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  1. hi, I’ve really only talked to male spankers on here but no women. If any female spankers..or ees want to chat about anything, or just make friends feel free to message me:)
  2. Hi, so I’m very new here and have been kindly approached by a lot of people and am left wondering..what do tops get out of it..when they claim it isn’t sexual? It is obvious to me, as a bottom, that it’s the discipline and being cared for that ees seek. I guess I’m just having a hard time, as a 19 year old female, trusting that an older man would want to spank a younger person for anything other than sexual purposes.
  3. agreed! i’m also waiting for marriage but interested in the discipline. just got out of a long relationship where we were waiting for sex but he was a sub and not interested in spanking.
  4. Hi! My name’s Emma, I moved to college this year, and I just got out of a long term relationship (non-spanking) and am interested in learning more about DD style relationships. Hopefully I’ll make friends on here and I’m also interested in talking to a toppy woman or man! :)
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