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Me? I’m an artsy ex-hipster ‘old lady’ who’s been interested in spanking as long as I can remember! I remember looking the word up in the dictionary as soon as I could read and getting the book The Lonely Doll at age 4 was a defining moment for me :)

I’ve also been doing art my whole life too and make a living as a commercial artist…mostly videos games these days!! I think I find it easier to communicate in pictures than words alot of times. I’ve been doing spanking art since I was very little…I used to hide spanking drawings and stories under my mattress (fortunately my parents never found any of them)!! I went through a very rough time emotionally recently and one of the ways I started feeling better was returning to things I liked to do when I was younger, including creating spanking art! It may sound strange but as an artist it’s really been very therapeutic for me and allows me to explore what spanking means to me. I also think spanking art is an underrated medium…it can explore some very deep aspects of relationships and power dynamics and conflicting feelings and emotions! Well as you can see from this I can be VERY chatty when it’s something I’m interested in!

Last year I finished an autobiographical graphic novel (isn't that a mouthful?) that goes into growing up with a spanking fetish: http://ruderumps.byethost7.com

I started working on the sequel about my experiences as an adult: http://ruderumps.byethost7.com/index_cts.html

You can find some of my other spanking art on here on the art forum and in the galleries: https://www.spankingneeds.com/board/index.php?/gallery/album/10-rude-rumps/

Even though I’ve been interested in spanking forever I’m still kind of new to online…the first time I posted anywhere was in 2019. I’m fascinated by the whole spanking fetish and interested in corresponding and chatting with people to learn about all the different aspects of it and to share my views. I may not share all the particulars of your spanking interests (for example spanking someone…that’s just not my ‘space’) but I find it fascinating to hear about how different people think about spanking!! But I’m NOT looking for real life spanking partners right now and NOT comfortable with giving out my real identity here. So please don’t ask me for phone or skype or video chats or information like my real name or exactly where I live. Thanks!!

Spanking isn’t just one thing to me and has taken on different aspects for me at different times in my life and with different partners. Alot of times there’s an age regression aspect for me and feeling ‘little’ and naughty and taken care of. Other times there’s more of a punishment aspect and others times it’s very physical and sensual and erotic. Just shows you how many aspects there are to spanking even for one person!!

I grew up in the 70s when spanking kids was extremely common. I was spanked (mostly by my dad) up until about age 10, although mostly when I was about 4-8. It was never excessive or abusive, but it was a fairly common way I got disciplined. I don’t think it made me a spanko (I’ve come to believe that’s pretty much hardwired) but for better or worse I think it’s played a role in shaping the particulars of my spanking interests.

The time and place I grew up in was wonderful in alot of ways…I remember just roaming the neighborhood with my friends and playing all sorts of imaginative games. So there’s a big nostalgic aspect of spanking for me…taking me back to a time when the world seemed much simpler (at least for me) and I felt so loved and taken care of. But there was a darker side to growing up in that era…I spent years of my life feeling very lonely and like there was something very wrong with me for having spanking interests. So in those aspects I envy younger spankos…the world seems more tolerant of being different these days and now with the internet people can connect and not be alone with these interests!!


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