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  1. I am glad to find that here is someone besides me that is into spanking for spanking itself.

     I have had an almost lifelong interest in spanking. My fascination with spanking came when I was in school and discovered the strap. In school the strap was applied to the palm of the hands, not the behind, and I was the recipient of that once…one whack on one hand. None the less, I began to fascinate about bare behind spankings with the strap and that continues to this day. Absolutely no one is aware of my fascination. I have shared this with no one, ever. I am married and have been for many years but I cannot discuss this with her as she would never understand and I’m afraid it would cause issues between us that I do not want. And I would be devastatingly embarrassed if anyone I knew ever became aware of my fascination. 

    There is no particular reason that I should receive a spanking. I am certainly no angel and there are probably many things I have done for which I should be spanked but I am not looking to have some serious misdeeds dealt with by being punished. I am also not into being brutalized, beaten, tortured, dominated, belittled, bullied, injured. I just wish to experience a real punishment spanking administered with a strap to my bare behind.

    I have tried self spanking over the years, when possible, using various strap like implements that I have made from suitable available material, but it has never been satisfactory. To achieve the proper results requires someone else to be the spanker, but to discreetly find someone that I do not know and that I could come to trust to engage in a platonic spanking partnership is next to impossible.

    1. Amethyst_Moon


      I understand, it can be hard to find others who are into spanking without the discipline or domination aspects. 

      I wouldn't say proper results require a spanker...I am able to give myself perfectly satisfactory spankings that have the results I desire. But self-spanking doesn't work for everybody, I get that. A spanker would be great, but I'm fortunate that I can give myself just as intense of a spanking.

      I agree, a platonic spanking partner to engage in spankings out of pure mutual enjoyment is very difficult, unfortunately. Hopefully, we both eventually find that.

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