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  1. Agree with Becka lots of spankers depends on location. We have great spnking events as well once covid allows us to get back to normal.
  2. Get you butt to Michigan will be glad yo paint it red!!!
  3. Anyone interested in MDSS events feel free to message me I run that group!!!
  4. Welcome I’m a spanking relationship as well Male Switch female bottom. If you want to chat message me.
  5. I feel your pain my disciplinarian has left the scene as well and I’m searching.
  6. Hey Marci. Have you attended any of the events in Detroit area? We have a wonderful welcoming community if your interested in making friends and maybe receiving a warm bottom!!
  7. If your still in the area on April 6th check this out. https://fetlife.com/events/745320
  8. MDSS is a wonderful spanking community and if you have any questions I’m happy to answer any of them. Here is the Fetlife event link https://fetlife.com/events/745320
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