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  1. People most often use the term 'Alpha' to mean confident, with leadership qualities. That said, if ever there was a truism, it's this: If you call yourself an Alpha male, you almost certainly aren't.
  2. Kith

    The ban game

    scarlet is banned for not pointing out that brevity is the soul of wit!
  3. Daily and frequently flaring up. Why do you ask, 19mUSA?
  4. Kith

    The ban game

    Ill Tempered Brat is banned because rules are just a social construct and can be thrown out the window at whim!
  5. I'm a mixed martial arts fan, and one rather spoiled for choice these days between UFC and OneFC. Lots of quality sporting violence about!
  6. I'll preface this response by saying that I've never been asked to do anything like this. That said, ultimately you have to do what you're comfortable with. Your boundaries are important as a spanker as well. If you're not comfortable with it as a result of the perceived nature of the event, in this case being the undercurrent of sexual humiliation, by all means you should decline. I've said this elsewhere, but we're not all things for all people, and that's ok!
  7. I've come to see much of this as the consequence of having an artificially shrunken "dating pool" in certain aspects, along with limited opportunities to socialize and meet in the real world to discuss the interest and the preference. Speaking to someone who understands is in itself often a minor revelation when you do it for the first time. The possibility to engage in the practice so idealized over years of furtive fantasies and dreams only more so. But then we often hit the wall of reality: We're not always what someone else is seeking. And all too often we're so desperately seeking to actualize what we imagine (as a group) that many of us will try and passionately convince other people that their fantasy scenario is the best fantasy scenario. It's possible that rejection feels more poignant when dealing with the spanking interest simply because it's at least hypothetically someone who UNDERSTANDS. It's a skill many really do need to work on in their own lives. I've had spankee friends who've found themselves almost bemused participants in a spanker's fantasy that they don't share, and the best adjective I've heard to describe the goings-on was 'absurd'. It's trying to slam that square peg into a round hole, and it's unfair to your partner as well as yourself if you're not willing to at the very least compromise, or at worst decide you're not a good fit for each other and move on. We're not all things to all people, and that goes for our shared interest as well.
  8. Kith

    The ban game

    AG is banned for post necromancy-shaming star!
  9. The company that run Kik were issuing their own cryptocurrency called Kin. The SEC deemed it a security, and they're not licensed to sell or issue securities. As a result, their revenue stream is currently pretty screwed, so they can't afford to maintain the app. https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2019/09/24/kik-a-1-billion-app-plagued-by-child-abuse-closes/#f301b48675f2
  10. Kith

    The ban game

    Vox is banned because blatant hypocrisy is fun when it's done in the name of the ban game!
  11. Kith

    The ban game

    Gingerlee is hereby banhammered and banished hence from this area of the internets for defending me. I'm feeling decidedly mercurial, and have decided this day that INeedDiscipline's critique of my purple prose is warranted. Therefore, the only solution to the conundrum of Gingerlee's defence of my overly florid verbosity is to likewise demand her removal from this message board!
  12. Kith

    The ban game

    Zhev is banned for her lying about Joy lying about her, and adding to a convoluted farrago of lies!
  13. Kith

    The ban game

    Roses are red Violets are blue SpankmeNokc is banned
  14. Kith

    The ban game

    Dark Rose is banned for assuming AG's lack of early-onset senility!
  15. Kith

    The ban game

    AG is banned arbitrarily for arbitrarily banning Dark Rose
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