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  1. I actually had a recent experience with this. Met a woman for a spanking and she proposed another session involving her husband. I don’t usually spank males, but I agreed and it was a fulfilling experience for all of us. There was something deeply satisfying about having each of them take turns holding the other’s arms outstretched while I applied the belt. Would definitely do it again.
  2. I should probably mention, I’ll be in Georgia on and off for the next 6-8 months.
  3. I’m down in Georgia for a bit and would be happy to meet with a spanko/ give a good spanking in Atlanta while I’m in town. Safe, sane, experienced. Happy to meet in public and talk through your goals.
  4. Hi DCspankee. Thanks for the welcome! I have only spanked women in the past. And that's my strong preference. I might consider spanking a man, though, so send me a PM.
  5. For OTK, there are two ways I like to do it. For a more traditional OTK, I like to be in an armless chair and have her lean over and place her hands and feet on the floor. Sometimes though, especially for spankees who like to kick and squirm, I prefer to sit on the edge of the bed and have her straddle my knee and place her upper body on the bed with her arms stretched far out in front of her. This position allows me to use my ankles to hold hers down and my non-spanking arm to keeps her hands from coming back to cover her bottom. Its a great position for control.
  6. I would like to give a good outdoor/woodshed switching or strapping. Once, in the suburbs, I had a spankee go into the back yard and cut a few switches wearing only her tee-shirt and underwear. The actual switching happened inside though. I've only given spankings indoors because I haven't had easy access to a rural/remote enough place for a good session without being worried about someone walking up. I would love to recreate that scene but to have the spanking take place outside as well.
  7. Hi everyone. I've been a spanko for as long as I can remember and have had quite a number of spanking partners over the years. I found this site and finally decided to make an account. I look forward to meeting some like-minded people on here and wanted to say hi. I'm always looking for spankees, and have a wide variety of experience with all different kinds of implements and relationship dynamics. I would love to find someone in DC, but I travel to major cities on the East Coast (and sometimes other parts of the country) a lot for work. I prefer serious, discipline-type spankings and pa
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