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  1. Yeah I think this would be a really good idea...maybe a special place to post stuff that's fantasies? I've also had people in chat start in with that kind of stuff too...I'm very open minded about people's fantasies even if I might not share them...but if the stuff some people have told me in chat was true (like being 19 and spanked totally nude by their parents)...well it would be very troubling indeed...
  2. Thanks for trying to fix things and giving us spankos a wonderful place!!
  3. After more than 2 yrs...finally...chapter 5 and the conclusion of my graphic novel!! This chapter is a bit more about the growing up part...though it still has alot to do with spanking of course It's also kind of my love letter to traditional art...even though that's always been a rocky relationship... I also made a back cover...with a very kind blurb from the Prince of Spankos himself http://ruderumps.byethost7.com Thanks to everybody who's come along on this long strange trip...it's really been quite a journey for me... What's next? Well...first thing I'm gonna take some time to breathe and rest...I'm elated to finally finish...after 2 yrs of working on this every night!! But also kind of sad that it's over...it's been such a part of me for so long... Once I've had time to process it all and recover...I'll see what comes next... Yours, Rude
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