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  1. Hello and welcome from London ! Foxy.
  2. Welcome both !......always good to welcome more brits to this wonderful site....Enjoy ! Foxy.
  3. Hello and welcome from London England ! Foxy.
  4. Hello and welcome from London ! Foxy.
  5. Hi Megthe, Well I think I'm OK with it,it was more painful than I expected, and I understand now why My Wife isn't keen on the riding crop ! I did wonder if the dynamic would shift in Our marriage,but so far nothing has changed. It did just come out of the blue, Ingrid had never mentioned that She wanted to Spank Me before ! Foxy.
  6. Hi All, I don't quite know how to start to tell you what happened this weekend, I recently posted about a short holiday recently where My Wife and I agreed to get things back on track in our personal lives after a few stressful months, as you may have read, I gave My Wife a OTK spanking and we had a wonderful holiday, this weekend however My Wife said that She wanted to talk to Me as She had something on Her mind, so I was intrigued when She came into My study carrying My riding Crop that I have used on a couple of occasions to stripe Her bare bottom, I thought that She was going confess to something or other and that soon My lovely wife would be bending over My desk on the receiving end of the Crop....But No ! Ingrid (Not Her real Name) launched into a well rehearsed speech about how during lock down My behaviour had been less than helpful and had caused a lot of arguments, I was shocked, but had to agree,She then looked at Me and said 'I think you should have taste of your own medicine' I didn't know what to think, Ingrid had never before mentioned that She wanted to discipline Me, and I'd never asked Her to, Ingrid just stood and tapped the riding crop into the palm of Her hand and said 'Come on, stand up and bend over the desk like I do' I got up and did as She asked, still thinking this was joke, then She told Me to take My trousers and pants down 'Really'? I asked 'Yes of course' Ingrid smiled, You always spank Me on My bare bottom don't you' again I had to agree, so I did as She asked and bent over, what followed was a shock to my system I can say ! My Wife gave Me six firm stokes of the riding crop, and it was much more painful than I expected, it stung like mad. I replaced my clothing and returned to My side of the desk sitting down carefully still in complete shock. Later over a glass of Wine She told Me that She I can still Spank Her like I've been doing, but occasionally She would like to spank Me. So this is the New Normal ?! Foxy. .
  7. Hello and welcome ! Foxy London England.
  8. Hi All, My Wife and I went on a short Holiday here in the UK recently,and after months of lockdown stress and worries,we agreed to try to get our lives back to something like normal, Over lunch at the Country house Hotel that I'd booked for 3 nights I brought up the subject of Spanking or lack of it during lockdown and I was please to hear from My Wife that, yes She would be willing to get things back on track in that department,so before dinner that evening I gave Her a very sound OTK Spanking on Her bare bottom for the first time in 4 months,Ingrid's ( Not Her real name) bottom became very red very quickly,and was still bright red (and having decided not to wear knickers,was still bare) under Her black evening dress as we headed to the 16th Century restaurant attached to the Hotel,Ingrid started to look alarmed as we were shown to Our table, as the Dinning Chairs where just the plain wooden type,after sitting down very carefully She whispered to me to get Her a cushion to sit on,I excused myself went over to the reception area and took a large cushion from a nearby armchair and took it back to Ingrid for Her to sit on. All of this was did not go unnoticed by our fellow diners and there where a few knowing looks and wry smiles from a few of them. Ingrid whispered to me 'I might as well have a sign on My head saying ' My Husband has just giving Me a Spanking' ! We enjoyed our meal,and by the end of it Ingrid's cheeks where just as red as Her bottom .....Hopefully we are back on track now ! Foxy London England.
  9. I love it when My wife wears Stockings and a suspender belt when I discipline Her, She also has a pair of pale pink silk knickers.....that look fantastic around Her knees while She is over My knee ! Foxy. PS. For Colonials ....Suspender Belt read Garter Belt.......Knickers read Panties.... (!)
  10. I spanked My Wife at My Club in London during Afternoon Tea a few summers ago !
  11. Hello and welcome Laurawilk898, Have a look round the site and have a read of the safety advise section. Enjoy ! Foxy London.
  12. Not quite...But at a family gathering just before Christmas, a School friend of My Wife said to Me something like ' Ingrid seems so happy with you ,and She is much calmer and better behaved nowadays ' I so wanted to say 'Yes She is better behaved because I regularly Spank Her bare bottom' ! But of course just replied ' Thank you, we are very happy' Foxy.
  13. Welcome Harrow, Always good welcome another Brit onboard ! I agree with @ChawseeYou are clearly caring and able to express yourself very well,I'm sure you will soon be able to act out your fantasy with a lucky young lady. Have fun ! Foxy.
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