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  1. I think for my Auntie it was more about control and showing her church group that I was being raised in the correct manner, rather than appeasing God. She couldn't risk her own standing in the community being tarnished by my indiscretions. It was her duty to make sure I stayed on the path of the righteous and she carried out that duty with determination. But because of it I have my strong faith and love for Jesus so perhaps it was worthwhile in a strange way.
  2. This is certainly a group for me. I was raised very strictly by my auntie from age 9 to 17 and taught to obey (and fear) the word of our Lord. It meant I became very concious that He was watching me and my Auntie punished me so that I could have His forgivness for my sins. The church and discipline are almost one and the same for me in a way.
  3. Always looked for that answer too...not sure I have ever found it. But I've been told it's in there...
  4. I was always told that I should feel embarrassed and ashamed at being spanked. And I usually do but then if it becomes frequent enough does the embstesment and shame ever subside? Maybe it does.
  5. The wooden spoon has often brought me to tears...always the back rounded side. No 'warm up' of any kind, just pulled over my aunties knee and spanked until she thought I was repentant. Which often took some time!
  6. Cornertime is something I've done my fair share of...I always got the impression that it was intended to be the time to really think about why I had been punished along with adding to the actual punishment itself. I always assumed it was because being sent to my room after a spanking wasn't enough to really get the message across. I had to understand the shame part of my punishment to make me understand how disobedient I had been. Or maybe because I got so many spankings that they became amost 'ineffective' on there own so something else needed to be added.
  7. I don't think spanking can be seen as a sin....I know because I sinned a lot apparently and my completely religious, God fearing auntie spanked me for them. Now I am in the position where I believe it is Gods way to guide me and even comfort me if I get spanked for something that I've done that could be seen as 'sinful'. It is as HannahKae mentioned no different to going to therapy. God really wants us to be the best that we can be and in my case if I need spanking to help me get there, then so be it. Also remember If you have your faith, you are never alone.
  8. Had a couple of smacks across the bottom outside of church before...I don't think anyone who saw was shocked somehow. Also been spanked at home in front of people but not sure it would be classed as 'in public'.
  9. Might be because of past experiences but I think much older than me is the only way I know. It's about that level of respect that is required when being dealt with by someone of senior age.
  10. Wooden spoon every time...I hear a kitchen drawer open and the sound of something wooden coming out and it just sends shivers.
  11. Quite a few I would say.....but if I had to pick one: Age 15, over my aunties knee for trying on her lipstick (which she thought I had stolen from her room) Wooden ruler across my bare bottom, in our front room while 5 of her old womens church group were there. I always remember being over aunties knee and looking up at the church women and seeing them smiling and nodding. Had to stand and face the wall, hands on head and night dress tucked up at the back afterwards for about 15 minutes, listening to them talking about the red marks across my bottom. How very Christian of them!
  12. Anything wooden...spoon,ruler. Although the strap as well in the right/wrong hands😊
  13. This is so me...caught up in the guilt of sins I commited even after auntie had spanked me severely for it. I was being saved from the path of the unrighteousness. I was told what the word of God meant and how to obey the scripture. Now I realise I was always going to sin as it was so easy to do so!
  14. Hi CJ, I too was disciplined at home frequently by my auntie. Probably how I ended up here I think. It was a strange time but one I keep thinking about.
  15. How does everyone else (especially other female spankees) feel about having marks from a spanking being visible to others? Say when wearing a swimsuit or short shorts, is it something that is just never done or is the thought that someone knows you've been spanked recently exciting to you?
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