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  1. I'm doing pretty good. Moved to Greenville last week. I live right outside the city which is nice. Glad to be out of Colerain and back around civilization. How are you?
  2. Hello everyone. I am a 38 year old female looking to chat with people that have some of the same interest as me. I am interested in spanking as a form of discipline. I was spanked up until the age of 9, but I have never been spanked as an adult. I recently moved to the Greenville, NC area. I would like to meet someone I can try this with in person, but I am also open to trying an online mentor/disciplinarian type of relationship. So if anyone is interested in chatting just hit me up.
  3. I know this is a long shot but worth a try... I am a female in need of someone strict and experienced in mentoring and disciplining others. I am in NC but close to the VA state line. I am also open to trying online sessions if someone not local is interested in talking. I am open to trying different forms of discipline up to and including spanking. There are multiple areas in my life that need improvement and I've got to try something. Not looking for anything sexual...mentoring and discipline only.
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