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  1. Jaded

    Spanko Clue

    I used an old over ripe carrot, I’d never abuse healthy ones 😂. @rubyredd infraction: being over protective about produce: @rubyreddwas spanked in the candy isle with licorice
  2. Jaded

    Spanko Clue

    Infraction: procrastination @rubyreddwas spanking in the produce isle of the grocery store with a carrot stick (couldn’t resist)
  3. Congratulations. Will be a very rewarding career. Wishing you the best
  4. Meditation never helped me. It just causes my mind to wander and think about everything. I can reach greater relaxation by taking a long drive, listening to my favorite music. Walking my dogs in the woods also relaxes me. Hope you find something that works.
  5. Wishing you luck as well. It can be a great dynamic. I was best friends with a female for the 5 yrs I was a mentor/ disciplinarian. Had a lot of good times. Just hung out, laughed a lot. Was completely non sexual. We both trusted each other. I hope you find something similar.
  6. Can’t really think of anything on my bucket list. I’ve used a variety of implements/positions. Had many different scenarios. I would say, the few public spankings I’ve given, were short and I was constantly looking around, so possibly more remote areas where I could be relaxed, and not looking over my shoulder lol.
  7. Jaded

    Covid 19

    Also fully vaccinated
  8. I would not be comfortable speaking to my current counselors about this at all. I wouldn’t even consider it. If I knew for sure, the counselor was kink friendly, it would be nice to open up about it in therapy. Due to insurance limitations, it’s not always easy/or even possible to find one, unless you can pay out of pocket.
  9. Jaded


    Welcome to the site
  10. My arm never got worn out, but I’ve gotten blisters on my hands a few times
  11. Had many, listened to Metallica and LIVE the most.
  12. I have read many of your posts/poems/stories. The reason I read your posts and don’t skip past them, is you are always sincere, forthcoming, kind and genuine. I hope you can stop thinking of yourself as a freak and see your good qualities. You aren’t a freak. Sometimes we just have feelings for a person we can’t be with. One day you’ll find your special person. Usually this happens when you aren’t even looking. I understand what happened in your past makes it hard to trust. I went through a traumatic event decades ago. It’s crazy how it can effect us so many years later. I hope you me
  13. I’ve been there as well, just on the other side, losing a long term spankee. Looking back I made bad choices when it ended. First I blocked the person from everything. It’s always been my tool when I lost someone or ended things with someone. Didn’t work that time. So I’d unblock, because I missed the person so much. Just seeing social media things brought me comfort. I would worry if the person was ok, as I didn’t agree their choices were the safest. Then I’d get those weak moments, where I’d send emails, even songs that explained my feelings. (Pitiful I know). I’d be proud if I di
  14. My background is in psychology and behavior. I always have a punishment that fit the offense. It did not always involve spanking. Sometimes the punishment was a spanking, in addition to another punishment. There’s no sense in punishing someone, if they are not going to learn a valuable lesson from it. Of course this takes communication, and getting to know someone well, to learn what works best. I rarely decided on a punishment immediately (there were some exceptions). I needed time to think of the best approach. It sounds too “thought out” for some maybe, but I had great results in h
  15. Thank you both for your kind words. Don’t know that I did that great a job, took about a year to get my strength lol. You both will too. I went through the depression, then anger and resentment. The anger was at myself for believing this person was who I thought they were. Anger for wasting so much time. Then I realized, yes we were great friends. Had a great spanking relationship. But, I was continuing to waste even more time missing who the person was (or what I believed the person was) , and I realized I didn’t miss the person they had became. Hope that made sense. Lol
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