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  1. Hello and welcome ! From London
  2. Hi Vikki, Welcome to the site,not many Brits on here ! Foxy.
  3. Hi MAJ, I'm in London,happy to chat.....welcome to the site. Foxy.
  4. I can recommend the french martinet,I bought one online a few months ago and I have used it on my wifes bare bottom on a few occasions,it reddens Her bottom and she says its stings terribly,but it doesn't bruise ....and the redness doesn't last long.......I understand that the Martinet is making a 'Come back ' in France and some parts of the Caribbean. I be very interested to hear if any one else is using or on the receiving end of one ! Foxy London.
  5. You may all be interested to know that my Wife has recently started to discipline Me..... To explain......My second Wife Ingrid (not Her real name) and I have an understanding about Me spanking Her....that is up until recently Since we first met five years ago now,I've fairly regularly had Ingrid over my knee or bending over my desk at home while I spank or paddle her bare bottom if She misbehaves ,I was very happy with this arrangement,I never thought I would be interested in Her spanking me....but,after a very difficult time recently with the health crisis and lots of worries abou
  6. http://www.overthedesk.com/spanking_stories/new-lady-of-the-manor/ Hi Everyone, I've written a few fiction stories for this site,this was my first attempt.....Just looking for some feedback please. Thanks Foxyalfa007 London England.
  7. Hi Everyone, Sorry I've been a bit quite last few months,not much to report from London,but this weekend things started to get back to normal in a number of ways ! If you have read any of My posts before you will recall that I often spank my wife for some sort of driving offence,She is a terrible driver and is always getting tickets or running red lights here in London,so with Lockdown in force this regular source of reasons to discipline Her dried up,and in fact since the COVID crisis started She has only been over My knee twice,a far cry from the almost once a month or more that ha
  8. Hello and welcome from London ! Foxy.
  9. Welcome both !......always good to welcome more brits to this wonderful site....Enjoy ! Foxy.
  10. Hello and welcome from London England ! Foxy.
  11. Hi Megthe, Well I think I'm OK with it,it was more painful than I expected, and I understand now why My Wife isn't keen on the riding crop ! I did wonder if the dynamic would shift in Our marriage,but so far nothing has changed. It did just come out of the blue, Ingrid had never mentioned that She wanted to Spank Me before ! Foxy.
  12. Hi All, I don't quite know how to start to tell you what happened this weekend, I recently posted about a short holiday recently where My Wife and I agreed to get things back on track in our personal lives after a few stressful months, as you may have read, I gave My Wife a OTK spanking and we had a wonderful holiday, this weekend however My Wife said that She wanted to talk to Me as She had something on Her mind, so I was intrigued when She came into My study carrying My riding Crop that I have used on a couple of occasions to stripe Her bare bottom, I thought that She was going c
  13. Hello and welcome ! Foxy London England.
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