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  1. I spanked My Wife at My Club in London during Afternoon Tea a few summers ago !
  2. Hello and welcome Laurawilk898, Have a look round the site and have a read of the safety advise section. Enjoy ! Foxy London.
  3. Not quite...But at a family gathering just before Christmas, a School friend of My Wife said to Me something like ' Ingrid seems so happy with you ,and She is much calmer and better behaved nowadays ' I so wanted to say 'Yes She is better behaved because I regularly Spank Her bare bottom' ! But of course just replied ' Thank you, we are very happy' Foxy.
  4. Welcome Harrow, Always good welcome another Brit onboard ! I agree with @ChawseeYou are clearly caring and able to express yourself very well,I'm sure you will soon be able to act out your fantasy with a lucky young lady. Have fun ! Foxy.
  5. PS, Please send Me a link also
  6. Hi EmmaX Hello and welcome ,always good to see another Brit ! Foxy
  7. Hi Pezza, Welcome to a growing number of Brits on here,I'm in London. Have fun and enjoy ! Foxy
  8. Hello and Welcome ! Always good to see another Brit on board. Also happy to chat anytime. Foxy.
  9. Hello and welcome Sorebottom, I'm sure you be very popular .....! Foxy London.
  10. Thanks JonTx, An Alfa and an accommodating Wife.....I am indeed very lucky ! Kind Regards from London. Foxy.
  11. I think so ! The first time I Spanked My Wife ( Then My Girlfriend) She was wearing an Evening dress with Heels and long black Gloves.....underneath She had on Black stockings and suspenders....when I took Her knickers down the sight of Her bare bottom framed by the straps of Her suspenders was fantastic...... I proposed soon afterwards ! Foxy.
  12. Welsh Opera Singer Katherine Jenkins, Whenever She come on the TV,I have a picture of Her in My mind, over my knee with Her Knickers round Her knees Apparently She is quite difficult, so I'm sure Her Husband has plenty of opportunity to Spank Her ! Foxy.London
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