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  1. Well, I've tried all of the social networking sites, I've tried all of the dating sites, I've tried adult sites like fetlife. I've tried bars, clubs, raves, and trap houses. I've tried absolutely everywhere and.... honestly I'm feeling pretty low about it and I'm probably going to just do as much drugs as possible as often as possible. If you have any other ideas let me know
  2. Just FYI, tested negative 2x now for COVID. First time at Sams Club back in April it was free through quest diagnostics, both other times it was 155.00 and one of those was actually inconclusive but the next was negative. Have you been looking at the wayne county dashboard?

  3. I cant say that I have experienced that, but I have had to cut a switch on the side of the road and get
  4. Mmm..... Birch is supposed to be pretty intense.... Lightweight, dispersed impact.... I must also suggest additional punishments like mouth soaping, line writing, and perhaps others
  5. about 4 times, 3x by an older uncle type that took my pants down for a bi-weekly dose of the belt and sometimes the cane and once at the hands of christy; she blistered every inch of my bare bottom with a large assortment of implements...... i think i'm long overdue for another trip over the sofa with her, only next time i know my mouth is getting an intense and thorough dose of soap..... and presumably the spanking that follows will be longer and harder.
  6. There was one time when my uncle pulled down my pants and gave me a taste of his belt which made me scream and cry hysterically. I've always needed to revisit that...... it's summer now.... perhaps a trip to IL soon?
  7. Last time I received corporal punishment I was 14, I had just gotten done golfing with my mom and we got into an argument about something senseless and as it escalated I told her to stop screaming and bitching and being such a fucking cry baby and she replied "you're the one whose gonna be screaming and crying like a baby after we get home and soap that mouth out, then March you into my room, take your pants down, and getting the belt, but if your crying sounds exaggerated to me you're mouth is going to get scrubbed every morning and evening! She did violently scrub every inch of my mout
  8. I would very much like to discuss that with you in more detail please!
  9. great videos on realspankings..... they're on spankingtube now too....
  10. I'm in Michigan, but I'll be going to Hamilton in a few weeks actually
  11. You're from Hamilton eh? My lady friend lives there....... actually........... pm me
  12. Benjamin Male 32 Ann Arbor, MI Spankee Either or, female would be first choice but male is fine too
  13. I'm in SE Michigan, ann arbor is only a little over an hour away
  14. I'm in the area and I fit that criteria. Are you still available?
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