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  1. I am older but I have a nice shaved bottom and I wear a t-shirt to highlight it! I have reasons to be paddled and or/ caned secure with my bare bottom up for easy application. No blood but swollen and striped with some welting. is fine. Never looking at me when administering and I am pleading. I will do one of the wrongs that I commit in front of you and we will proceed from there. I have other reasons to be punished as well.
  2. So glad to be here?; then?? Where did you go? I am in Ohio and since you can travel; I offer you a safe; relaxing; enjoyable change of routine with your desires, being priority and hopefully; at least some of mine. I am a respectful of others person and fun and easy to get along with. Just looking for some enjoyment and togetherness as agreed.
  3. Actually: With me; it is about submission; not really voyeurism! I am submitting for there pleasure and mine and in reality; any person in the audience may apply if they so desire.
  4. I like your thinking and that would be a good time for all. Being mostly submissive; I desire pleasure for other persons involved. About six hours to Chicago; So? Maybe Columbus? Thanks for the reply..
  5. To: Rand E: I have been actively and enjoyably involved with this fetish for about 50 years and being a switch: I have had experiences with males, females and Couples. I have been blessed in that regard. I argree!
  6. I am a switch but mostly submissive for sensual/sexual purpose and also for disciplinary/punishment when needed. Prefer to be caned and/or paddled. The title explains what I have never been involved with. What do you think? Any offers..
  7. I am in S.E Ohio and I need a good caning!
  8. I am in need of someone to administer a discipline/punishment caning in S.E. Ohio. Anyone interested?
  9. I love to be paddled or caned with audience and hope they enjoy watching but I like them to be quiet
  10. Hey Columbus; I am near Zanesville and need to be spanked. Mostly receive but can switch as well. Any takers. I live alone and can host.
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