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  1. Emma Croft part two I was pushing my bare bum out and still holding the paddle thinking how ridiculous I must look. Jason meanwhile was slowly shaking his head at this almost comic yet highly embarrassing spectacle I was making of myself. I stood back upright and glanced up to him before looking back down feeling such utter shame at both my appearance and my admission. I think he was almost stunned into silence and I walked over and put the paddle back on the coffee table and picked up my glass. It didn’t seem important now to make an attempt to cover myself up and just walked calm
  2. Emma Croft I pulled my car on the drive to my boyfriend's house and was really looking forward to spending a weekend on my own as he had been called to work away for a few days. I shared a flat with my friend Lisa and she was more than happy to have the place to herself so she could get her boyfriend to stay over. I had planned myself a nice shopping trip for the next day and bought a bottle of wine for tonight and wanted to try out something that had been on my mind ever since I saw it. The something I wanted to try or to be more precise to feel was not something you w
  3. Hi I am often in the chat room and love to roleplay out scenes. Anything interesting with some patience and detail is good would love to hear ideas from others and play
  4. Jade Murray It was one of the many tasks on the list of things to do my Mum had left me and my brother Jack to do while she was staying with Granddad during this lockdown. Clean the shed, wow how thrilling that was going to be….not. Of course as usual doing anything with my little brother meant doing it myself. He had the attention span of a goldfish and would be no help whatsoever. I suppose that is not quite true, he can concentrate for hours on his stupid Xbox games with his geeky mates. I had been asking him for days now to come and make a start on the shed and it
  5. Lauren Mitchell I could hear Matt in the kitchen and opened my eyes and looked around, as usual I had fallen asleep on the sofa again. I rubbed my eyes and walked over to see what he was cooking, although I knew it would be something obsessively dull and boring since he had started jogging recently. The smell of steamed broccoli filled the room and made me feel sick. “How you can eat that stuff is beyond me” I commented and walked to get a packet of cookie’s. I knew I had started another rant from my annoying little brother about how important it was to put
  6. Sophie Ward Oh this damn lockdown was driving me mad. How can things change so much in just a few weeks? I scrolled up my phone for the hundredth time this morning and hardly anything new was worth looking at. Well of course no one had anything to post about now did they. No juicy gossip from my friends, no interesting nights out to comment on, nothing. Even my love of taking endless selfies was becoming tired. It was bad enough being stuck at home but now my parents had chosen this of all times to go on the holiday of a lifetime they were stuck halfway around the worl
  7. Hell Everyone A Bratty grown up girl who enjoys online fantasy type roleplaying with imaginative like minded guys
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