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  1. Welcome!.....Yes please tell us all more.
  2. Thanks for your advise......I seem to be getting some response from the Erotic forum.....so I'll continue to Post there. Thanks again. FoxyAlfa.
  3. Thanks Luvs2spin78, I must say I'm looking forward to trying out the paddle on Ingrid's bottom. Since She returned from Her trip away ( see previous posts) She has been well-behaved.....Until today! Today She has been a real Brat ,difficult, moody etc......Just returned from Lunch at a nice Hotel here in London... .and She has gone straight out to see Girl friend ,without so much as a Goodbye.....and taken my Car ! I think the paddle will be Christened very soon..........I will keep you all updated. FoxyAlfa.
  4. Hi, Yes it has,not with the Paddle thu' I gave an account called 'Mission Accomplished' ...a few days ago. Defiantly using the paddle next time.....I will write soon as ! Thanks for your interest. Foxyalfa.
  5. Hi Pretty Bad, I'm new here,and everyone is very friendly! Welcome. Foxyalfa London.
  6. Welcome.....I hope you enjoy the site.
  7. Hello from London Rude, I'm a born again spanker ! Enjoying spanking My young Wife and chatting about it.... I'm new to this site myself.....But welcome. Foxyalfa.
  8. Hi, Just a quick question. What Forum is best for Me to post details of My spanking life with My Wife ? I just want to share our adventures in a light hearted way for everyone to enjoy. thanks
  9. My Wife is 15 years younger than Me and quite headstrong,I spank Her about every 4 weeks. It gives Us both a huge sexual high and I love the drama of it all. It's a great way of settling arguments and it does improve Her behaviour !
  10. Hello again everyone, Thanks for your likes and replies to my last message. While Ingrid (My wife) is still away and because I have some time on my hands, I thought I would tell you all about the last time I spanked Her. About 6 weeks ago now we where on holiday in Mauritius ,a nice Hotel on the NW of the island ,we had a beach front Villa with a private garden ,over looked by a narrow path to the beach. We had been there about 3 days when I had to have a Skype call to my office ( Work doesn't stop for holidays) ! Ingrid spent most of the morning in the Spa ,then after a light lunch,I went off to the business Centre and Ingrid headed for the beach, all fine..at least it was when I left ! I returned about an hour and a half later,the Villa was locked up,so I headed for the beach to find Her. When I got to the beach I noticed a few people standing and pointing to the water, I waded into the water trying to see what they where pointing at....Then I heard a Guy say 'Some crazy woman is swimming in the water skiing lane'......I knew imminently it was Ingrid...She is way over confident in the water. I started waving ,trying to get Her attention....People where now queuing to water Ski and the speed boats had stopped at one end of the beach,I wasn't dressed for swimming but decided that there was no alternative but to go in after Her, I heard someone shout 'Look another idiot'....after a hard swim I caught up with Her 'What on earth are you doing' I shouted ! 'What' was Her reply 'You are swimming in the speed boat lane I gasped 'Am I'? She replied. Needless to say I was pretty cross by the time we got back to the Villa......We spent the rest of the afternoon not talking, I even had a phone call from the Hotel Manager about the incident when I came off the phone I knew what had to be done,I called Ingrid in from the garden and explained tat She had caused a great deal of fuss ,and put Her own life an other peoples in danger and I was going to give Her a very sound spanking before the holiday was over. She had no defence, 'I was rather silly' was all She would say,She gave me a slight smile as I left to smooth things over with the Hotel. I used the time away from Her to calm down. When I returned ,Ingrid had changed out of Her bikini and was dressed for dinner ,She looked stunning. Her blonde hair was in a high pony tail and She was wearing a pleated white linen skirt and a pink silk vest top together with some strappy sandals ,She gave me hug and said 'I am sorry ,I wasn't thinking straight' I kissed Her and said 'No harm done,I've apologized to the Manager of the Hotel, lets go to dinner' ' Yes' said Ingrid.....'But before we go I like to make amends....I don't want to wait for you to discipline Me' I led My Wife over to a convenient sofa and laid Her across My lap, Her skirt was quite full and so I pulled it up over Her back,it almost covered Her head ! I started to spank Her on Her flesh coloured knickers ,reminding. Her how reckless She had been. Just when She started to complain, I pulled Her knickers down to Her knees and spanked harder.....Her bottom was getting very red, I stopped suddenly and helped Her up ,Her eyes where moist ,and Her face was almost as red as Her bottom ! 'I am sorry' She said.....'So am I' I said ( I wasn't being entirely truthful)! When we arrived at the restaurant I noticed that some people ,looked over and no doubt recognised us from the beach. I'd love to have told them that My Wife had paid for Her misdemeanour ,and under Her pretty dress Her bottom was very red ! I will write again soon.
  11. Thanks so much. Just had another txt from Ingrid saying.....' Taxi driver just asked if I was too warm ?!' xx I will keep you posted !
  12. Hi Again everyone, As a new member I'm just getting to know the site...still not too sure where to post for the best response. In my earlier posts I told you all that I was planning to give my Wife a spanking before She left for a short Business trip today. I'm just writing to let you all know that My Wife is on Her way to a London Airport with a very red bottom ! I wasn't sure whether to use the new leather paddle or not ...and decided not too. I told Her that I was going to spank Her in order to remind Her to behave Herself over the next few days ( We have had a few problems in the past) .....about half an hour before Her Taxi was due to arrive,I escorted Her to my study on the top floor of our London home. She is very good looking ( I am very lucky).......after a brief chat,I sat on an armless chair (kept just for this purpose) I pulled Ingrid ( not Her real name) across my lap and started to spank Her bottom ,after a few minutes, I pulled Her navy blue skirt up to Her waist and continued spanking, She was beginning to become vocal and was insisting that I had made my point....I said nothing....Just pulled Her pink knickers down to Her knees and continued spanking Her shapely and now bare bottom ! I helped Her to Her feet shortly afterwards....Helped her replace Her clothing....and kissed Her. We just arrived downstairs when the taxi pulled onto the drive way. We said goodbye on the drive way and as the taxi driver put Her pull along suitcase in the boot.....as she sat down in the car ....She said 'Ouch' and smiled at Me. I've just got a txt saying....' See you Thursday,I'll try to behave' xxx We shall wait and see !
  13. Hi Everyone, I introduced myself a few days ago on the introduction Board. I'm from London England and I'm lucky enough to have a young Wife who I spank fairly often ( at least once a month) She is leaving for a short business trip at the weekend and I am going to spank Her before She goes.... I normally spank Her bare bottom OTK....However I have just purchased a leather paddle online and would like to give it a try.... Question.... How do I best do this ? over my knee as per normal ,on Her bare bottom ? Or bending over my desk in my study on Her knickers? Thanks in advance for your help !
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