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  1. I wish you weren't so far, even though I didn't attend your school the experience sounds awesome!
  2. Hello, I've worked with a few girls before with online discipline if your interested lets chat.
  3. what it sounds like is your looking for a date not some discipline, if you were serious about just needing discipline you would not have put "looking for a young male" maybe you should try a dating service instead of here.
  4. There are not many from Wisconsin on here at all its nice to have a fellow Wisconsinite here.
  5. Everything has been covered by the above posters so I can't add anything new except to say I perfer woman, but have had a man spank me about 3x and he knows how I feel, that I am super straight and nothing bad has happened. The only draw back has been that he can spank WAY to hard at times!
  6. From my experience most people sterotype male switches as gay and I don't think that's fair. I've talked to many male switches and that are straight so why this need to slap a gay label on male switches I just don't understand it?
  7. Hello, I'm in Milwaukee and I've been looking for parental figures and would love to arrange a session with you and your wife if she would spank me also. Randy
  8. Maybe you should try and expand your search past someone in your own age group, don't limit yourself this isn't a dating site.
  9. I live in Milwaukee and am wondering if there are any local spanking groups that actually spank and not just have a monthly munch?
  10. It depends on the person, I know some people who hate corner time more than the spanking.
  11. Hey lilmissspanko, I'm here in Wisconsin and an experienced spanker, I'd love to chat with you and see where things go. Randy
  12. Hey Belle, I would be glad to work with you on directed spanking, I've worked with a number of girls and have been pretty successful. Let me know how you want to proceed. Randy
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