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  1. Ah, I see. I meant only that I wouldn't let it get to 200 until February. Perhaps it would be better if I just dropped out altogether.
  2. Not sure I follow you, Tactile 😕
  3. Thanks, Tactile, although that's still not how I read the rule. Not to worry: I appreciate your guidance. You are correct in that I am a new player, having been encouraged to join in by one of the established EEs. I'm afraid you have misinterpreted "my mentality", though. I have absolutely no desire to rock the boat, and am not, and will not be, promoting a charge on 200 by the ERs. Not before February anyway, if that's where the game is to be headed.
  4. Tactile, if you look at Shygurl's first post, setting out the rules for the game, you should see the answer: "NEW RULE: TO TRY TO KEEP ONE TEAM FROM RUNNING AWAY WITH THE GAME....WHEN ONLY ONE TEAM IS POSTING ERs MAY ONLY POST 5 TIMES BEFORE THEY HAVE TO STOP AND EEs MAY ONLY POST 3 TIMES BEFORE THEY HAVE TO STOP. Meaning if Tactile and Tate are posting overnight then they can each post 5 times back and forth (a total of 5 posts each), following the above rules, until an EE posts. EEs may post 3 times back and forth (a total of 3 posts each), following the above rules, until an ER posts. ***I KNOW SOME WILL THINK THIS IS UNFAIR, BUT THERE ARE MORE EEs WHO PLAY THAN ERs.***" I was only going by that: have I misunderstood?
  5. 190 (I think Oracle's second last entry, the queried one, should have been 194. Also there were 4 EEs in a row, instead of e maximum of 3) Not to worry, though. ERs will still prevail in February!
  6. Resisting the temptation, then....... ......until February.
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