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  1. Thanks everybody for the kind words...they help motivate me...kind of like hairbrushes I finished another page...memories of 7th grade...and a cliffhanger for what comes next... https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#Chapter_III
  2. 3 more pages...about being 12...feeling confused and overwhelmed...and a very bad incident I didn't talk about for a long time... https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#Chapter_III
  3. And another 2 pages No spanking in these...but about accepting people and kind of meditating on the end of childhood https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#Chapter_III
  4. 2 new pages...including memories about reading parenting books and looking for spanking references https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps
  5. And now...page 54 The theme of this page is...embarrassment...well sort of... see if you can find the Easter EGG https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps
  6. I love the style of your art...alot of life to the lines...and very cute expressions
  7. Ok...I finished another 3 pages of chapter 3... I had alot of fun with the characters...especially the dorkiness https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps
  8. My fantasies have always been like that too My dad actually was the designated spanker in our hosue...but of course I never fantasized about my real dad doing it...he was really gentle and not strict...I'd fantasize about someone very strict (but loving)...
  9. I put a link to it on another thread: https://www.spankingneeds.com/board/index.php?/topic/25502-my-graphic-novel/ I try to do about a page a week...and I have a full time job...so I do stay busy with it Usually I'm an awful procrastinator...but with my graphic novel my obsession with it is enough to whip me along I think
  10. Thank you sooo much for your very kind words...it means alot to me!! I'm definitely still working on it...I just finished another page and I'm starting on the next I do put alot of detail into the panels...Working in 3d is different from regular illustrations for me...it's more like creating a world...or at least a movie...so I spend alot of time on getting the sets and characters just right...and then I can make the panels tell the story I want... It's so interesting what you say about our experiences growing up being eerily similar...I've talked to alot of spankos and we all have these things in common... One of the reasons I got started on my graphic novel is it felt like there was almost nothing out there telling our story...as spankos... Over the last year I started reading alot of coming of age graphic novels from women...and there are a fair number from authors who are gay...as I was reading them I thought wow it would've been impossible to talk about that 30 years ago...probably even more recently...and it's wonderful now they can!! But for spankos I feel like we're still at that time in history where it's not safe to talk about...we have to be silent... There's been a few really brave people like Jillian Keenan...but there's so little out there telling our stories... Well it's been burning in me so long and as an artist I felt like I had to get something out... so that's what got me started on it... As far as how much time it takes...I try to get through about a page a week...and usually work on it every night for 3-4 hours...so it's probably about 20 hours a page...there's the 3d part I do in Daz then I do alot in Photoshop coloring and sometimes hand painting...then I do all the lettering in Illustrator... You're right though I don't plan to try to publish it...there are just too many issues...I know the childhood aspects are very controversial and alot of people would misunderstand it...but for me it's a big part of how my spanking feelings developed...so I can't leave it out or gloss over it...I try to show the emotions of it and how it left me feeling...both the good and the bad... I do kind of think I was born this way...but gosh I really don't know either!! There are some aspects with it I'm SURE I learned...specific things that excite me and resonate with me that I know came out of experiences I had in childhood or older... It's all so complicated... I know some people say they don't wonder why about it and just accept it...but for me I do always wonder and try to fit it together in my head...I guess that's just how I am...maybe it's an artistic thing...I don't know...? That's interesting what you say about magic too!! I've had these experiences and feelings I just couldn't explain...especially at certain times in my life...and I've always felt like there was something MORE out there...in some ways I guess I'm a seeker... I feel like these experiences are another thing that's made me feel different...on top of being a spanko...and it somehow fits together...
  11. It's been with me forever too...I have memories going back to 3 or so...lying in bed and making up stories to myself about spanking...and this was before I have any memories of actually being spanked... My parents did spank me when I was a bit older...probably between 5 to 10 or so...but that wasn't unusual at all in the 70s when I grew up...and they weren't excessive about it or anything...so I don't think that caused it...I truly believe I was born this way... But I've always been obsessed with how my spanko feelings developed and grew... So obsessed I started creating a whole graphic novel about it... It's over 50 pages so far and I'm still at age 11
  12. Oh gosh I remember Ping too!! I read the spanking part over and over and over... The book that made the biggest impression on me though...was The Lonely Doll... I got it for Christmas when I was 4 or 5...I remember I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing...I had it on my nightstand for years growing up...I'd read it at least once a week... I still have it too...complete with my name I wrote in the inside cover...block printed with letters backwards :)
  13. I just finished the first 2 pages for chapter 3 http://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps
  14. I do the same thing When I get stressed or even just tired I have big trouble communicating...especially with words...they just kind of dry up... Other ways to communicate are easier for me...but I just shut down verbally... My bf and friends get frustrated... I don't know what helps really...for me I guess doing art does...that part of my brain still works even if I can't be verbal...or cuddling and touching... and just giving it time and space and not trying to force it...when I do that I just get more anxious and make it worse
  15. I confess I didn't read most of Persepolis... I remember when it came out and I wanted to read it...and looked at it...but I was going through a rough time and didn't get around to actually reading it... Anyway when I saw your post I ordered it and now I'm going to read it!!
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