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  1. Dose

    Still Looking

    Heya~ I am still looking for my first spanking in the Decatur area in Indiana, can somewhat travel. If interested let me know or dm me!
  2. Greetings! I am here a new spankee in Indiana, in the decatur area looking for my first spanking. I am open to a lot and would like to know if anyone is interested. Message me if you are
  3. Dose


    Hello! My name is Dose or if you want to use my real name my name is James. I am a newbie into the world of spanking, I used to deny the fact I had any interest or sort of like towards Spanking, but now I have just come to accept that its a part of me and to be open about it all. I'm 20 years old about to be 21 on the 30th, and I am moving to Indianapolis pretty soon so, maybe I can see about meeting some spankers or spankees that in indianapolis. My favorite implement or most interested one is the Belt, and my favorite position at the moment would be laying on a bed or table. Hope to talk to you all and meet new friends!
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