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  1. Are there any female spankers in Palm Beach County? Perhaps someone to fill each others needs? Young fit male here.
  2. A professional should have references. The question is: can those references be validated? You could go online and find a random person which is a huge chance or go on established reputation. If you don't know anyone personally then which do you think is the safer bet? I don't think you can put a price on safety. The downside for me personally would be an emotional aspect. I would need to know that this person is doing it because they genuinely want to and care, not just for money.
  3. I was once severely spanked with a very heavy leather construction belt 3 days in a row. The purpose of it was to see how bruised my ass could get. My entire ass was still a deep dark blue a week after the last beating.
  4. Where in Florida? Palm Beacher here
  5. There are pro dominatrixes etc. In South Florida but nobody seems to be offering spanking therapy or life coaching. Does anyone know of someone?
  6. Perhaps a woman would feel more comfortable paying a reputable professional that someone referred to her rather than throwing this out there to chance.
  7. Why not offer a list of professional spankers by location. Just for those in between partners of course LOL
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