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  1. Be well, Amethyst, and come back when you feel comfortable.

  2. I am taking an indefinite break from this site, and most likely will not be back.

    I've dealt with several situations over the course of my time in the online spanking community on various sites, and the most recent is really the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak. There have been great aspects to being on these sites, but the negative has just outweighed the positive at this point. As much as spanking is a part of who I am, it is a part of me and my life that needs to be offline and private. 

    I have deleted my profiles on other spanking-related sites. Since it is not possible to delete or deactivate my account on here, I have just depersonalized my profile as much as possible.

    **None of the situations were from this particular site. 

    They were from other sites I was a member of, but they made me realize I need to do what is best for me and keep this part of my life completely offline.

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    2. dmirk


      That’s sad.  You’ve been a valued member of the community.  

    3. JeansSmacker


      I'm so sorry to hear about your bad experiences online.  (I often consider giving up, as well, but the prospects with parties and live groups do not appear very promising, either.)  I hope things get better for you.

    4. AfterGeometry


      Since this site wasn't the cause of any of your heartache, I would recommend sticking around...at least we will be here as an outlet in case you need to share anything. It's not easy to go it completely alone. 

  3. I bought this bath brush about a year ago, and it works great. I love it! And since you mentioned the implements being used for self-spanking, I can say from experience that the long handle on this makes it perfect for that. Even now having paddles and straps and canes, this is still one of my favorite things to use. https://www.amazon.com/Body-Brush-Long-Bamboo-Handle/dp/B076V5RJXF/ref=mp_s_a_1_7?keywords=bath+brush&qid=1580767325&sr=8-7
  4. I must say that I agree with Child of Light and dmirk here. The passing of anyone through such tragic means is sad. The part I struggle with is how there were 9 people on that helicopter who died...9 equally valuable lives were lost...but the only ones given any attention and mourning are Kobe and his daughter. The way news like this is presented and responded to, people act as if only Kobe and his daughter were lost, forgetting that there were 7 other equally valuable and important people who lost their lives, 7 other families who are hurting and grieving. The press presents them as an afterthought, a bullet point to the real news that Kobe Bryant died. And that breaks my heart. Rest in peace to all of 9 people who lost their lives, and my thoughts are with all of their loved ones.
  5. Back when I lived in an apartment with roommates and had to think about the noise aspect of it, it was definitely tricky. Honestly, I rarely self-spanked during that time. I did get a rubber kitchen spoon from Walmart...style-wise, it was just like a wooden spoon. But it was made of rubber, and little thicker than the average wooden spoon. It also had a slight weight to it. It was pretty quiet, and it didn't take too hard of swats to be effective. I did also use cords on occasion, but the spoon was my main go-to since I prefer thuddy implements over stingy ones.
  6. I think there really isn't a simple answer...I think that it first depends on why an ee is interested in being spanked. And two, it depends how an ee experiences the various symptoms of depression. I see how, for instance, if an ee is interested in spanking as accountability and discipline, and a lack of motivation is a strong symptom for them, being spanked could potentially be helpful. Lack of motivation from depression, and the apathy that often accompanies it, can really keep you from doing the things you truly need to do. So if they aren't motivated, and therefore not staying on track for treatment, or letting work, physical health, and/or other important things slide, having a straightforward, immediate consequence or having ongoing maintenance spankings could possibly help keep them from digging themselves into a hole due to their depression. But that might not work at all for someone else. This is obviously speculation. For me, my interest in spanking is mostly just because it is an innate part of me, and I truly, on a deep level, enjoy being spanked...though it definitely has a benefit of stress relief. I've had depression for the majority of my life...but because spanking is an enjoyed recreational activity for me, I often don't engage in spanking if my depression is at a bad point. When I'm struggling, I don't have the interest or energy to do anything outside of unavoidable obligations. Spanking isn't even a thought in those low times. When I feel "normal" (mentally healthy and generally happy), is when I am most immersed in my identity as an ee.
  7. I understand, those paddles are definitely pretty harsh...but the two I have are much more stingy than thuddy, so they actually don't leave bruises like some of my other implements do. But yes, I actually prefer to have some bruising, which don't automatically end a session for me, or deter another session whenever one is needed and desired...so using harsher implements give me the results I personally want. But I get that not everyone likes lasting marks from a spanking, and I 100% understand and respect that. I definitely still recommend Caneiac, since you can find a wide range of implements, and would certainly find some to suit your style.
  8. I shop a few different places. I do have an oak paddle from Amazon and a bath brush from Walmart...but those aren't my preferred places to buy spanking implements. I have a few implements from Caneiac, and they're nice. They're good quality, and on the more affordable side. From there, I have a rattan cane, a delrin 3-cane bundle, a polyethylene paddle, and a tawse. They are a very effective and well-made, and I will definitely buy more from there. I appreciate that the implements hurt my bottom, but not my wallet (sorry, I had to). For nicer, higher quality paddles, I buy from MissRosePaddles. I have two from her, one made from wenge and one made from purpleheart. They're a bit pricier, but they are handmade rather than mass-produced, and I can say the quality is amazing. After using her paddles, I can safely say she is now my go-to for wooden paddles.
  9. No, I don't live with my parents. I'm post-college and on my own. You take care as well.
  10. Thank you. And even if I don't talk to anyone in my personal life about it besides a significant other, I'm ok with that. They're the only person who would really need to know, anyways. I'm ok if it always remains a private and personal aspect of my life. My real struggle was accepting it myself. And now that I do, I'm comfortable with it. I really only have 1 friend, by choice. I've known her for 10 years, and I can unfortunately say with a strong level er l of certainty she would not be accepting of this particular aspect of my life. Outside of that friendship, my only loved ones are family (and my family is very much the type with the mindset of not bringing up topics that might be uncomfortable or really personal). I do hope to find more of a local spanking community once I move to have real like-minded friends, though. So while I can't really be open with those in my life now, I am trying to be more proactive in meeting others already understanding of this to be in my life, which would be healthy for me.
  11. Thank you for the thoughtful response. I definitely agree with opening up sooner rather than later. Which is why in my post I mention how I have made that decision personally to disclose this part of myself early...because if we do connect in that aspect, that's great. If not, we know sooner and can move on earlier, saving ourselves time and heartbreak later on. I accept this about myself, and anyone who would negatively judge me for it isn't going to be someone I can be with. I'm not scared to talk to a potential partner about any of the other deep, personal, even dark parts of myself and my life. But because I have never talked to a single person in my actual personsl life about this, it's just a more intimidating prospect for me to not only do that for the first time, but with someone I care enough about to consider being in a relationship with (At almost 25, I haven't met anyone I even like enough to go on a single date with, and don't get feelings easily. So someone reaching that point with me would definitely mean there is a level of emotional investment that is rare and a bit of a bigger deal for me...so disclosing this particular subject under those circumstances would take a level of vulnerability I just haven't really experienced.)
  12. Everyone is different. For me, the dom/sub dynamic and a strong element of power exchange takes away from the experience for me rather than enhances it. For a multi-person spanking, I prefer it to feel like two friends enjoying this activity together. But this particular discussion is another topic entirely from what this thread is about.
  13. Like I said, they don't ruin my experience here or on any other spanking forum. It's just sad that it's even a problem to begin with.
  14. I do enjoy the physicality of a spanking. ..the feeling of the swats, the pain, the physical marks...though that really isn't sexual for me. Spanking can be sexually satisfying on occasion, but that isn't common for me, and it is a completely separate thing when it is. Psychologically, it does relieve stress and make me feel relaxed. Nothing really goes through my head during a spanking...I'm just fully immersed in the physical spanking itself, and it is simply very satisfying and fulfilling. I have had an interest for most of my life, and this is simply what it has become for me: a natural part of me. I need and want spankings because it is just a part of who I am, and the physical act of being spanked alone fulfills that part of me.
  15. I get that. I wouldn't say I get all hot and bothered about it. I don't care about the opinions themselves...it doesn't change what I do or what I think and fell about it. It was more just my example of how I have experienced the real topic of the post. My problem is more that, in a society that already judges us, I just find it very sad and unfortunate that we then turn around and judge one another. It isn't just my experience that saddens me, but seeing how much it happens to others as well for countless things. It just happens way too much. Of course we shouldn't let others judgments dictate what we do or how we feel about it. But that doesn't take away from the fact that the judgment itself, especially when rudely vocalized, is not ok.
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