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  1. The small window frame is unusual. Even the time of day for you to call, a bit unrealistic for people who work. And to charge another fee to book an appt? Makes me think the person is making money off this, without meeting anyone. Sorry that happened to you.
  2. I only have spanking dreams when it’s been a long time since I’ve spanked someone. Never gained any ideas from my dreams, my dreams are quite odd. Plus I only remember bits and pieces of my dreams.
  3. What Sassylittle said, just don’t eat chili 😀
  4. I would just find a better group lol
  5. You can still get the hard spanking you desire, with a warm up spanking. It’s just not as hard, I normally just used my hand , then an implement lightly. Seemed to let ees take a longer spanking, before skin issues appeared. The moisturizing advice above should help some as well. Some medications can cause people to bleed easier also.
  6. A longer warm up sesssion. You mentioned wooden spoon and hairbrush, I’d lay off the wooden implements for part/ or most of the spanking. Look for implements not as thuddy
  7. It’s very normal to be nervous, and think about all the “what ifs”. Make sure you feel 100 percent comfortable with this person, as you’re putting your trust in them to keep you safe. You should feel comfortable enough to ask as many questions, there’s no question to small or silly. If someone doesn’t want to answer your questions, that’s a red flag in my opinion. I want people I spank to ask anything, and likewise I ask many questions. I need to know things , such as their hard limits, any phrases I shouldn’t use that could cause a trigger for them. The list goes on and on. Ask your ques
  8. Trust and honest communication by both parties. Specific roles, other than those are going to be different amongst different people.
  9. If I understand your question correctly, yes I would. If I was in an established relationship with a spankee and I lived alone, I would be willing to live with them. Of course we had to get along well, and have complete trust with each other. Would have to be non sexual for me.
  10. Well you being on this site, tells me, you have a spanking interest. If you’re worried it will be more than you can handle, I’d suggest communicating with her thoroughly beforehand ( this should always be the case, when being spanked by someone new)
  11. I am not a spankee, but I have had 3 ees tell me they didn’t want to be spanked, rather it was a need for them. Of course many want spankings, but some just want structure, with consequences that they try to avoid.
  12. Timid Mouse had great suggestions. I know what you’re going through. When my long term ee decided to take another road that I didn’t want to go down, I was depressed quite awhile. I was lost without the unique bond that comes from these relationships. It does get better, even though I didn’t believe it, when people told me it would. Do you think your bad day came from coming back here and discussing spanking/feelings again? No, not trying to get rid of you lol, but if you’ve been busy with so many changes, possibly returning here was your first time talking about these things since you’
  13. You’re very welcome. Glad I could help you, in regards to those few instances. Definitely sounds like subspace. Words spoken to you during a spanking/ your mindset/submission can all attribute I’ve heard some say they love the feeling of subspace. That’s fine, and I respect that. The scary part is, it can be very dangerous. Some can’t speak for awhile, some can’t speak for much longer. I have heard of passing out. Not being aware of your surroundings. I’d rather keep someone in the moment. It’s also important for spankers to be aware of this , so they know when to stop ( since , to
  14. When spanking someone, I like to talk to them throughout, making sure they are in the moment. It can be quite dangerous if an ee goes into subspace and the spanker is unaware. The ee may become silent and can take a much harsher spanking, due to the mindset. This can cause both physical and emotional damage. Personally, I don’t spank random people or go to spanking parties. I prefer getting to know someone well. Once a solid relationship is established, it’s easier to read how your ee is doing during a spanking , and just in general. There were times I decided not to give a spanking , du
  15. Welcome back. I remember you. I had a different user name yrs ago. I don’t think we talked in chat, but I remember your posts. Congratulations on going back to school and pursuing your goals. That is huge! The thing about spanking, at least for me, you can convince yourself you’re done with it, move on, but the need/desire never truly leaves. The thought creeps back when we don’t want it to. There are so many different aspects to this lifestyle. Being on the receiving end of discipline, or if you’re submissive, that means You and only You are in charge. In charge of your boundari
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