spanking is the most adult, erotic thing in the world for me...just thinking about it I've had orgasms...other times it's very intimate and caring but not really arousing...especially when I feel more childlike...or it can just be a light hearted, friendly game...or an embarrassing, painful punishment I feel like I need...or even a very transcendent, spiritual experience... it can be confusing because there are all these aspects for me...but I feel blessed to have experienced all these emotions around it...and that's why spanking is so special to me :)
  3. From the album: rude rumps

    Have a Happy, Gothy, Spanky New Year!!
  4. Happy Solstice :)


    1. rubyredd
    2. Dunelmman


      Your photo brought back happy memories as I was at Stonehenge early October. Btw love your art…

  5. Erica Scott (who's on here but I haven't seen her post in awhile) wrote a book...also Nikki Flynn...they're both memoirs with interesting perspectives... I'm doing an autobiographical graphic novel...it's a work in progress...so far I'm just partway through my college years...I've posted links on here and also on Deviant Art...my grand plan is to go all the way up to present day and get into what it's like being a middle-aged spanko
  6. art school office hours https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#Counting_The_Stars
  7. Triptych https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Stars_page23.jpg
  8. the centre cannot hold https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Stars_page22.jpg
  9. Thank you for your kind words There's still more to the story...so you'll have to wait to see how it ends
  10. the saddest part of the breakup...questioning everything...even being spankos http://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Stars_page21.jpg
  11. ...things fall apart https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Stars_page20.jpg
  12. rude_rumps

    Bathtime spanking

    From the album: rude rumps

    there's something REALLY sexy about spankings after a bath or shower...the steamy room...warm, moist bodies touching...the added sting on a wet bottom... :)
  13. rude_rumps

    rude rumps

    Thank you for your kind words Yes...on the original cover it was a bare bottom spanking...but in my version its on white panties...at least at the start
  14. rude_rumps

    The Struggle

    From the album: rude rumps

    Everyone talks about bedtime spankings...but what about morning spankings? I love those :) This illustration also gets at something else I really like sometimes...being overpowered and spanked for being really bratty...it's all consensual of course...but sometimes I like it to feel a little like it isn't :)
  15. From the album: rude rumps

    based on a memory of getting a spanking outside on a chilly November day :)
  16. ...the conclusion of the dinner from hell https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Stars_page19.jpg
  17. I started on another story for my graphic novel about my college experiences as a spanko...this is a longer one and the 'title' story...so I figured I'd post the pages as I go along instead of waiting until I finish the whole thing... you can see them here: https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#Counting_The_Stars
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