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  1. Basically just brushing the leaves across the skin will result in stinging and a nasty rash. I guess they penetrate the skin on a microscopic level, but not anything like a thorn. Never known them draw blood. The active ingredient is "injected" by tiny hairs on the surface of the leaf. If you grasp the leaf firmly with finger and thumb it doesn't hurt as you deflect the hairs with them "injecting" you. Hence the expression of "grasping the kettle" when you have to tackle a difficult situation face on. Hope this helps. Certainly an uncomfortable experience in store for you
  2. I have directed them in the past and would do again. It is a poor substitute for the real thing but can provide something in a long distance relationship and I guess at times like this.
  3. Mine has to be the slipper. More precisely the Plimsoll. It in parts both a wonderful sting and is heavy enough to have some this as well. I can use with the naughty girl over the knee or in a variety of other positions, touching toes, over the back of a chair etc. Many laugh until they have been on the receiving end. I can give a serious spanking with a plimsoll. Steve
  4. Beautiful bottom, Beautifully spanked. A work of art.
  5. I have no personal experience of this but I would be concerned that for many spankees a spanking is not an aversion but something they actively try and engineer getting. My presumption, in that case would be that it may well reinforce the behaviour which is undesired. if it works for some of you, then all power to you. Happy to offer a spanking to any smokers, as an ex smoker myself I really can't stand it! Not sure it would stop you smoking but I would enjoy it. Now, what would you suggest to treat my addiction to spanking? Steve
  6. Whackslyrical


    Great picture - the smile on the face of the spanker - not sure if the spankee is smiling though!
  7. Interesting question - I look forward to seeing the response. As a spanker I would guess that most like to have the marks and share them as a secret between themselves and their spanker. Not sure many would opt for letting non-scene folk see them. Steve
  8. Looks very nice and toasty! Steve
  9. I think this has lots of variables. Firstly, "how bare" needs to be consensual and relies on trust. Though don't think I have met anyone yet who doesn't think or expect it to be anything other than bare bottom. Secondly, baring or being bared - again needs discussion and consideration of purpose. The amount of embarrassment an 'ee' feels from baring themselves against being bared can be made part of the experience for the 'ee' and be a part of the pre spank squirm factor. Again it is a trust thing. Thirdly, I suspect there may be gender differences especially where comple
  10. I hink an age old spanking question. Do you prefer Sting or Thud. I am expecting the response to split between spankees and spankers - interesting to see if they do. As a follow up - which implement do you thing reaches your desired Sting/Thud ratio. For my part - I am a spanker and prefer to "sting" spankees - I think it is more immediately uncomfortable than a"thud" though tends to dissipate more quickly. My Fave toy does combine something of both - I use an old tennis show (more plimsoll than trainer) which is quite heavy but has a very stingy rubber sole. Size 10 for an
  11. What do others thing about the spankee having to hold position, with the threat of extras if they stand up or reach back to rub? If held firmly over the knee this obviously doesn't apply - though excessive kicking and wriggling could rather spoil the aim. Bent over (unrestrained) in any way it is more down to the spankees self discipline. Frankly - I like to get a break of position as it shows a stroke has been effective, as well as giving me the opportunity to prolong the session. Just wondering what others thought on this are?
  12. I think it is more complicated. I would agree that there is certainly a sexual element to it - though maybe erotic rather than pornographic. Let's face it, who doesn't like looking a t a lovely bottom that has been well smacked - it is an art form to be appreciated in my book. However the act of spanking is so much more - I think an earlier poster talked about caring and nurturing elements - these certainly play a part in this and are an important element. There is also a sense of connection - something bonding between the participants - or at least there is if things are working as they
  13. we touched on an interesting topic in the chat room earlier. It is approaching the changing of the seasons - so do they type of spanking members indulge in change as the seasons change. Different locatios? Different frequency? Different Implements? Just an interesting little thought.
  14. Whackslyrical


    Perfect - Beautiful Girl, Stockings and Suspenders and a Cane What more in the world do you needs?
  15. Wow, That looks like it is doing a really good job!!
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