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  1. Lauren Mitchell I could hear Matt in the kitchen and opened my eyes and looked around, as usual I had fallen asleep on the sofa again. I rubbed my eyes and walked over to see what he was cooking, although I knew it would be something obsessively dull and boring since he had started jogging recently. The smell of steamed broccoli filled the room and made me feel sick. “How you can eat that stuff is beyond me” I commented and walked to get a packet of cookie’s. I knew I had started another rant from my annoying little brother about how important it was to put healthy food in your body and how much rubbish I eat. I tried not to listen and as I bit into a cookie I noticed some crumbs fall onto the floor and on my sweatshirt. I brushed them off and thought if Mum was here she would be nagging my ears off about keeping the place tidy. Since the whole covid 19 situation it was just me and Matt at home so we had to look after ourselves. Me being the oldest at 22 was supposed to be “left in charge” but responsibility was not a strong point of mine. “For heaven’s sake Lauren, look at the mess you are making” he childed, reminding me of exactly what Mum would say. I just shrugged and ignored him and turned to walk back to the sofa. I had no motivation for anything at the moment and hardly knew what day it was anymore. This stupid lockdown was drining me crazy and all I seemed to do was eat and sleep. I had 5 weeks left until the deadline for my dissertation to complete 4 long years at university and I hadn’t even started it yet. I really have to sort myself out and do something I thought to myself. “Jeez Lauren, have you seen yourself in the mirror lately” he held back a laugh. “You’re getting fat, there are more of your arse cheeks showing under those shorts than covered up” he let the laugh out. I could feel the denim shorts were very tight and it was a struggle to actually fasten them this morning. I knew I had put weight on during the last few weeks but to have my idiot brother say something like that was out of order. A few extra pounds was not fat in the slightest. I turned to look at him and knew my typical redhead temper was boiling over. How dare he say something like that to me. “Oh go screw yourself……...you little shit” I snapped angrily at him. “Oh you mean like you do every night, you dirty little cow” he snapped back I could feel my eyes open wide and knew in a split second my face was bright red. I felt numb and sick and dizzy all at the same time as he said how the walls must be made of paper between our rooms as he knew exactly what I was doing. I couldn’t move a muscle as he carried on saying how I ought to keep the noise down and have some self respect making it so obvious what I was up to. I knew that I was having trouble sleeping and playing with myself did help but I had no idea I was doing it so he could overhear. “And while we are at it, when was the last time you had a shower or brushed your hair and you have had that same grey sweatshirt on all week….and it's got coffee stains all down the front, you’re a disgrace” he announced. If anyone was listening I doubt they would think that it was a little brother scolding his older sister. I could feel my bottom lip tremble and tried to hold back the tears as well as my anger that he thought he had the right to speak to me like this. Despite the fact he was right I was determined to show he could not get away with it and felt my heart beating out of my chest as I walked up to him almost shaking with rage. “How dare you speak to me like that, apologize right now or else” I demanded “No way, every word is true and you should apologize to me for having such a brat of a sister to put up with” he replied. The lid on my pressure cooker was well and truly off now. I know I look a little bookish and would never say boo to a goose and can tend to be quiet and shy at times but once I blow, I blow. Matt and I had our fair share of fights growing up and without exception I always got the better of them and this was going to be no exception. I pursed my lips and without warning took a huge swing with my right hand to slap him across the face. Whether he had just anticipated it or had lightning reflexes he ducked just enough for my hand to catch the top of his forehead and almost twisted my fingers as they made contact. My first reaction was a shooting pain as the slap had jolted my hand on the hard bone of his stupid head. The next was disappointment that I hadn't landed a good hard slap across his face like I intended. He reeled back a little and looked at me in shock. It had been several years since we had settled our arguments with a real actual physical fight. Then it was my turn to look shocked when I saw blood trickling down the side of his eye from a huge cut on the side of his head near his temple. My fingernails, which I hadn’t bothered taking care of for the last few weeks had cut his skin. He must have felt the blood running down his face and lifted his hand up to touch it then looked at his finger. “Oh god Matt, I am so sorry I didn't mean it...it ..it was an accident” I said in panic. “Oh yeah, you just accidentally try to slap someone across the face all the time don’t you” he snapped sarcastically He went to the sink and I got a cloth and told him to soak it in cold water and just hold it on the cut for a few minutes. I was feeling so ashamed of myself now and why did I think doing something like was anyway for a 22 year old woman to behave. I apologised again and gradually the blood stopped. He ignored me and went to get his fish out of the oven and put the disgusting broccoli on a plate and sat at the table. He was obviously not talking to me now and I guess who would blame him. I stood and for some reason, well guilt probably, I admitted he was right. Yes I had been not taking care of myself and not eating properly and not doing my fair share of the chores around the house. Also I knew I had put some weight on and hadn't been keeping up with laundry and once again I was sorry for hitting him. “So Lauren, all this time at that posh university. What is it you study, oh yes Psychology and as soon as something doesn’t go your way you hit someone” he looked up at me. “I was 12 the last time you hit me, and my friend Luke was there, do u remember” he asked I nodded my head in response and looked down shame faced, as he went on to tell me that Luke told everyone in his class what had happened. Everyone then began to make fun of him all that year saying he was a wimp to let his sister bully him like that. I then felt a little shiver run up my spine as he told me that he had promised the very next time I hit him he would make sure he hit me back, and twice as hard. That was years ago but he remembered like it was yesterday and he was going to keep his promise to himself. When he had finished his dinner and cleared the kitchen he was going to teach his Brat of a sister once and for all how to act in a decent manner. “Matt please, I said sorry, I mean what do you want me to do to make up for it” I asked Before he replied I walked over and put my hands by my side and closed my eyes. “Go on then. slap my face, I deserve it, you owe me one for all the times I was a bully to you” I stammered nervously then added, “But please not too hard” I kept my eyes closed and waited for a sharp sting to spread across my cheek thinking surely he wouldn’t miss a chance like this handed to him on plate. A few seconds passed and I heard the sound of his chair being pushed back and he got to his feet. I braced myself for the smack and waited……..and waited, nothing. I opened my eyes to see him with his back to me washing the dishes. I shrugged to myself thinking well I offered and thought that was the end of that. “A gentleman never hits a lady Lauren, I use the term Lady although I am not sure you fall into that category, however a spanking, now that’s a totally different matter” he smiled. I blinked and wondered if I had heard him right. Had he gone mad. I mean fair enough I was not perfect and years ago I might have benefited from something like that. Mum had never believed in physical chastisement of any kind so who knows what good it might have done. It could have made me rebell and be worse but no one would know that. “So young lady, are we going to take our spanking like a big girl and try and be brave or” he laughed mid sentence. “Or do I have to chase you round the house and drag you over my knee, it's up to you but one way or another a spanking is what you’re getting” he announced calmly. I was speechless, what the hell did he expect me to say to that. Why couldn’t he have just slapped my face and got it over with. He looked at me, obviously waiting for my respose but I had no dea what to do or say. The thought of spanking spun around my head and I wasn’t concered how much it might hurt I was agahast how embarassing it would be. Oh God how could I possibly look him in the eye again if I let him do that to me but was he serious about his threat to “wrestle” me over his knee. If I refused and he did try then I was sure I could fend him off and surely he would not escalate it into something really serious. “Look Matt you had your chance, I offered you one free hit and you chickened out” I said as confident as I could. Without getting time to take my next breath and explain how I was not going to accept such a thing he lunged forward and tired to grab my wrist. We both stumbled into the table and knocked a chair over before I broke free and ran upstairs to my room. I could feel the tight denim shorts ride further between the cheeks of my bottom and knew he must have had an “eyefull” as he was rght behind me on the stairs. He made a grab for my ankle and my sock came off in the struggle but it made me trip. I was half in the door and half on the floor with my bottom in the air when; “Smack, Smack” two hard slaps landed right on my bare cheeks at the junction on the top of my thighs. I let out a little squeal, more in shock than pain as he delivered another two before I turned away on my back as he stood over me. Then “ping” the press stud on the denim shorts popped off as he made another grab for my wrist to turn me over. He was just as strong as me now if not stronger and despite my struggle I knew I was in a no win situation. “Told you how fat you are getting Brat, even your shorts agree” he laughed I couldn’t work out how but he had got me over his knee with my right arm held behind my back and as I kicked my legs to try and wriggle away he clamped his leg over mine. My bottom was well and truly in his arc now and he didn’t waste any time; “Hold on tight Lauren, this is going to be one hell of bumpy ride” his voice didn’t disguse how much he was enjoying this. “Smack”, “Smack”, Smack”, the endless rhythm of relentless slaps reigned down on my chubby cheeks right below my shorts and no matter how much I tried to squirm out of the way each one found it’s target. “Oh god Matt, please you can’t do this to me no, no”. I pleaded with him “Smack”, Smack” “well from where I am sitting it looks like I can” he laughed again. “And speaking of sitting, don't get ideas of doing that anytime soon”. With more laughter. A few of the spanks fell on the seat of the denim shorts, which even without being fastened were still tight over my bottom. The stinging slaps which landed on my lower bottom cheeks and thighs however were really making me feel it. I was soon wriggling around more and despite his right leg over both mine I could just about flick my feet at each and every hard smack. It seemed like time had stood still and spank after spank soon made me forget all about thoughts of embarrassment and just prayed he would stop soon as my bottom cheeks felt like they were being set on fire. I was trying so hard not to cry knowing that would be the icing on the cake for him. “Well little girl I don’t know how your fat bum feels but my hands are getting sore” he laughed as at last he stopped. He ran his hand slowly around all the sore stinging exposed areas of my bottom and even though under normal circumstances it would be unthinkable to have him touch me like this I didn’t care. It was just a tiny bit of relief from the awful spanking he had just delivered. His hands then went up the denim on the back of my shorts and he gave them a little tug. I think he expected them to come down but they stayed and he paused. “Right my girl I am going to let you stand up now and get your breath back but any hint of non cooperation from you and we start again, is that clear Lauren”. He informed me. I could only nod my head in agreement and he moved his leg and let go of my wrist. Trying not to look at him I rolled to the floor then ungainly got to my feet. My hands went to my stinging bum cheeks and massaged them furiously. I glanced up and he had the biggest of triumphant smiles spread across his smug face. To be honest who could blame him and I just thought it in all honesty it served me right but oh it was far from over. “I think we still need to work on a few areas of that bottom, don’t you, So come on short off and back over Miss” he asked condescendingly His expression looked deadly serious and the last 15 minutes had shown me he meant every word. I couldn’t, I mean I just couldn’t take them off in front of him. Least of all for the reason he could give me another spanking. I felt sick inside and lifted my hands to the zip on the shorts and slid it down slowly. With a wiggle of my hips and a quick grab of my knickers to stop them coming down too the shorts were over my thighs and then to my knees and finally at my ankles. With a defiant kick of my foot they were off. Before I could stand back up and look at him he burst out laughing. “Oh my God Lauren, this is priceless, what on earth are you wearing, 22 you say. You don’t even look 2” he said between laughing hysterically. I glanced down to wonder what he was looking at and saw what knickers I was wearing. I knew my underwear drawer was getting empty because of all the laundry piling up that I hadn’t done. I had got up this morning and never really looked at what I was getting and was still half asleep and never even gave my knickers a second glance even though I did remember they were a little small and tight on me. The colour seemed to drain from my face then instantly return to a bright burning blush that I was sure would match my bottom. I was wearing a pale pink pair of knickers with a frilly purple trim around the waistband and legs but what Matt had found so amusing was the picture of a purple cartoon bear right at the front. “You may as well get that filthy top off as well young lady or are you wearing a training bra as well” again he burst out laughing. I just wanted the ground to swallow me up now and was beyond putting up any resistance. My hands felt like lead balloons as I tugged my sweatshirt over my head pulling my long dyed brown hair at the same time making me wince. My bra was not as juvenile as my knickers but was hardly flattering either. It was a faded grey plain cotton bra with no real support to do anything to make my small b cup breasts look any bigger. “Good girl” he mocked, “Now go downstairs and fetch something for me to use oh that big backside of yours” I was on autopilot and never gave a hint of refusal to his absurd request and turned to walk downstairs. I have no idea why but I knew exactly what I was going to get. We had an oversized wooden spatula hanging on the wall in the kitchen with some cheesy slogan on it about how food brings love to a family. I wondered if they had one that said what spanking did but I doubted they would. With each step back upstairs holding the spatula my heart beat faster and faster. I could feel my bum cheeks jiggle and the tight knickers ride further between my cheeks and stepped back in front of Matt and offered it to him. He looked delighted. “Oh Lauren that's excellent. What a choice. I think you’re getting the hang of this aren't you, now back over my knee and let's see what a big girl you can be and keep that bottom up all by yourself” he grinned. It was almost like I was looking down at myself in this surreal situation as I took a step to his right and leaned right over. I reached forward with my arms to brace myself and keep supporting my upper body. My palms were flat on the carpet and my legs were straight out making a right angle with my upturned bottom the highest point. In fact I was hardly even touching his knee as I held this position. I tensed myself a little as I felt his hand run over my still warm cheeks and then to the waistband of my knickers. For a brief moment I thought he was going to drag them down but instead he pulled them up tight making me gasp as they dug right between my bum cheeks leaving my bottom virtually bare. “Right my naughty little Miss, we are going to establish some new rules for you with the help of my new friend” he announced.firmly. “Whack” he swung the spatula down causing me to lurch forward and let out a little squeal. “Now I want you to listen carefully to what is going to happen around here young lady, is that clear” before I could reply another “Whack” sent waves of flames on to my bottom. “Yes, oh god Yes Matt, I am listening” I said between long deep breaths trying to concentrate so hard and stay in position. “First of all I want you out of bed at 8am every day, in the shower and dressed and making breakfast in time to eat at 9am” and with that he accompanied it with a “whack”. I could only nod and shudder as the sting spread further and further and then I really wanted to curl up and die with what came next. He asked me when the deadline was for my final submission to university and how far I had got with my work. “Whack” as I hesitated, then another making my arms give way and drop down to his lap. I shook my head and began to sob, not just with pain but with the realization to myself and then to him that I hadn’t even started my dissertation and there were only 5 weeks to go. He was furious and flayed the spatula down on my tortured bottom about a dozen times making me yelp and and cry. “Get that bottom up right this second young lady” he sounded really angry now. “I heard you on the phone to Mum last week saying you had done over half”.....”Whack”....”So that was a total lie” “Whack” In sheer terror I got my bottom up with my arms and legs straight again. I could feel myself shaking a little as another “whack” brought new sting and fresh yelps from me. In between sobs and gasps I admitted that yes it was a lie and I was so sorry but I would start it first thing tomorrow. Another brisk volley of the spatula landed on my now blazing bum cheeks. It was no use. I had to relax my body and both my arms and legs bent making me fall again to his knee. I whimpered and sobbed that I was so sorry but all I got was a curt; “Bottom young lady, where should it be?” he asked. “Whack” Frantically I pushed it back up just as he brought the spatula down and they met each at the perfect time. Oh god how that made me howl then and I was sure I would pass out. My bottom was burning like you can not describe. I don’t know where the strength came from to keep my bottom up as another “Whack” proceeded his next rule for me. “At 9.30 each morning you will sit at the kitchen table and do your university work” “Whack” “Is that clear you little Brat” he continued. I could only nod my head, too exhausted to speak as he went on to say how I was allowed a 10 minute bathroom break in the morning and one in the afternoon. Both of these were to be taken only with his permission. No lunch break was to be permitted and at 4pm I could go and change into something suitable to do some exercise out in the garden. He said someone who was supposed to be an intelligent young woman like me should understand about vitamin D and judging by my milky white thighs I had not seen the sun in weeks. I doubt they were going to stay white much longer as he gave me 4 with the spatula on each making me spread my legs apart while trying to keep my bottom up. “At 6pm you will do 2hours of chores based on a schedule I will draw up for you” “Whack”, “is that crystal clear Brat” he asked again. The sharp agonising sting the wooden spatula was making on my bottom had now been replaced by more of a dull thudding sensation which only seemed to keep my bottom on the boil all the time now. I was whimpering and sobbing and agreeing without question to everything he said now. Oh god it just had to stop soon. I would be begging and pleading any minute with more of this. “And finally you will be in bed at 9pm after a 10min spanking to remind you how to behave young lady” Whack”, “Now get up”. Oh to stand up and escape the wickedly evil spatula was like being in heaven. I danced up and down and gasped out loud at how hot my bottom was and couldn’t believe what had just happened. I was still letting out the occasional loud sniveling sob as all of a sudden he reached up and yanked my knickers right down to my ankles. I was beyond any more embarrassment now and didn’t care what he did as long as I didn't have to go back over his knee again. “Get that bra off and get in the shower and oh…...do something with that bush between your legs it just shows how little you take care of yourself.” He reinforced his command with a “slap” to the back of my leg. I unhooked my bra and stepped out of my knickers as he shook his head. No doubt having as much difficulty as myself believing what was happening. I turned the shower on cold and jumped at first as I stood under the water. I turned my back and felt the instant relief on my sore bottom and closed my eyes trying to make sense of it all. Despite the utter humiliation I had just undergone I knew that the underlying reason for it all was my own fault. Of course Matt had no doubt enjoyed it immensely but at the same time the rules he had made were all designed to help me. As I was deep in thought I picked up the shower gel and washed myself then took the razor and before I realized I had removed every last ginger hair from between my legs. I even had to smile to myself that I never liked the colour anyway, hence the fact I always dyed my hair. The only reason I didn’t shave regularly was I was too lazy. I was standing drying myself now and in stark contrast to a short time earlier I was feeling so calm and relaxed now. I was almost looking forward to tomorrow knowing I would be able to devote all day to working hard and this was the blessing in disguise that I needed. It never entered my head to think of going to get dressed, all I wanted to do was go and see Matt and speak to him. I walked stark naked down to the living room where he was watching netflix and stood in front of the TV. His eyes were wide as I put my hands on my head and with my legs a little apart and took a deep breath. “Thank you Matt for my spanking, I am sorry that you had to do it but I deserved every single spank with your hand and then every whack with the spatula” I tried to sound polite and respectful. “I am sorry I have been such a bad example as an older sister and promise to comply with all the rules and please will you be even stricter with me” I was speaking but to me someone else was saying them. “Blimey, who are you and what have you done with Lauren?” he laughed. Then he stood up and walked around me. I tried not to move a cm as he was looking me up and down then he got back to face me. “Well I only told you to tidy that ginger forest but I must admit that does suit the new Lauren” he grinned. “And you are certainly a lot more pleasant and well mannered than the old one” he mused. “So does being naked make you a better person to be around?” he asked. “Without any hesitation I replied, “Yes Matt Sir, please can we make it a rule for me from now on” He had a huge smile, “Well Mr Grayson and Mr Lewis will have a shock tomorrow at 4pm when you're out prancing around the garden shaking all you’ve got won’t they” he smiled. I felt such a warm tingle run through at the thought of my two old neighbours witnessing my exercise and then knowing about my new regime at home as well. What had happened to me but whatever it was I wanted it more and more. “Right Brat, up to bed. Oh and maybe you will need to put those knickers in your mouth young lady because if I hear one sound from your room, tonights spanking will look like a walk in the park young lady” he looked stern, “You want strict, you’re going to get strict” and with a crisp slap to my bottom making me yelp I was running up to my room. I looked at my knickers on the floor and picked them up and opened my mouth and pushed them inside. Oh god I hope I can do it quietly tonight I thought.
  2. Sophie Ward Oh this damn lockdown was driving me mad. How can things change so much in just a few weeks? I scrolled up my phone for the hundredth time this morning and hardly anything new was worth looking at. Well of course no one had anything to post about now did they. No juicy gossip from my friends, no interesting nights out to comment on, nothing. Even my love of taking endless selfies was becoming tired. It was bad enough being stuck at home but now my parents had chosen this of all times to go on the holiday of a lifetime they were stuck halfway around the world. So it was just me and my annoying brother James and me being the oldest, 22 if u must know, I was left to do everything. While all he did was spend endless hours in front of his computer screen playing games online with his friends in between looking at tits like all boys his age did i suppose. We were hardly talking and trying to stay away from each other as much as possible because we just ended up arguing all the time. I had just got another reminder for my car payment being late and with no work for the foreseeable future feeling totally miserable. My usual way to cheer myself up was to get dressed up and go out and get noticed and generally flirt with some cute guy and end up drunk. None of which was going to happen any time soon. I decided at least I could go put something nice on, maybe post some pics on my insta and do something. I sat in front of my dressing table, chose some nice make-up and brushed my hair and then went to my wardrobe and got out a short bright pink dress with some matching shoes and went downstairs. I did my usual pouty face in front of my phone and took a few snaps just at the time James decided to leave his cave to come down for a drink. He shook his head and rolled his eyes. “Good grief Soph….. Give it a rest, no one wants to see that…...even the guys u date must have more on their mind” he laughed. Of course I knew he was making a joke of me always dating older guys and trying to make out they were that old they were worried to catch Covid 19. He went on to say why didn’t I look for some work instead of acting like a little tart all the time. We exchanged a few none too pleasant words before he walked past before stopping and looking me up and down quizzically. “Actually I was looking at something online where it would suit you to make some cash” he smirked and walked back to his room. Oh god how dare he suggest something like that, I could imagine very well what he was looking at online. I knew he was aware of my financial situation but surely my own brother wasn’t serious that I would do something like that. I was so angry and determined to put him in his place I stormed right up to his room. I could hear gunfire and shouting as was normal everytime I walked past. Without knocking I opened the door and shouted, what the hell did he mean by that comment downstairs. He took his headphones off and paused the screen. “Oh hang on Tom mate, be right back…...got a bratty sister kicking off about something” he laughed to his friend. I was so angry that he could first of all basically suggest I would strip for money then call me a brat openly to his friend. I was almost speechless as he told me to calm down and just take at a look at this. He clicked off his game and went online to what was obviously an adult site. It was not your ordinary adult site as I could see several pictures which were plainly depicting various forms of spanking. I could feel my eyes open a little wider and a strange mixture of embarrassment and curiosity as he scrolled down as if he was looking for something in particular. “Right, here it is Soph…….they know everyone around the world is stuck at home and their subscriptions have gone up so they are offering £1000 for the best pictures submitted this week”, he smiled at me. “I've got better things to do but I guess I can take a little time out to turn your fat arse a nice shade of red…..u never u know u might make the top hundred”. He burst out laughing. I knew he had set me up on purpose just to try and make fun of me and I knew the more I reacted the more he would think he had won. I looked for a few seconds trying to compose myself before saying anything. I took several deep breaths and stepped a little closer to the screen. He looked confused and I could sense he was surprised at my reaction. Without a word I pushed his hand off the mouse and moved down to some of the pictures already submitted. All of which were fairly dull and tedious looking and none of the girls were particularly attractive. “Top hundred then…...I could win this in my sleep…….the only problem is u r too useless to make anything red……..unless its ur face” I giggled as he was blushing now. Oh I felt so pleased with myself. What a way to turn it around so quickly. He was the one embarrassed now as I calmly kept looking at the pictures. I shot a glance down at his lap and tried to stop myself laughing. His face was a picture as I asked if he had spanked anything other than his “monkey”. I continued to tease him saying that at least I knew I was a 9 out of 10 and when and if he ever got himself a girlfriend he would be lucky if she was anywhere near a 5. Oh god I was so much enjoying putting him in his place for a change after all the comments he used to make about me being a tease and dressing like a tart. Oh I didn’t want this to stop, I wanted to really make him squirm now. “As a matter of fact my bottom is quite used to being red…….I can take a good hard spanking like water off a duck's back….so if I wanted I could walk this competition” I sneered down at him. The only trouble with that was it was a blatant lie but he wasn’t to know. He was still red faced but I couldn’t hold myself back and turned and gave my backside a little wriggle right in front of him. “Smack!”. He delivered a crisp well timed slap square to the meat of my bottom making my cheeks jiggle under my dress. I let out a little gasp and tried to brush it off as nothing even though it did sting a little. I just felt a little apprehension that maybe I had gone too far and turned to walk out. “Oh not so fast little Miss I can win this easily,……...or as usual is it all talk….come on I am up for it” he looked at me It was my turn to feel my face going red, oh I had done the hard work of turning his little joke around why did I have to just keep going. Without really thinking it through I just stammered that it was not as easy as that. After all hundreds if not thousands might enter the competition and it would have to be something that really stood out. An anonymous picture of a red bottom was not going to be good enough. I went on almost like I was on auto-pilot suggesting ways to make the entry unique. Like dressing up for instance or creating a plausible yet interesting story to go along with the pictures. He was almost transfixed as I continued my explanation. “I mean for a start it would be better if I showed my face to begin with…..errr I mean as an example...like anyone’s face would add to the realism is all I meant”, I said in more a panic now. “Wow Sophie Louise Ward, I am genuinely impressed, u r not as dumb as u look” he giggled. His use of my full name just highlighted my nervousness and reminded me of my Mum giving me a telling off whenever I did something naughty as a child. I walked feeling a little numb to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of wine, all the time he was following me like an eager puppy. I took a gulp of the wine to try and calm my nerves with a thousand thoughts running through my head. “So r we gonna do it then Soph….come on…..we never do anything together...it will be fun” he asked as if we were going to the park or something. My head was spinning at the absurdity of it all but yet at the same time I knew I wasn’t being big headed and I did look a million times better that the pictures I had seen. I just took another gulp of wine and shrugged my shoulders. I looked at him and said he had 30 mins to think up a good situation we could act out and nothing cheesy and predictable like a schoolgirl or boss and secretary or the deal was off. With that he ran up to his room hooting in delight that he would check out the site for ideas and be back with the best one ever. I felt sick but at the same time I was almost eager to see what he would come up with. I had a reputation with my friends of being a bit of a “selfie queen” and a show off but I am sure none of them would dream I would go this far. I poured another glass of wine and the waiting was becoming agonising. I began to consider some ideas of my own to suggest to him, not having much confidence that he would be very creative. At last I heard his door open and his footsteps bounding downstairs. He looked a little flustered and he exclaimed that he had checked out all the entries so far and as I said most were dull but he had come up with the answer. “You know what they say Soph….truth is stranger than fiction...so how about we make out u r my bratty ‘little’ sister and I get to deal with ur discipline while the rent’s r away”. He grinned. I could feel my mouth fall open a little but had to admit surely no one else would submit such a bizarre idea. I listened as he continued with his idea. First of all I was to go and get dressed as if I was going to work. Then he would take a pic of me holding my driving license as the site rules demanded only this was going to be part of the submission to show the world who I was and how old I was. I sort of agreed that that would be alright then he went on to say I was to have some sophisticated lingerie underneath and then would have to undress in the hall to show the transformation of the smart professional young woman into a naughty little brat as soon as I got home. I had to admit to myself that it was indeed a good start but I felt like I wanted to contribute something to all this. “Oh James why don’t we go the whole hog then and have me undress outside the front door as if the rules are that I am not allowed in until I do” I suggested. He was delighted and thought that was a brilliant idea. Then we bounced one idea after another to each other. All the time it was like I was coming up with more and more torments for some imaginary little brat and not the real me. We began to laugh together and continued to dream up more and more demanding things for our “Brat” to have to endure. We had to think of actual implements now to make sure my bottom looked like it had encountered a real punishment. All the time I remembered my “lie” earlier and wondered how much it was going to hurt and could I take it without bawling like a baby. I finished the glass of wine and James announced he was going to get the camera ready as it was better than his phone and I ought to go and get changed. I was still feeling light headed as I went up to my room. I slowly undressed and walked over to my draw with my more “special occasion” underwear in it. I chose a pale blue satin and white lace bra and panty set along with some sheer black hold up stockings to wear with my highest heels. My work uniform from the car rental place was a knee length dark green skirt and matching jacket with a lighter green blouse and a neck scarf. I even pinned my identity badge on my lapel before fastening my hair up neatly behind my head. I walked downstairs to see James checking the batteries in the camera and he smiled as he looked me up and down. I felt a little foolish and almost childish despite my appearance as he admonished me for not putting any make-up on. Quickly I ran back upstairs and applied a little more make-up than I would usually wear to work. Making sure my lips were deep red and my eye shadow was more pronounced. I went back down to almost gain his approval and he nodded that it was satisfactory now and with that I was told to walk along the road for a short distance and he would take some pics of me walking up the path. I set off as James followed me to the end of the garden and I looked around to see it was almost deserted. Of course the social distance and the lockdown meant there were very few people on the streets. If anyone did see me I am sure I wouldn’t merit a second glance yet inside I was in turmoil at the reason I was out and what was soon about to happen. I got a short distance away then turned to head back home. It was bright and sunny and I kept looking around and saw James with the camera. My heart skipped a beat and knew he was clicking away right up until I got to the gate. I walked slowly up to the front door with my legs feeling heavier and heavier until I was right besides it. James walked past me and opened the door and told me to look right at the camera before handing me my driving licence. He smiled as I held it at the side of my face so he could get both in the shot. Once he was satisfied he just gave me a curt command to get undressed. My breathing was becoming harder as I reached down to unbutton my jacket. James meanwhile came closer to take a picture of my name badge and as I shrugged off my jacket I looked around not sure where to put it. I was told to hold it as he went and got a plastic laundry basket and placed it on the floor. I placed it carefully inside and slipped the neck scarf off, all the time glancing around wondering if I could be seen from any of the windows nearby let alone anyone who might walk past the end of the drive. James saw me and told me to hurry up and the sooner I was naked the sooner I could come inside. The word naked brought me back to the stark madness of what I was doing. I gave him a little pout, unable to think of anything to say in reply even though there was nothing I could say. I unbuttoned my blouse next trying to ignore James and the constant clicking of the camera as he walked around me. Folding it neatly I laid it in the basket to be met with a mocking “Good girl” from James. I knew the pale blue satin push up bra with the trim of white lace gave me a distinctive cleavage. My hands were trembling a little as I took hold of the waistband of my skirt and breathed in to twist it around to get the button and the zip more to the side for me to unfasten. I could feel myself blush more and tried not to think that I was outside in broad daylight doing something more accustomed to the privacy of my own bedroom. Nervously I undid the two buttons on my tight skirt then slid the zip down. Giving a little wriggle it fell to the floor and quickly I bent down as I stepped out of it. Just as I was folding it into the basket a car went past making me crouch down with a jolt of added embarrassment. I pleaded with James that this was enough and surely I could take the rest off in the hall. He was not listening of course and just reminded me it was my idea and not to be such a coward. I stood back up and gave James an indignant stare and turned around thinking it might be preferable to show my bare breasts to the whole street than right in my little brother’s grinning face. “Oh yeah Soph…….that's a cool idea...stay facing the street while u get ur bra and knickers off” he sounded delighted. I huffed a little in temper under my breath as my fingers made a couple of attempts to get the fastener of my bra undone and dropped it in the basket. My bare breasts sagged slightly and gave a little bounce as I moved. Not wanting to be out here a moment longer than necessary my hands went to my matching knickers and pushed them down my legs. I was conscious for a split second that I had to bend over to pick them up around my feet and not wanting to push my bare bottom out lewdly in front of James I kept them hooked around one ankle and lifted it up to meet my stretched arm. Just as I dropped them in the basket I almost froze as his hand cupped and then gave my bare bottom a little slap. “That was cute Soph…….now put ur hands on ur head and stay facing the road while I go get some shots from that side” he spoke as if it was so normal for me to be outside almost stark naked for anyone to see. I hesitated until “smack!” he cracked his hand down on my bum cheeks and the loud noise rang around in my ears not to mention the sting. Instantly my hands flew to the top of my head to be met by a giggle from James. I tried not to meet his eyes as he stepped in front of me and for the first time he looked down between my legs. My thighs were pressed together but he could clearly see my little narrow strip of reddish brown pubic hair in contrast the darker brown of the hair on my head. He gave a little smile and walked away then turned and pointed the camera at me. The first click made my tummy churn but I remained still and he took several more. “Come on Soph…..open ur legs…..u know u want to….anyone would think u don’t want to win” he smiled. All I could think of was how individual our entry was going to be and no one could match our preparations and planning. So not caring now what I was showing I eased my feet along the tarmac of the path and waited while he took more pictures. My legs remained wide apart as he walked back in the house then he told me to take off the stockings and shoes so I could come inside. I kicked off the shoes and then bending right over I rolled the stockings down each leg and off and threw them in the basket. I was about to take a step inside when James stopped me. “I was thinking…..u know what would make a really cool pic is if we wait till a car or someone walks past and I can get them in the shot….what do u think” he asked. I could feel myself shake but yet I knew he was right. I just looked at him and he knew without me saying a word that I would do it. He smiled and told me to take a couple of steps back and get my hands on my head and my legs apart again. Despite the cool breeze the sunshine was warm and it just felt so surreal to be doing this. I thought at least it was better to be completely naked than looking like some tart in the stockings and shoes and waited nervously. He was looking through the camera and obviously working out the best position when he spoke. “What do u think is best Soph…..facing me like this so we get ur tits and bush in the shot….or” he stopped. The noise of a car drew closer, he picked up the camera and pointed it at me. My whole body tensed and I closed my eyes only for James to yell for me to open them and not to be so silly. He moved a little and told me not to take my eyes from the camera. The car was obviously getting closer and closer and my pink nipples were throbbing as they got harder and harder. It was like going up the track of a roller coaster when you have that feeling of why did u get on in the first place knowing what was going to happen when you get to the top. The camera clicked several times and the noise of the car subsided. I gave such a sigh of relief but James just looked at me and motioned with his hand for me to turn around. I kept my hands on my head and shuffled myself around to face out to the street only to feel my knees almost buckle as there right at the gate was Mr Wainwright and his dog Jasper. In panic I pushed my arms in front of me and my thighs together trying desperately to cover my nakedness as best I could. James was giggling and our neighbour was just looking intently no doubt wondering what on earth was going on. James then seemed to regain his role of being in charge and walked up to me. He took hold of my arm at the back of my elbow and walked with me nearer to Mr Wainwright. I was shaking my head in protest but at the same time we were getting closer and closer. With a resounding slap to my bare bottom making me yelp out loud James told me to stop acting like I didn't like showing myself off and get my hands back on my head. He let me go and walked a little closer to Mr Wainwright, keeping his 2 meters in accordance with the social distancing. Feeling numb and dizzy I lifted my hands back to my head and knew my face was bright red as I even shuffled my legs apart a little. James gave a little shake of his head as he began to have a conversation with Mr Wainwright. I could overhear the odd word “website” and “Competition” and knew he was explaining what I was doing naked out here. They both kept turning and looking at me and nodding and chatting in between outbursts of raucous laughter. James then walked back and passed me saying Mr Wainwright had kindly agreed to help with the photo’s. “Walk towards him Sophie…….keep those hands right on ur head young lady and when u get close enough open ur legs as wide as u can and say thank u” he announced. I began to walk, feeling my bare bottom cheeks jiggle from side to side as I did. Once again it was accompanied with the click of the camera. I got as close as I thought was 2m away and stopped then pushed my legs wider apart than I had them before. His gaze was of course between my splayed legs and with my face as red as it had even been in my life I cleared my throat to speak. “Erm thank you Mr wainwright for helping with our pictures…...we can blur your face to put on the internet if you want” I tried to sound as polite as possible. He gave a little nod “Is that the best u can do getting those legs apart….I haven't brought my glasses out” he chuckled. Without even considering refusing I struggled to get my legs wider apart, really stretching the muscles in my thighs as I did. James walked by again and opened the gate telling me to stay still as he just wanted to take a few more pictures from the road then we could go inside. Mr Wainwright was grinning as I stayed in position and he asked me if I was looking forward to having my naughty bottom spanked and how James had told him I would be outside tomorrow to show off how red it was going to be. I could only answer him truthfully that yes I was to which he told me to keep my legs apart and turn around and reach down and touch my toes with my fingers. I did as he said knowing what a show I was putting on for him as James came back and congratulated the old sod for getting me in this position. He smiled and told Jasper to come along as he walked happily along the road tuning to say the same time tomorrow. With another hard resounding slap to my bare bottom right out in public James told me to get my naughty fat bottom inside ready for the next part of my ordeal. I pulled a face at him and complained that my bottom was not fat and just because I had a figure and not some stick insect. Before I had a chance to get inside he delivered another hard slap saying that it was much more fun to smack anyway since there was more of it. With a reminder to pick the basket of my clothes up I was at last back inside the privacy of the house. Although to be totally honest it had been a sort of thrill to be outside like that. I ran upstairs as James laughed saying how much my bum cheeks jiggled as he was behind me. I sighed as he told me to stop and do it again only this time he wanted a few pics of me doing that. The smug little git made me do it several times and holding the basket just seemed to have the effect of making me shake my bum cheeks from side to side even more. Once in my room I had to put all the clothes neatly away all the time he was snapping away to make a pictorial record of everything we were doing. Now as we had agreed I was to carry on my transformation from the adult young lady into that of a naughty little brat. So I began to get out my next outfit. This time I got out a plain white cotton pair of knickers and some white socks with a little ruffle on top which I had no idea I even had. Then I got a simple plain white bra and white blouse then took a short navy blue pleated skirt out and laid it out on the bed. James meanwhile had gone to get his school tie to complete my outfit. He took some photos of the clothes on my bed as well as my room all the time I had seemed to get used to being stark naked in front of him now. I walked over to get dressed when James stopped me. “I was thinking Soph…...I am not sure little brats who wear this sort of stuff would have a grown up little bush to go with it” he grinned. Once again I felt my face colour up but knew he was probably right and with a shake of my head I walked past him to the bathroom. He gave a little laugh and followed me. I had shaved myself totally quite a few times and just tried to concentrate on what I was doing and ignore him with the damn camera right in front of me. I opened the bathroom cabinet and took out a small pair of nail scissors and stepped into the bathtub. Trying not to look at him I began to clip away at my pubic hair. I was bending forward a little and looking carefully when James noticed the little curls of reddish brown hair between my feet in the bath. “Hey Brat….slow down…..I want to get pics of all that nasty hair you're cutting off” he grinned. I hardly noticed he had called me Brat now instead of Soph but I waited until he had the camera right between my legs. I clipped away a small tuft and it floated down as he exclaimed that was brilliant as it was a real action shot. I carried on for a few minutes until I had cut it as short as I could with the scissors. He moved back a little as I got some shaving gel and rubbed it into what little hair was left. I took hold of the razor and he told me to look at the camera just before I started. Once again it brought fresh waves of intense humiliation at what I was doing and thinking of who was going to see me like this. “Come on Brat…...let's get u bald as a baby now” he openly laughed. Trying to be as careful as I could I ran the razor along my pubic mound several times, each time seeing the pink skin free from any hair. Just clearing my mind to focus on what I was doing I took hold of my labia and stretched it out and to the side. Then drew the razor along the tight skin again. I lifted my leg up on the edge of the bath and repeated the motion. I turned on the shower and took the head from the holder and rinsed away the few stray hairs and the gel. I took a deep breath before looking up at James. “That was the easy part…….I don’t suppose you want to help me do the awkward bit round the back” I shivered in shame asking him such a question. He put his hand over his mouth to stop him laughing out loud. I turned around not waiting for him to actually answer and reached back to pull apart my bum cheeks. I saw his hand reach for the gel and felt the cold as he squirted it right on my bum hole and between my cheeks. I took a quick short breath as his fingers rubbed it in a little before he told me to hold still. I gripped my cheeks tighter and felt him run the razor all around. He exclaimed I was all done but gave my legs a few little slaps to get me to open them more. I did as he said and kept my hands holding my bum cheeks as wide as I could. “Stay just like that u little Brat……...open wide….say cheese for the camera” and with that there was another click followed by laughter. I was dizzy getting a shower and washing my hair as he left me alone. Still not believing what had just happened I walked in my room and I took some time to put on the embarrassing outfit and dry my hair and fasten it into a pony-tail. James was in the kitchen making a sandwich and he looked up at me and smiled. I was hungry and took the plate and told him to make another. He smiled and did so and told me to hurry up and eat because we still had a lot to do. It was an awkward silence and then he stood up and put the plates in the sink. “Right Brat...let's go light up that ass of urs” he announced in some fake american accent. I began to panic now, I never considered myself to have a high pain threshold and knew some of the bottoms I had seen on the website did look very sore. He had me stand in the middle of the room, hands on head while he pinned my skirt up then without warning he pulled my knickers to my knees and told me to keep my legs apart and not let them fall. Once again he walked around me with the camera and my face was again red as he took more pictures. He said how it was a shame he didn’t have any way of getting some pics during the actual spanking but maybe next time he might ask Mr Wainwright to take some to which I could only agree. “So Brat...say goodbye to ur white bottom….it's going to be red all the time from now on” he grinned. I laid right over his knee with my palms on the floor and my bare bottom up in the air as he reached over and took hold of a wooden hairbrush. The cold hard wood made me gasp as he ran it over my cheeks gently. Then the cold sensation went, only to be replaced a split second later by a sudden searing heat on a small spot where the brush had landed on my cheek. Another followed on the opposite cheek making me gulp for air but I hardly had time to breath as he reigned smack after smack on my poor bottom. I shook my head and began to cry as he was relentless and my bottom was on fire. God how could such an innocent looking hairbrush reduce me to blubbering sobbing wreck in no time at all. As soon as it started it seemed to stop and he pushed me off his knee and told me to stand still so he could get some pictures while it was still glowing. I was sniffing and sobbing and trying my best to keep my legs apart to hold my knickers around my knees. After walking in front of me to take pictures of my tear stained face he told me to bend over and get my arse cheeks apart. I was beyond thinking of refusing anything now and did as he said without question. My fingers digging in to the sore hot cheeks of my bottom and then pulling it wide apart, “Thats a nice contrast Brat…….some red cheeks and a milky white cleft then a nice winking pink arse hole and some cute pussy lips......u better behave now or this is going on ur insta for all ur friends to see” he laughed and another click sent waves of shame through me again. I was standing in the corner of his room moments later with my nose pressed to the wall and my hands firmly on my head. Skirt still up and my knickers stretched tight between my knees as I opened my legs as wide as I could. He told me I could stay and chill out for a bit before we went through the pics and chose which one we wanted to send. First he wanted to finish his game with Tom he was playing before he was interrupted by his Brat of a sister. “Oh yeah…..that’s Sophie in the background…...i’ll tell u all about while we play Tom” he laughed. I knew he had his cam on and god I knew I wasn't going to be bored in the lock down any longer.
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