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  1. I love spanking My Wife when she is wearing Stockings with a suspender belt,as the straps of the belt frame Her bare bottom....!
  2. I would love to spank My Wife in front of someone,She is coming round to the idea !
  3. Understand ,we also live busy lives and although we don't have children living with us anymore,we often have a house full of guests. I quite like letting My Wife know that I am going to spank Her at the next available time we are alone. As you may have read,She came Home very drunk a couple of weeks ago and I have told Her I will be cashing in Her OTK IOU soon ! Foxyalfa.
  4. Welcome to our community !
  5. HI, As you can see I'm in London. Foxyalfa.
  6. Welcome !......I hope you find what you are looking for.
  7. I have amended My Post.....Could be misunderstood.
  8. Morning from London everyone, Thanks for you replies to my last post about whether to introduce My wife's bottom to the hairbrush,I've decdied to try the paddle again...but I now have another dilemma ! The last two times I've spanked Ingrid ,I've had to lower Her trousers, It's not quite the same as lifting a skirt or dress and then taking Her knickers down,and so next time I'd like Her dressed up for Her discipline. There are two opportunities coming up ,and I'd like to know what one you would like to hear about; Firstly ( and possibly my favourite) we have been invited to a James Bond themed event here in London in two weeks time ,Ingrid will of course be a Bond Girl, and is planning Her outfit,we have been told there is a red carpet photo opportunity, and I was thinking that giving Ingrid a paddling just before the event, would mean that under Her evening dress Her bare bottom ( She never wears knickers under long dresses) would be bright red..! Secondly...... With Wimbledon Tennis fever about to start in London ,Ingrid is taking part in a Charity Tennis match at Her Gym ,again in two weeks time. I was thinking of spanking Her while She is wearing Her Tennis outfit, OTK....little tennis skirt raised and white Knickers round Her knees ?! With two weeks to go,Maybe She will 're offend ' so both occasions can be exploited ! Let Me know what you think. Foxy. London.
  9. Thanks Everyone ! I think on balance the Hairbrush may be too much.....I will use the paddle again ! I'll let you all know how I get on .....! Is this board best ? Foxyalfa
  10. Hi Everyone, Hope you are all having a great weekend. Just a bit of advice needed........ I'm still not sure if I'm posting on the right Board.....I am just sharing details of Spanking My Wife ,on the O Erotic Board....( Please have a look) ......Also.....Any advise on using a hairbrush on Her bottom ?.....I have used a leather paddle on Her bare bottom a couple of times....Just thinking about trying a hairbrush ? I will be spanking Her soon for coming Home very drunk at Midnight....after going to the Hairdressers at 11am ! Thanks Foxyalfa London.
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