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  1. I won’t tolerate being disrespected like that! I am done her
  2. You are located in the Midwest. I wonder how close to Detroit? I would be willing to help you relieve that guilt. Definitely if it still bothers you you should receive what your parents should have given you
  3. My wife made me very angry this morning and earned a good belting before I left for work. HER problem is that she has a doctor appointment this afternoon and is afraid about exposing her marks. I told her quite simply that she can confess to being a bad girl that earned her a spanking. Any similar experiences?
  4. I guess this is reserved for someone involved in an intimate relationship with his/her spanker, but do you have sex after a punishment spanking? I guess for all, does a spanking get you sexually aroused?
  5. Is it not similar with CDD? Not sure but appreciate feedback.
  6. Variation is on all fours with butt raised high. Difficult but good discipline for someone to stay in position
  7. Did anyone else catch the Qatari sociologist speak about how to properly discipline a wife and the backlash it has received? Basically, first step talk to wife, second step move out of bed and as a last resort discipline. No striking on the face but as I research it more physical discipline is allowed so as to not give marks and permanent damage. Not sure about step 2 but I guess backlash is in line with feelings towards DD relationship.
  8. For my wife it is sassiness/brattiness, or talking back.
  9. Happy Monday! Anyone receive it give a spanking this weekend? Or how about one to “look forward to” this week? My wife received 25 with the belt following a hand spanking for warm up on Saturday for talking back. I gave her a warning earlier in the week and she keep pushing it!
  10. Sorry. I missed the link to but it. Not as much money as I thought it would be. Your video shows a short range. Does it offer a greater swing. Close to purchasing one...
  11. My favorite is my old 1980’s paddleball racquet. It is very sturdy with a great handle and holes.
  12. Your videos are a great testimonial! What one do you have and what other recommendations can you make? I want to get one for my wife for when I travel. Thanks!
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