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  1. I have spanked for discipline and fun virtually every woman I have had a sexual relationship. I like the feeling of dominance and control when a woman submits herself to me. I like intelligent, educated confident women and am not attracted to openly submissive females. I love the visual and feel of a woman's butt, back and legs when she is OTK.
  2. Symbolism is important in our lives. A flag, a cross, or a song can cause a powerful emotional response. In this case, we are talking about a chair and not just any chair but the infamous spanking chair. I have had mine for years. She is sturdy and solid made of dark oak. There are no arms or padding. My chair waits calmly in the corner of my bedroom with articles of clothing resting on her just waiting to spring into action. I stood on the chair to change a light bulb on the fan over our bed. I received a phone call and didn't immediately put it back in its normal place in the corner. My
  3. Wow! I am blown away. Magnificant pictures and I just love a keen switch.
  4. Spanking over jeans - muy bueno Over my life, I have always tried to find women that were exciting to me and then introduces spanking. You win some and lose some. A hand spanking administered over pants or jeans always worked great as the first big step. Technically, if you place her OTK with her bottom up and her jeans pulled tight, you spank with the hand on the base of her butt. A good sting and a deep warmth can be inflicted. You do not need to hurt your hand. I have a lot of stories.
  5. My wife could have written your comment. She is a competent, organized woman who works at being a good wife and mother. She hates being punished with a spanking and it is a rare occurrence for her to earn a formal chastisement. But ... she has her moments and I try very hard to be consistent and follow through when a rule is broken. She wants accountability.
  6. If the smack is male to female, this is an easy call - a call to the police/security to question the assault and what may be going on.
  7. For me, there is a difference in good, sound, hard and old fashioned spanking: good spanking - the spanking is not frivolous or playful and not a wrestling match sound spanking - the spanker is in control, takes enough time to do the job and spanks hard enough to make his point hard spanking - the spanking is more intense than what would be standard for the encounter old fashioned - a serious spanking that is thoughtful, well crafted with good workmanship
  8. I think you are ready to come to terms with receiving an occasional spanking. Be grateful you have someone who cares. ... The future: It is OK when you come home after your retirement party for 30 years service and your spanker tells you to take your pants down an OTK because you broke a rule. You shed a tear because a spanking is still embarrassing and it stings.
  9. I am in your situation and have been for years. My wife is intelligent, organized and works hard. We rarely have any issues and when we do a short talk straightens things out. She can have her moments though and when a major rule is broken or unacceptable behavior is repeated I step-in. I try very hard to be consistent. I am the backstop. You should feel lucky to have your backstop. Do not feel bad because you still make mistakes and probably will never be perfect in your eyes. It is good you dread a spanking and if that fear motivates you positively then you are better for it. Something
  10. First, I would put together information on DD in a female lead relationship. Give her some time to digest the info and discuss it with her. Second, Prepare a very detailed plan of action. It is important to put it in writing as it helps to organize and focus your thoughts. Discuss it all in a calm, sane, loving way. Third, Be careful what you wish for. You may very well have something planned you really want to do and your wife decides you need to be punished for something you failed to do.
  11. I faced this "guilt" issue many years ago. I was and am a Southern gentleman who would never strike a woman I love or even scream at or curse them. How do I reconcile scolding her then spanking the fire out of her bare bottom with my upbringing? Making it all worse in my mind was I thoroughly enjoying myself as she suffered, cried and squirmed on my lap. My girlfriend and I had a long talk, She basically said I should just "get over myself" - the spanking was good for her and what she wanted. I never looked back.
  12. You need to decide what you really want. Do you want more accountability and discipline in your life? Do you simply want your wife to spank you? Is it both? Understand there are DD relationships where no one is spanked. Negative consequences have been recognized as a useful tool in helping a person make changes. Are you more interested in making changes or getting spanked?
  13. I found your comment very interesting and thought provoking. My wife is also a goody-goody and rarely does anything serious enough to warrant more than a word. She is intelligent, organized, efficient and respectful but she can have her moments. Like you, most of the spankings my wife gets are for fun and erotic play. On rare occassions, she will receive a disciplinary spanking and it is totally different from the fun/erotic. We have the shock of the initial confrontation, the emotions - embarrassment, remorse during the discussion and lecture. There is no hugging and kissing and no wine. S
  14. My advice to the woman looking for a spanking partner was basically get off your butt and meet men. Casually express an interest in discipline and spanking. Cultivate the interesting responses. My examples were a bit macho - shooting range/sports oriented but I could have substituted any place men are found in numbers. I take exception to your narrow focus. A liberal and a progressive can be friends and have both an intellectual as well as a physical relationship. The same can be said for the agnostic and a religious person. I am a conservative and I support the goals of feminists. It is
  15. I know it is a small thing but this punishment makes a huge impression on my wife. She is required to wear a dress on the weekend instead of jeans/shorts and a t-shirt. It is a quality, normal looking dress but she knows why she has it on.
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