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  1. RedBottomGirl

    Positions and Implements

    Bent over an armrest with a large school-style paddle
  2. RedBottomGirl

    Older men

    I definitely don't think older men who spank are inherently perverts. Any spanker or spankee at any age can be perverted or dangerous. I personally prefer spankers in their 40s or younger just because my parents are in their 50s, and the idea of being spanked by someone around their age just feels weird to me. It's nothing against 50+ gentlemen, I just don't feel comfortable being spanked by someone who could be my parent. I like 40s and under to help with that distinction...it just makes me feel much more comfortable. But once my parents are in their 60s, men and women in their 50s will officially be in consideration.
  3. RedBottomGirl

    Hello From Virginia

    Hello there! I'm 23, and I've just graduated from college. I came across this site and really enjoyed it...so I decided it would be nice to join. I've been involved with spanking for a few years now, in different ways. As someone who doesn't engage in spanking for disciplinary or erotic reasons, I'm still exploring my interest and what drives this need for me. My purpose here is to just talk to others who have this interest. I also just wanted to have a place to continue learning about the world of adult spanking in general, and to try to understand how the spankee part of me fits into my life. I've only been involved in adult spanking for a few years, so I know there's so much more I can learn in both a broad and personal sense. I'm not here searching for a spanking partner, though if someone truly compatible and trustworthy happened to came along, I might possibly be open to it (but no promises right now). If you want, feel free to drop a message or comment...I can't wait to become acquainted!