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  1. I wish you were closer I'd love to be that father figure for you
  2. There is a guy in Traverse City that is a very good spanker already, I traveled from Wis to Traverse City just to see him
  3. I would love to know where you have seen these videos, can you post a link?
  4. Chat with someone on something other then here, kik or skype, and do a video chat, that will make you more comfortable then anything seeing the person.
  5. Dan I wish you were nearby to me, I'd love for you to spank me, your the perfect age!
  6. Hey LexP you had said your only going to be in NY for the summer, where are you going after that, what state?
  7. I wish you were close by me, you sound exactly what I prefer in a spankee.
  8. My suggestion would be talk for a while, get the feel of the person maybe on kik or skype ask how they feel about certain things, boundaries etc. Then when you are comfortable enough use skype for kik for video chat. If you just stay with texting you will never be completely comfortable, but if you see the person on video chat that will go a long way to being comfortable. Now when you are ready to meet someone do it in a public place, at a restaurant or something like that. And NEVER go with someone on the first meeting. Hope this helps.
  9. I agree with Jeff, emotional aftercare is important, not just end the call. If your not satisfied with the person your working with let me know and lets chat on skype or kik or something.
  10. Hi Ella, I know that I live in Wis but you sound wonderful and I'd love to be your disciplinarian. I hope we can chat and that you find what your looking for. Randy
  11. Matthew if you ever come back online lets talk
  12. Hi spankmook, I am a spanker, if your still looking lets chat.
  13. Kidsconny, if you are still looking I'm in Milwaukee and can help you, lets chat.
  14. Ms Chawsee, When you have time, since you have spanked quite a few people, maybe you would relate some of your experiences, I'm sure they would be fascinating for people to hear I know I would love to hear real life spanking experiences?
  15. Ms Chawsee, I just wanted to say, I'm a straight switch, and after I reading your posting you sound perfect! I agree with everything you require, I feel the exact same way, I'm a believer in being a gentleman, otk, platonic, nurturing, etc. I only wish I was closer but being in Wis is to far. I wish I could find someone like you in Wis.
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