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  1. Breathing for me depends on the venue of the spanking. If there's a chance people can hear me if I squeal, then I hold my breath when I can or maybe try to scream into a pillow or the arms of my shirt. But if there's no chance anyone can hear me, I will scream and beg like a crazy person. Like you, communicating during a severe punishment is very difficult for me. But I think you're smart to have back up plans like the safe-drop idea as long as the spanker is observant enough to notice.
  2. Keep this one going, Ontarians! Cold weather spankers unite; and then warm eachother up!
  3. Some of us Canucks will be wildly in need of good spankings when this lockdown is over. And I for one have been searching far and wide for that accountability and discipline that comes from a trip over Mom's knee for a long time. Any plucky Ontarian women online here that are looking for a bottom to spank? Please let us hear from you, it would mean the world to our bottoms!
  4. I apologize, it was written in a temporary fit of insanity. I have not, nor will I, leave the safety of my apartment as long as is necessary. And I used the same analogy yesterday to my best friend who wanted to go out....it’s all the what-ifs that are keeping me paranoid and inside!
  5. Depending on the size and firmness of the hand that spanks you, there may still be slight bruising so take care to communicate well beforehand (no pun intended)
  6. I'd say right in the morning would be the worst. At that moment when you're not quite awake, maybe in a post-dream haze where all is right with the world and then ((SMACK)). That would bring a new meaning to the phrase "rude awakening". Way to start my day off with a scream!
  7. It burns like fire and induces screams in my experience. Nothing worse. I become very compliant after that.
  8. Restlessness and boredom are going to have me leaving my house soon regardless of the consequences. Sadly or thankfully there is nobody that's going to punish me for that when it happens. I would pick a fight to end up over someone's knee if there were local spankers nearby. That might keep me indoors for a while.
  9. I've been spanked in a handful of back seats or on tailgates. I was always worried about passers-by hearing or seeing me getting spanked, but the ERs never held back.
  10. Does anyone else get worked up for no reason when they’re bored? Worked up enough that you want to pick a fight or aggravate someone until you’re ‘entertained’ otk?
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