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  1. I'll echo what some others have said already. Whatever was going on with her, it's better you found out now rather than when the two of you are in more of a compromised position.
  2. I'd like to hear that too if I ever had the chance.
  3. That's an interesting idea. I like it.
  4. Not to split hairs but "sex worker" is a pretty broad term. My experiences may have been different from yours but for what it's worth, I know a number of people who are or used to be considered sex workers who are ethical, who practice safe sex, and are quite respectable. I've also met spanking "newbies" of a broad range of ages who developed into proficient spankers with a little practice. *shrug*
  5. I think the website literotica has some of that stuff if you have time to comb through all thier spanking content looking for that right one. I'll also echo what @maelstr0m said. Pull up spankingtube (or most anything from realspankings.com where there are plenty of paddle whacks and legitimately sobbing models to be heard) and pump up the volume.
  6. I do enjoy laying into that "sit spot." I like the people I'm spanking to feel it when they sit down the next day.
  7. Frankly, as often as I converse with multiple people across multiple apps at once, I'm surprised it hasn't happened to me.
  8. Quite natural to have that reaction. If it's a problem then you could try "relieving yourself" sexually (i.e. masturbating) prior to the spanking. It might also prevent you from being distracted from the pain by the fact that you're getting turned on.
  9. I've found some real gems on spankingtube when I've had the time to dig through the low quality and trailers (promotional short clips) to find them. Realspankings.com is excellent. Michael Masterson has the best and most consistent production values I've seen with spanking content and the spankings one finds on his sites are no joke. I even have a couple of his DVDs.
  10. My personal experiences? I've used a hotel room before, always without incident.
  11. Kind of apples and oranges to me. Fetlife is more of a fully functional social network that's user friendly and, while it does have a considerable number of spankos, also branches across the kink world. I see this site as just kind of a message board or an online forum (with the added feature of a chat room, which Fetlife doesn't have). I usually spend a lot more time on Fetlife but SN is okay for what it is, too. Also, I think how good any resource is sometimes depends on the individual and their own needs/preferences.
  12. I mean I wasn't happy about it. I had bought it at a vendor fair and had paid less than retail for it, too. Ugh.
  13. I bought a nice acrylic paddle for a friend of mine but I've yet to pick one up for myself. I'd like to have one of those.
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