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  1. You could try to casually bring up spanking in a conversation. Maybe find a movie with a spanking scene in it and watch it with him. If you were spanked as a kid maybe talk about how it helped you. Ask him if he had been spanked. You can measure his response. Then if you made a mistake recently say something like you wished you could be spanked in a nonsexual way to help you from not making the same mistake again like you were when you were a kid. This would probably be the best way to ease into to subject. But I think its best, if you feel confident you wont hurt the friendship just ask him if you could confide something with him and just start talking about it. Just explain its nonsexual and would help you out. But either way if he seems like it makes him uncomfortable you shouldn't pressure him any. I have learned in my experience a lot of people just don't have it in them to do this. If that's the case it wont work out either way.
  2. I have experience and I'm ok with this being nonsexual. If you need a spanking for discipline or any other reason contact me.
  3. I would like to find a female who needs spanking in her life.Whether its for discipline or some other reason. I live in north west fl and have experience. Im ok with it being nonsexual.
  4. Thanks for the responses everyone.
  5. I have a serious spanking fetish. I love to spank women.ive had this fetish since I was a teen. Even nonsexually. Sometimes I feel guilty for it though. Like I must be messed up in the head to enjoy causing women I find attractive pain. I haven't spanked many women. I’ve been a nonsexual disciplinarian to two women who both reassured me and told me they were glad I enjoyed it. And that I’ve helped them both and I shouldn’t feel guilty for enjoying it. To the spankees out there. If you did this ninsexually would it bother you any of the Spangler enjoyed it and got a sexual thrill out of it?
  6. Aftergeometry, one of the main reasons people regulate themselves at work is they don’t want to suffer the consequence of getting fired.
  7. I just started spanking a girl I met from here and would like to find one more who needs this. I’m ok with it being nonsexual. I can help whether you need discipline or just a fun spanking.
  8. I hope to find a woman who needs spankings in her life. Im ok with it being nonsexual. I live in the north Florida area.
  9. I hope to find a woman who needs spankings in her life. Im ok with it being nonsexual. I live in the north Florida area.
  10. Hi, i just moved to the fort Walton beach area and can’t be around my friend that I was spanking. I hope I can find a new lady friend. Maybe someone who needs discipline I’m ok with it being without sex.
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