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  1. I've started wearing skirts way more since I started living with my Dom/disciplinarian. It does make me feel vulnerable, but in a good way. I kind of like the idea of being able to be bent over and having my skirt flipped up.
  2. Very sore from a well-earned spanking. Multiple implements - ouch! but I did at least get a warm up (well, at least compared to the rest of it!).


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    2. caningabottom


      Then you got exactly what you deserved I feel.

    3. embersshadow


      Definitely. I've got a bit of bruising in the center and on the side, but nothing I wouldn't expect. 



    4. MountainSpanker


      That's pretty impressive! Good for you! 

  3. Meeting a potential disciplinarian over the weekend - excited but nervous too, feel like a lot is riding on it.

    1. FinallyFree


      Good to see you around and good luck!

  4. It's really when I get to that point that I know the lesson is truly sinking in, though I'm not actively thinking that at the moment. I just focus on trying to stay still and just let myself take it, but much easier said than done. Sometimes it helps to bite something.... pillow, towel, stuffed animal...
  5. Well, as no one seems to have posted yet about the opposite side - pro-spankees, I list myself as one of these, but *only* because I've been paid for the work. Just because I have a lot of experience, if I hadn't been paid for it, I wouldn't list myself as such. For someone who *hasn't* been paid but still considers themselves a pro, I would expect that they could follow instructions given - things like staying still and quiet and actual *doing* it. I'd expect them to have experienced most common implements and positions. I'd also expect basic safety knowledge with meeting people, safe words
  6. Interesting.... I don't think I've seen before someone saying up front that they wanted to be both a friend and someone to be accountable to. While this is great when it happens, for some people it works, others not so much. I hope you find someone to work with here, that can fulfill both your desires and needs.
  7. Just curious about people's thoughts on the differences between the two. For me, mentor has more general connotations.... I would go to see a mentor to discuss things whether or not there was discipline involved, while a disciplinarian would be someone you would only see for punishment (or perhaps maintenance as well).
  8. Very, very sore. I'll be a good girl... for a while, at least.

  9. Yes, we're real, and no, you're not alone in this world. I thought that too for a while, but you're not! I promise.
  10. 27 here. I started when I was 18. I still consider myself young.
  11. I had the same problem last night.
  12. Sometimes I do feel self-conscious about this same issue, but I do definitely agree with what katekk has said - that if someone doesn't want to spank you because of how your butt looks, then they're not the right person. It does get easier over time with the same person, though being with a new spanker at all can be nerve-wracking! I guess my last piece of advice - well, it's not really advice - is that once you're over a lap/table/couch, etc., getting spanked, you probably won't be thinking about your bottom in terms of anything but OW!
  13. If I'm squirming and twisting so much that the front of my thighs are accessible, then they are fair game.
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