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  1. Has to be someone you can trust. Do you like your tits whipped also?
  2. I really enjoy the cock head spanked and my bal sac also from the rear while bent over. Has to be done by my wife who is very carefull.
  3. We have the leather paddle {Upper right} and I enjoy 20 or so hard licks from that one one the lower part of my ass cheeks!!
  4. My wife spanks my Bal Sac from the rear with me bent over and I like it a lot. Also the head of my cock. I lay it on the bathroom sink. 10-15 licks to each Has to be someone you can trust and enjoys doing it.
  5. Yes I was 36 yo before I got my first good whipping. Find a partner it is nothing but great!!!
  6. My FWB said it hurt her hand so she took my belt and GOT IT DONE111
  7. N o but we do it in front of a mirror so I can watch it. It is like being in a video
  8. My wife spanks my cock & bal sac 2-3 times a week. I really enjoy it. She uses a light leather strap, 15 or so to each. Any cum I leak she makes me lick up!
  9. I like a 1/4 inch willow, that really burns on a bare ass!!!
  10. Thanks for a polite reply, I should have included the girls. Everyone like some different things, tell more if you like!
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