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  1. Excellent story ...one of your best. We need a part 2, 3 4, ...
  2. Sounds quite interesting ...stop by my office any time for tutoring or special attention
  3. I have been away from this site for quite a long time. I actually live in Waukesha now but close enough to Milwaukee. I am quite a bit older then you but have spanked females your age & younger over the years. I give spanking as discipline or part of mentoring etc if that interests you. Good luck in your pursuits. Best way to contact would be yahoo email milwaukee_spanker@yahoo.com
  4. Hi PonyGirl, Welcome to Spanking Needs ...you just happened to come along while I was out of town on vacation. I'd be happy to chat some time about your spanking experience or any questions as an experienced Spanker & friend. I live in the Milwaukee area & have been spanking longer then I care to admit. Steve
  5. I'd be interested in a mentor type role if the chemistry is right. I am a 54 yr old health care professional in the Milwaukee area. I typically spank with my hand OTK &it is quite effective. but I also have some quality implements that add both variety & intensity when needed. I'd like to know more about your situation, your goals, & what sort of relationship you are seeking. You can respond here or by email if interested. We should chat via IMs some time & explore the possibilities. Steve
  6. Best of luck to you Fluffin...it certainly is a big step. I would be happy to possibly assist you or discuss possibilities with you in making this spanking a reality. I would also be able to put you in contact with one or two women I have spanked from this forum as a references. I will drop you an email with more details & if you would like to talk please write me back Steve (the 3rd Steve I believe, so as not to be confused)
  7. Hi, Welcome to the Spanking Needs Forum. I am a 54 yr old experienced Spanker in the Milwaukee area. I typically spank OTK with my hand for discipline but I also own & use a variety implements if you have an interest or need for them. I have over the years introduced a few newbies to spanking in a safe & sane manner. I am also able to supply a couple of references from this site as well if you are serious in this endeavor. If you have any questions or wish to chat online please let me know & we can work something out. Otherwise my only advice would be not to rush into anything too impulsively & to make sure you & your Spanker are on the same page as to what your needs &/or wants might be. Good luck to you in taking the big leap into making a spanking a personal reality & finding a suitable match.
  8. Hi cherry, I'd be open to discuss your needs more specifically via IMs or email. I m 54 years old & I've spanked a number of women over the years as discipline & motivation. Obviously I do live in Milwaukee but I used to spank women in Waukegan & DeKalb. With the distance involved I would only be able to meet face to face once or twice a month but we could definitely touch base a few times a week to facilitate your progress on goals. I think as long as you are serious about meeting some goals & able to be open & honest with a prospective "mentor" ..it could work out. Steve
  9. So sorry ...that was my 1st reply & I think somehow posted it as a new topic
  10. Dawn, Personally I have used a cane but it's been some time since I used it. It was given to me by older British Gentleman in order to keep His g/f in line since he was living in Denver at that time. While I am no expert, the main issue seems to be that it is brought across the target evenly. When the target area move (wiggles or squirms) or the cane blow is delivered from the wrong position in relation to the spankee ...problems result. As I am sure you are aware the cane is a very light implement but also very thin so all of the energy of the stroke is delivered "across" the butt in a "stripe" ...when failing to go across the area ...this energy falls to just one spot & that is not good. When I have used a cane it has been after a through spanking using other implements & more as a finishing touch. I'd suggest that other spanking implements be exhausted first if you feel your pain tolerance is that high ...if it's just that you're curious about it then I think adding 6 strokes on an already sore butt could satisfy your requirements for additional intensity. I do enjoy spanking someone who needs an intense spanking. Usually I accomplish that by quantity & variety physically rather then just added intensity or heavier implements. Obviously implements with too much "thud" can bruise & be an issue while something like a cane, the worry is it can break the skin. Practice does make perfect & most of us even when we own a cane & know the proper technique ... frankly I think most (if we are totally honest) do not use it often enough to be experts. You also mentioned "bruising" & I assume the implements used have been the aforementioned "thudy" type that can cause deep bruising. I'd suggest using repetition to meet your "high tolerance" of the hand & thinner paddles as well as leather implements. So the pain you seek is from intense sting rather then a heavy thud. Quite honestly I've spanked a few who had some pretty hard heads & butts & found my hand to work pretty well ...I don't think any were bored or falling asleep. I'd be curious to what sort of spankings & implements you've had in the past.
  11. I am an experienced Spanker in the Milwaukee area. I have been spanking for well over 15 years usually with my hand & otk but I own a variety of implements & am familiar with their proper application for anyone needing or deserving of something more. Most of the women I've spanked have been out of the Milwaukee area & even out of state. I know a couple of the members in this forum & decided that perhaps by joining I might open up some new possibilities to spank a bit more often. I do enjoy spanking for disciplinary reasons mainly in a mentor type role but I am also open to giving tamer spankings to the curious as well. I am very sane & safe & believe in getting to know someone before attempting to meet their spanking needs/wants.
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