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  1. It's been so long I cant remember, but I'm fixin to get 1 in the next few days n I'll post it then.
  2. I would say so as a matter of fact I'de take on the job causr she'de need at least 1 a day for a few years.
  3. Hello there n welcome to my profile. You made it all the way here n I appreciate you stopping by, your allready here so Please say Howdy or leave me a message, or a smile or SOMETHING. Im a real nice guy n it would be my pleasure to hav e you as a friend. You can ask me anything. Come on dont be shy, You know you want to

     You are just as important as anybody else here. Could'nt You use another friend?

  4. TPut on your thinking caps n turn your imagination on for this 1. Have you ever wanted to try a certain kind of spanking? Something a little different or ALOT different? Do you eant to get the spanking or give it? Im Rob, a spanko/switch out of Pocatello Id. n Ogden Ut. Willing to help you give or get just the spanking you've allways wanted to try. I love to spank women and guys to n Im not above being spanked by ether or Im a very caring and understanding guy n I know how hard it is to connect with someone you can feel comfortable with n I think you'll be comfortable with me. I want to do this for both of us. If I cant or wont do it youll know right away90 but it's worth a shot, Im ptetty open minded n Im not here to judge, just tp help you make YOUR spanking fantasy happen. If that sounds interesting to you Please message me back here or you can find me on fetlife under konadogger Hope to hear from you soon.
  5. HELP! I would really like to meet some spankos in my area that are somewhat close to my age (57) for chats, meetings and (hmm let. Me think... Spankings?) I really dont care if your a man or woman or you like to be spanked or do the spanking I wanna. Meet YOU! So if your anywhere close to my location PLEASE contact me. More than likely it would in your best interest.
  6. Of course your not wrong alot of males would like to be spanked by a dominant female (me included) but most guys are to chicken shit to admit it!😁
  7. Yes noise can be a bit of a problem sometimes especially in a motel environment. A few things that might help, try to get a room at the end of a hallway rather than the middle, try to get the spankee to keep a pillow handy in case they need to cry or yell into it as the spanking progresses, turn up the volume on the tv for background noise, try to keep the spanking within certain hours, ( not in the middle of the night) ask the clerk about privacy by telling them you just got married n your wife gets a little catried away sometimes, most clerks will understand n try to help you out. At least thats been my experiences.
  8. I've done alot of the same things n it was allways very erotic.
  9. Of course it does does anyone here deny it?
  10. I fantasized about my 5th grade teacher being spanked many times in many different ways she looked like Cher n I think every noy in het class had a crush on her. My oldest brother was dating her for a while n I got to k ow her pretty good as a matter of fact she gave me my 1st erotic bare bottomed spanking n my last spanking I would get as a youngster at the same time. (Ahhh the Good old days)
  11. Yes I would do it just for the thrill n embaressment at least once.
  12. I consider myself straight but I have no problem spanking other males straight or gay n I dont have a problem being spanked by other males straight or gay. As long as boundries n limitations are discussed and agreed upon beforehand there should'nt be a problem
  13. Have you got an idea for a certain kind of spanking? Are you in the Pocatello Id. Area? Talk to me. Im pretty open minded. Is there a certain kind of spanking you've wanted to try? Everybody is differant n there are many differant kinds of spankings as well. Dont be embarrest around me, Im very discreet and trustworthy. What happens between you n I is just that. I can give you pretty much the exact spanking your looking for n I can take a pretty good spanking myself. If I cant or wont do it you'll know right away n that will be the end of it but Im very much a spanko n I dont discriminate. Female, male, giving or getting lets build YOUR fantasy. I love role play n can be just about anyone you like so lets talk n see what we can come up with. You may hafta spring for a room n a ride (my truck is broke down at the moment) but I think it'll be worth your while. You can contact me here or on fetlife under konadogger. Looking forward to hearing from ya'll!
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