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  1. After a long self search I decided I think im done looking for a LTR..... I miss mentoring people. It really gave me a sincet that I was helping people... Im a 40 year old man , in the midwest that can travel easily.... I don't know what else to write im bad at these things.... but if you want to know more just message me
  2. Ive been a spanko since i was old enough to remember. As i got older I spanked several girls including exgfs... my last gf ended terrbily and Im now on my own. I lost everything but gained it all back. I feel at 40 though i can't find someone to mentor or be in a relationship with. and I really need it in my life. Its not just the sexual turn on. Like taking care of someone like that makes me feel needed in a way that nothing else does... I'm sorry i just wanted to vent a little
  3. Wait I Can Charge? Are you telling me Ive been doing it wrong all these years?
  4. Hi, I am in Indiana I am a Mentor and Dom and have been since I was 18 almost. I gave drive to most places and can't wait to meet new people.
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