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  1. For me worst spanking is when she’s on her period. Every swat feels five times harder than when she’s not. She’s irritable and if I earned one I know it’s gonna be more severe due to her hormones. I think giving a spanking is harder on her also because I probably just did or said something that I shouldn’t and she doesn’t really want to deal with that at the time.
  2. I think it depends on the relationship. My wife is our HOH and just the other day I didn’t agree with a spanking. She took that into consideration but at the end of the day she decided she was just in her assessment and I was spanked thoroughly. I didn’t like it. I didn’t really agree with it but i have given consent to her being in charge. Especially when it comes to discipline. After the spanking I was upset but glad to get it over with. I think it’s probably better for the submissive to let the dominant decide because if they don’t it’s definitely topping from the bottom. In my opinion.
  3. I get spanked almost every month when my wife is on her period. She is more irritable and for some reason I am more annoyed with her. However, pertaining to the topic. My wife has these period underwear from a company called Thinx. Basically they are underwear that can either be used as backup to a tampon or pad or be used in place of a tampon or pad. She even has thong underwear from this company for the last couple days of her period. There might be something to consider. Thinx.com is the website.
  4. The other night my wife brought me to tears for the first time in a year since we have been in an FLR. At the beginning of the year she said she felt we were going backwards and she was going to be more consistent and the soankings were going to be severe. I didn’t really believe her but I said ok and submitted to it. Last night she told me i was going to get spanked for getting annoyed after she told me NO on a decision she has made. And for the first time it hurt so bad I started crying. I was very embarrassed. I felt TRUE REMORSE but it was embarrassing. I had never actually shed tears duri
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