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  1. Two new pages...some good memories from high school (well one of them I was being bad...but it's a good memory ) http://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#Chapter_V
  2. Thank you for your kind words!! I'm happy someone is noticing all the things I put in there!! Yeah in the first communion scene Flooey is kind of receding... when I was really little things were magical and so vivid...then first communion marked an age when things became black and white...good and evil...and all the religion came in... but then when I was a teenager the magic started coming back... I started questioning things...and seeing there was beauty in dark things...ambiguous things...not just good or bad... There was alot in that dream for sure...I'm still trying to figure it ou
  3. The first 5 pages of Chapter V!! Part of it's about a dream I had as a teenager... https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps
  4. A big update...8 pages!! This ends chapter 4...and only 1 one chapter left for the childhood part of my graphic novel! Just a warning...this has some things about self harm when I was a teenager...so be careful if you're sensitive to stuff about that... https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#Chapter_IV
  5. Gosh does this sound familar My parents were very religious too...well mostly my mom... I had thoughts about spanking going back as long as I can remember...at least age 4...maybe earlier... and I'd have dreams too...especially right when I was falling asleep...I'd kind of tell myself stories but then they'd turn into dreams... I guess it was a kind of lucid dreaming maybe... One I had over and over was about this kind of guardian figure...he was very elegant and wore Victorian clothes...and always wore white gloves!! My spanking thoughts always gave me a funny feeling...but I didn't understa
  6. This is really important!! Spanking needs are so complicated...they bring up all kinds of core stuff about ourselves... as you said structure and security and self esteem and our own autonomy... and they're so powerful for us that they can blind us to other problems in our lives... it's so important to try to step back and understand how it fits into us as whole people... for me I know it's going to be a lifelong journey to try to fit it all together
  7. I LOVE this idea...now I want a sticker chart
  8. I love this one...especially since it's about coloring But yeah some people really don't understand...they think being submissive means it's an invitation to take advantage of you and bully you... No!! It's all about respect and trust!!
  9. yes...I agree...we have to fight the bullies and stop them from ruining the site...and the world!! there's lots of nice and special people on here...let them shine!!
  10. that's a wonderful poem and I love all the interpretations people posted of it!! That's what I love about poetry...you can read so many things into it... there's one I love by James Wright called "Lying in a Hammock'...there's so many different ways to read it.. so I wonder what I'd see from prison...mud or stars? I have a feeling I'd get totally distracted by the way the light changed on the bars during the day and night...and then spend the next 20 yrs making paintings of it...trying to get the quality of the light just right
  11. I agree...we need more happy and loving...and spanking of course!! There's too much fighting on here...there's enough of that everywhere else...
  12. ooooh yes Victorian and Edwardian fantasies are the best
  13. yeah for me that IS kind of the appeal of these old movies...there's something very ironic and kind of forbidden about the sexist paranoid 50s world... But as you say it's awful sexism if you take it literally...and people do...
  14. Two new pages...about my short lived attempt to do better in school https://spankingart.org/wiki/Rude_Rumps#Chapter_IV
  15. Oh yes...Little House on the Prairie...so many fantasies!! I don't remember dreams about that specifically...but I've had lots of spanking dreams...I'm going to illustrate one soon
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