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  1. In addition to line writing, you need to do some self-spanking directed by someone like me. Lets chat.
  2. I live in Wisconsin I don't know if I can help you.
  3. I could not agree more with what you said I switch and I am not submissive in any way, but I know I need discipline also. People always have to put labels on things or put people in a box, and a guy who switches does not have to be gay either, which is what a lot of people think.
  4. Hi, I wanted to reach out to you. I've mentored and been an online disciplinarian for a number of people over the yrs if your interested let me know. Randy
  5. I hope it goes well, and I hope you will write about it when it's over?
  6. I wish I had known you sir when I lived in Lawrenceville GA. You sound like the perfect disciplinarian.
  7. I do know someone who spanked me in Michigan, and he's on here. I know he is strict but he's very honorable and never does anything sexual. He lives in Traverse City Michigan and his screen name on here is stricthohcple. He will be more then willing to chat with you and alleviate any fears or worries you might have. Like I had said he spanked me twice and both were great experiences. His screen name on here is the same one he uses for kik to.
  8. I can help you if you like, I've worked with a number of people on cam. Let me know if your interested and what works for you, skype kik etc?
  9. I think the best way to find out which city has the biggest spanko community is to look on fetlife. I can't see any other way to do it. I have googled spanking groups and found things but other then fetlife I can't see a way to quantify who has the largest.
  10. I think most people would love to hear the actual account of what happened, but this is well written to.
  11. I wish I lived in NC I'd love to help you out.
  12. Hey Mandie, I've worked with girls before online and been successful so lets chat about it and see what happens. One thing I should say I know your not real comfortable with video but to be honest its really the only way to know if you are doing what your supposed to do, anyone can send fake pics. So think about it and let me know. Randy
  13. Hey I read your post, and would love to help you, I should say ahead of time that I am not in PA I'm in Wis if that is ok with you let me know. I have mentored a number of girls and if they follow what I say they are successful. Randy
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