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  1. I am a male looking for a spanker/ee or couple in south Florida for punishments both real and just for fun. I'm more of a spankee but will switch for mutual benefit. Males and females feel free to DM me.
  2. @Sahilmy apologies. Strip naked, bend over the bed. Put panties in your mouth as a reminder. 50 swats by hand each check. Then 100 each cheak with a paddle or hairbrush. Then 100 with a belt. Keep panties in your mouth for 10 minutes in the corner with hands on your head. I was late to work again.
  3. clearly nobody can understand instructions. First assign a punishment for the person above you then post what you need to be punished for so that the next person can assign it.
  4. Greetings, I am in the Palm Beach, Florida area and I'm looking for a mentor type who can administer spankings as needed. Feel free to PM me and we can discuss.
  5. Where in Florida are you located?
  6. I don't think you're serious, ghosting me after chatting all day!
  7. @BritSpank you need a stress relief spanking rather than a punishment. Strip down to your panties and bend over the bed. Spank yourself over your panties with your hand alternating checks for 5 minutes. Drop your panties to your ankles and give yourself 10 on each check with the bath brush. Follow this with 10 hard whacks with the cane and finally 10 each cheek with the hairbrush. Stand in the corner for 5 minutes then look at your butt in the mirror. If it's not red enough or you want more then repeat the punishment. I have been late to work and not following up with clients reques
  8. This boy needs a serious non-sexual spanking to correct bad behavior. Males and/or females PM me please.
  9. Laying on stomach is best for self spanking. Now, please read the instructions and lets get this game started!!!
  10. REFRESHING A GAME SOMEONE ELSE MADE FIRST: Simple self spanking game. You post something you need to be spanked for. The person below you comments what your punishment should be. Should include self spanking, corner time, grounding... you get the point. Then make your own confession and wait for the next person. My confession: I've been late for work every day this week for work. Some projects didn't get done due to the employees being unsupervised.
  11. Lay on the bed, 50 hard hand spanks each cheek, 50 each cheek with a hairbrush or small paddle, stand up and 20 with a belt. I have been staying up partying and late for work as a result. Projects get thrown off track due to my employees getting there first and not being supervised.
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