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  1. Oh...in that case! It sounds like almost a bit of frostbite starting to set in...
  2. I love this with the fantasy elements and especially the ending... It reminds me a tiny bit of a Twilight Zone episode!
  3. I think it might have something to do with the intensity of it and the thrill of being out of control... A mild spanking might be fun but it just doesn't have those elements...
  4. I have pretty strong memories of getting spanked as a child... My dad smacked quite hard but the whole thing only lasted maybe 10 seconds most of the time. It really really hurt while he was doing it and I'd cry and cry but the pain actually went away very quickly afterwards. Alot of my reaction didn't have to do with the pain but the intense emotions during it...
  5. I've had some VERY interesting experiences with ice cubes and being spanked... I wouldn't exactly say it makes it hurt much worse for me but it causes a different sensation for sure that's more intense...
  6. Yes I agree with Jaded the mixture works well...some concentrated spanks in a row on the same spot is VERY good for getting my attention but taken too far it just makes the area numb...
  7. That's really interesting because I never knew there was a difference...I always thought all spankers were sadists and all spankees were masochists. But from talking to people on here I now see some people don't get 'enjoyment' out of it and in fact it's a real punishment. For me it's a mix... I wouldn't say I want intense intense pain...but there's definitely a release with some amount of pain. What complicates it is that I have a pretty high pain tolerance...for example when I broke my wrist last winter I didn't even notice for months... And I had a bunch of dental procedures getting a crown last year and got sick of getting my mouth numbed so told the dentist I wanted to try it without that (she wasn't drilling...just pulling the temporary crown off and digging around in my gums)...I was fine with it and she was amazed! So with spanking I do want it fairly hard (though not anything crazy) maybe on account of my pain tolerance...?
  8. I like it alot when a spanking starts on my panties and then progresses. In a strange way getting spanked on my underpants is more evocative and embarrassing than on my bare bottom...it may have something to do with how I was spanked as a child. I confess I've always had kind of a thing for underwear...I think it really sets the mood especially for ageplay or roleplays... It can also just be fun! I once got a bunch of pairs of plain bikini ones and wrote little sayings on them with fabric markers like 'needs a good spanking' and 'bad girl'. My partner was quite amused
  9. Yes...take your time...you'll know when you feel ready
  10. I'm so happy for you!!! It's just wonderful that you're turned your struggles into wanting to help people!! I'll share some good news as well...my vanilla boyfriend spanked me for the first time this morning! He may not be so vanilla afterall...
  11. I've been obsessed with spanking for as long as I remember!! My memories of it go back to age 3 or 4...I used to tell myself what I called 'spanky stories' to help me fall asleep at night... These were spanking fantasies that got increasingly elaborate as a I got older. A very early one I remember was about my mom sending me to some type of 'professional' disciplinarian to be spanked...he had a variety of implements and always wore formal clothes including white gloves. I have no idea where this part came from but sometimes he'd make plaster of paris casts of my bottom and send them home with me! I also remember constantly looking for spanking references in books and comics and I'd look the word up in the dictionary and get quite a thrill. I did get spanked as child but I'm quite sure the spanking fantasies started before that so who knows where they came from...?
  12. I like the aspect you bring out about the Dominant giving something as well as gratifying themselves... I kind of see Dominants and Submissives as mirrors of each other... The Dominant gives a spanking and the Submissive gives themselves and they both get gratification from the mutual giving and receiving.
  13. This is how I imagine Almanzo handled Laura on the homestead...
  14. That's really interesting...I never imagined it was that many people! It's nice to know I'm in the 1% OBSESSED with spanking
  15. Me results oriented? Um no...I think I'm kind of the opposite... I've always been a daydreamer and procrastinator...that's probably what I got spanked for 90% of the time when I was little. I mean it wasn't like I was deliberately disobedient or bad (usually) but more I was in my own world and didn't listen and do what I was supposed to. I'm not sure things have changed too much Has anyone done the Myers-Briggs type thing? Mine is INFP and I think it fits me pretty well. I found this article on a typical morning for INFPs (https://introvertdear.com/news/infp-morning-routine/) which definitely seems like me except I don't get up in the morning unless I have to! Don't get me wrong I like to get some things done...like art. Except I don't...because doing it is the fun and exciting part and finished it is kind of a let down. Well all this talking about art gives me lots of ideas for more spanking art... See I'm easily distracted
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