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  1. Hi Dezi. Howdy, Greetings and Welcome! I hope this site serves you well.
  2. konadogger

    Hi all

    That sounds pretty interesting to me. Where are you located?
  3. Hi Tony. My name is Rob (a spanko in Pocatello Id. Im not a female or gay but Im into otk spankings as well, to the point that I can give and take from male or female as long as the vibes are right. Im not into hard core S&M or bondage or leaving lasting marks but a nice pair of rosey cheeks are allways a sight to see. Feel free to message me anytime.
  4. Hello MyMistake. My name is Rob n Im a Spanko/switch from Ogden Utah. I just recently opened up my mind abit about the mm spanking scene n as a True Spanko I think I've doubled my chances at meeting someone into spanking the way I am, so, Nice to meet you. Where sre you from? I'll be happy to chat with you when I can. A stranger is only a friend you hav' nt met yet.
  5. Hi Justbecause. My name is Rob n Im a Spanko/switch from Ogden Ut. Currently staying with friends in Pocatello. Nice storey. I had something like that happen to me a few years ago. Anyway it's nice to hear from a fellow spanko from Utah. Feel free to text me anytime for anything, K?
  6. I've given alot more spankings than I've received over the years but I started out wanting to be the spankee. I allways had a secret fantasy of being spanked by Cher n still would go over her knee inna heartbeat. As I grew older I found myself being thrust into the spanker role for some reason, (25 to 50) witch I did'nt mind at all. But now a days at 57 I feel like I want to get back to being put over someones knees (preferablly female but not above being spanked by a man) and having MY bare bottom spanked like s child till it's red n Im crying. It sounds weird but I think It would be a great
  7. Hello there Im Rob, a 57 year old, single Spanko in need. I've been into spanking for over 50 years on both sides mostly giving but lately I've been craving to be put over someones knees (prefer female) and have my bare bottom spanked a nice shade of red. I hav'nt been spanked in far to long n I think its about my turn, of course I'm allways up for giving a good spanking as well. I prefer females but open to select males to so can somebody help me?
  8. Hello my name is Rob n I've been fascinated with spanking all my life. As a true Spanko, I like to give AND receive otk bare bottom spankings. I've given alot more than I've gotten over the years but I must say I have a strong desire to let my guard down n finally get the release I need that can only come by being put over someones knees (preferably female) and having my bare bottom spanked to a nice shade of red.
  9. My name is Rob n Im here to find that special woman who would like nothing better than to take me over her knee like a little boy and give me a sound spanking on my bare behind.
  10. Hi ladies. Are you from the Pocatello Idaho or Ogden Utah area? Would you like to put a grown man over your knee? Well I can help. Im 57, single, 6ft., 155lbs. In good shape, long brown hair, blue eyes (been told I have a nice ass)If that sounds interesting to you I'de love to hear back from YOU!
  11. Is that a request or statement? Well actually it's both. Do you need a spanking? I can help. Do you want to give someone a spanking? I can help. Im a 57 year old single male in pretty good shape, 6ft. 160lbs. Long brown hair, blue eyes, very understanding and discreet. Get back to me n we'll take it from there. Hope to hear from YOU soon.
  12. konadogger


    Hello and Welcome Gigi. Where are you from? Do you like daddy/daughter, teacher/student roleplay?
  13. Hay are there any spankos here from the Pocatello, Idaho or Ogden, Utah area that need a good otk spanking? or want to give one? Prefer females but open to select males. 57 year old single male, 6ft. 160 lbs. Slender build, long brown hair, blue eyes, not to bad looking, Im a nice guy, love role play, honest, respectfull n discreet. Lets chat n see where it goes.
  14. Im here n know about your presence Im a ee n er or n o I guess if that makes any sence from Ogden way. How are you?
  15. Hello sagegreenly. In answer to your ad I think Im your man. You can be compfortable with me.
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