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  1. I have to admit I like the name!


    (also a New Yorker--by birth and upbringing, anyway)



    1. rude_rumps


      a fellow New Yorker huh? :)

    2. SeatSmacker
  2. rude_rumps

    The Switch

    thank you for your kind words :)
  3. headed to Mexico it's been a bit since I last did a page of my graphic novel cuz I was taking a little break...but back to it again https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Crystal_page18.jpg
  4. A royal paddling https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Crystal_page17.jpg
  5. I can never look at a breadboard without thinking about other uses for it https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Crystal_page16.jpg
  6. There's something about the song White Rabbit that always sends shivers down my spine when I hear it...it gives me a feeling of being powerful and at the same time being terrified... the way Grace Slick goes from intoning quietly to yelling at the end somehow reminds me of a camp counselor or nanny telling a story to naughty children to warn them to behave...I'm sure the song has nothing to do with spanking really...but when I heard it on drugs and with my spanko mind...it turned into this There were aspects to the experience that were exciting and very pleasurable...but like the song...it also had aspects of a bad, bad trip!! https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Crystal_page15.jpg
  7. I'm glad you liked it Yeah the black on purple is maybe a little TOO dark...I'm planning to put all the stories together and edit things a bit when I'm done...so maybe I'll change the words to something higher contrast like yellow or even white for the final version
  8. Spanked by men on the chessboard! A two page special this week since I'm going to be taking a little break coming up... https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Crystal_page13.jpg https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Crystal_page14.jpg
  9. and now...a spanking caterpillar! https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#/media/File:Crystal_page12.jpg this one took fooooorever!
  10. wow your memories are so interesting...the idea you could somehow peel back the words and see a real spanking...I think that's sort of how I thought about it too!! and your sound memory is soooo interesting...I don't have that with Shufflebook but I do with other things...in fact when I was watching fireworks on the 4th and listening to the booms and cracks...it made me think about getting a spanking I'm glad my post brought back interesting memories for you!! I wasn't sure anyone else remembered that game...but I figured SOME other spanko out there would!!
  11. I don't actually remember much else about it other than the spanking card!! For a spanko version I wonder what the phrases would be? hmmmm
  12. thank you for your kind words about my art hmmm...a special set of cards for spankos? that is a rather interesting idea...
  13. so I had a fever today...and for some reason when I have a fever it sometimes makes me remember stuff from childhood... What I remember is when I was about 7 my friend Charley had this game at her house where you shuffled a deck of cards...each card had a picture on it and a few words...and you made up a story based on the cards...well what I remembered is one of the cards was "got spanked...ouch!" Now as you can probably imagine I found a way to get that card in EVERY time we played I'd completely forgotten about it all these years!! so when I remembered it I was going crazy trying to find out what the game was called...well finally I found it!! What's also interesting is alot of the pictures I can find of the game show the spanking card... hmm... I guess I'm not the ONLY one who found that card especially interesting! The things spankos remember huh? :)
  14. yeah but in my fantasies Laura was a spanko
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