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  1. I had to go to the doctor recently because I broke my wrist (I fell on the ice and didn't even realize it was broken until I saw the doctor!) Anyway they asked me all kinds of questions about whether I felt safe at home and who lived with me etc etc...and this was for falling on my wrist nothing to do with spanking! So I think you do have to be careful...most people don't understand our spanking interests. If they see belt marks or bruises on your bottom they could assume you're being abused by someone.
  2. I did used to have a Garfield phone. No relationship to Michael Palin but I always loved British humor...eh humour
  3. I remember when there were real answering machines with tapes in them. I used to record the weirdest greetings for my messages. I remember one where I pretended to be speaking Swedish to a cow and I also pretended to be the cow and did mooing sounds...performance art I think? The problem is I was looking for a job and my wouldbe employer called and left a message to setup an interview. I didn't get the job lol
  4. 'Only for that'? Could be the start of something wonderful!! Who knows...and if not, it'll still be nice to just talk. Artists and musicians make the best girlfriends lol
  5. I never knew that!! What else did he draw?
  6. Well for me the scolding and buildup is almost the most important part...so I appreciate the talking part!!
  7. I just don't believe anybody is unloveable!! It just sounds like you're been hurt and feel down. I've been through some periods where I've been REALLY depressed too...I try to remember the negativity isn't ME, it's a feeling I have.
  8. Betty was always bad...but never badly drawn!
  9. You might just need a break from relationships for awhile...that's where I am right now. For some people it seems like nothing gets them down or they can bounce right back but I'm not like that either. But I've been through some very difficult periods (including recently) and I tell myself 'this too shall pass' and I know it's true...I think it just takes time and you have to let it take its time and not despair that you'll never feel in a different place.
  10. This is one I had fun making! Ok it's the wrong season...but the themes of forgetting to call, coming home late and a bit tipsy and then having an attitude are always in season I think lol
  11. I love Betty Boop...Max Fleischer was a genius!!
  12. Relationships are hard regardless of whether they involve spanking or not!! It's hard to share your world and be intimate especially I think if you have very strong inner feelings and motivations (I think that's sometimes what makes people feel like outsiders). I think the spanking interest adds another wrinkle but there are so many other reasons why relationships do or don't work that I don't think it's usually the biggest one. Even though it's hard it's worth trying to connect with people...it doesn't seem like it when you're lonely and discouraged with the human race but there are people who are really worth knowing out there!!
  13. Arnica and chamomile have helped me. I also agree about not going to fast..that seems to make bruising much worse. I've never tried frankincense oil for bruising but I love heating it on my incense burner...it smells great!!
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