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  1. 2 rings will be sufficient, until I’m in my 80s and can’t hear as well. They even ring the bells in panic mode when they are coming towards me, as if I can’t see them.
  2. When an old spanking partner swore at me. We were playing a video game and the person swore at me. Immediately I took the controller and put the person otk for a spanking. It was the most unexpected, as most were planned ahead of time.
  3. Long lines, bike riders who ring their bells 15 times while passing me while I walk my dogs, as if I couldn’t hear the first bell, rude/inconsiderate neighbors, prissy/arrogant people, people mistreating their dogs ,,, it seems it’s mostly people 🤷‍♀️
  4. If they are tiny red dots, I have seen those from wood implements. The first few times I stopped as well. The person didn’t want me to stop. We found taking breaks in between helped the duration of how long I could spank. Red spots often went away after a break too (weird). We did bandaids too before and spanked around the dot area.
  5. My feelings regarding this are, I don’t care what goes on behind closed doors, but I want no part of it in my life.
  6. Could you possibly be upset over other things in your life, and took it out on her? Sometimes it seems safer telling off someone we feel safe with, instead of dealing with the real issue at hand. I believe you deserve your friend/spanker. She seems to care about you as well. Communication can go a long way, if she’s able to sit and chat with you about how you’re feeling and what’s really going on in your life. (If you’re willing to share). I’ve found knowing the mental/emotional state of who I was spanking was highly beneficial. It’s easier said than done, but try not to be so hard on yo
  7. I would say take things slowly. Possibly your wife would be interested in reading posts here to learn more about giving safe spankings. If she lacks confidence because she’s truly not a dominant person (or giving spankings isn’t her thing) then maybe playful/fun type spankings would be better than jumping into discipline. If she lacks confidence due to inexperience, there’s plenty of online resources, many posts here and I’m sure members here would be glad to give advice. Best of luck to both of you.
  8. It’s great that you’re keeping a positive attitude and turning a frustrating situation into a challenge. We can all learn from this, in areas of our lives.
  9. I can get on the site, it’s just very slow sometimes. My chat has been messing up, I’ll get a blank white screen, or lose my spot to type in pm. Then I give up and log out lol
  10. You’re quite welcome. Stay safe and have fun
  11. You can always discuss trying out different implements. For example, 3 swats with each implement you agree too. I’m not talking full force swats. Just a session to get you acquainted with the different feelings from the implements. If you’re ok with 1 or 2 implements, then maybe you’d be ok to take slightly harder swats. Just a fear free session where you can experiment. Good luck
  12. Jaded

    Spanko Clue

    I used an old over ripe carrot, I’d never abuse healthy ones 😂. @rubyredd infraction: being over protective about produce: @rubyreddwas spanked in the candy isle with licorice
  13. Jaded

    Spanko Clue

    Infraction: procrastination @rubyreddwas spanking in the produce isle of the grocery store with a carrot stick (couldn’t resist)
  14. Congratulations. Will be a very rewarding career. Wishing you the best
  15. Meditation never helped me. It just causes my mind to wander and think about everything. I can reach greater relaxation by taking a long drive, listening to my favorite music. Walking my dogs in the woods also relaxes me. Hope you find something that works.
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