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  1. Hell yeah!! Tears of joy!! Jillian Keenan! Whaaaaa? Who knew?!? My first ever spanko I have subscribed to on my special YouTube account!! I’m here for iiiit!!! I’m happy and excited!! Up to this point, my only subscriptions were Littles. 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭 This is so exciting!! Spanko came before the realization of the little-ness. Let’s gooooo!!! Thank you @Bramblewine I’m on cloud9 right now 🥰
  2. I was meditating, and a werid but curious thought came to mind.

    I know we're all human and that means usually we crave social connection. At least that's what I've been hearing a lot. So! My wonderment is this:

    Do spanker's talk to other spankers? Like for the funsies of connection??


    I ASSUME spankees and switches speak with everyone. But spankers (the ones who'd rather not be spanked), I just assume they mainly socialize with spankee's and switches who are in craving mode for the spanking on their bums. 

    I don't want to assume that though. I WANT to assume that spankers be getting together and talking, being friends, and just straight up bonding, telling stories and shit. Just being besties, y'know? Even the spankers who haven't gotten to really get their hands on many bums. 


    So yeah! I just wanted that out and about in the open. Mmmmm, yeah! Status Updates are where it's at 🤪

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    2. ellg99


      Still super sad. But alas, it be how it be until it isn’t and then woohoo when we get there 😋

    3. RemainsNameless


      Words of wisdom. :P

      Sadly, I think part of the issue is that there's some homophobia among straight male tops. No one minds seeing two women play, but some men have major problems seeing other men play. There was a "Male/Male Spanking Revue" event at TASSP, and I was one of like 4 straight men in the audience. But it was super fun! It was all, like, sketches. Very funny and entertaining.  And you know what? Seeing some dudes get their asses tanned didn't turn me gay. Who'd have thunk. I think the conservatives in the scene need to just get over themselves.

    4. ellg99


      Oh snaaaap, that’s super snazzy. You took the words right out my mind. 

      It’d be pretty cool beans if the majority were to get over their fear of stepping out of societal standards and just relax. It takes a lot to heal and learn how to feel confident and comfortable in with oneself. That’s goes for everyone but especially men. All this shame, and for what? This stupid shit show of what everyone claims is manliness.

      Smdh. I’ve got some honest words that can be taken as disrespect but I’ll hold my tongue for the sake of everyone’s sensitivity to the truth of the matter 😂

      I’ll say this though;

      I don’t get it but at the same time I understand. All these damn limitations, this fear, the judgement, and the lack of love and acceptance for oneself and of all of life got me all types of fucked up 😭😆

      Shit, but it’s all gonna be okay 🤗 Gotta keep that hope!

  3. All the canes in the world can burn, and anything thin that can be used to give a spanking can be put into acid never to be seen again and that’s all I’m saying for this topic. XD
  4. Brats. Such a kooky krazy confusing thing. I honestly think no one person is the same when taking on such terms. I identify as a brat. For me, I use the term in a sense of testing. I really don’t have a lot of experience in dynamics or relationships. I’ve honestly never even explored the nature of bratting. I base everything off of feeling. All I know is that in a bdsm sense with a dom/sub culture, I’m not gonna be one to automatically no questions asked, submit. To me bratting is just testing. And if you can put a brat in check then the bratting is stopped momentarily. But
  5. Gets* With no* Replace you with “to”* (you’ll know where) fed up*
  6. Mm. I’ve never thought about that. “A stern talking to” 🤔 That could probably replace spanking not entirely so but on whole other level. It’s get down to the subject with excuses. Just being straight up. I feel like everyone could benefit from such a thing. I didn’t realize it until now, but past memories are flooding in when it comes to such a thing. It’s something to think about especially when it comes to long distance dynamics. There’s only so much texting can do but you hear a genuinely upset , disappointed or fed voice, it touches you. Wooooow (mind actually blown) thanks 😊
  7. Oh snap? I’m sorry it’s been a minute and I’m just kind of hopping back on here. Thank you and everyone who’s given me some nice sage advice. I’m still out here college with the new semester about to start with these same worries in my shadows. Imma take all this advice and figure out a game plan on so many reals. Also I’m gonna go ahead and look into ADD/ADHD symptoms. Of course I’m gonna take with a grain of salt because I’m no Doctor. But it’s still something to think about. So yeah! Thanks everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let’s all get it goo
  8. I think scolding and/or lecturing is super important. My old mentor scolded well over text but when it came down to spanking, it wasn’t the greatest. It was a very quiet spanking. There were scolds for moving around and whatnot, but in my opinion, that is only half of what needs saying. I’m a naturally a quiet person. Lala land is my home. So like, having someone scold and take me out of my mind is very much desired. ESPECIALLY during a spanking. I feel like it drives any point trying to be made home. Also I feel like it may keep you aware of more than just the pain, and in my case; y
  9. In general, I fantasize about impromptu spankings. Like out the blue “Looks like you need some help” type of dealios. That then leads to a real dealios dish out time. It makes sense to me 😆 Then in a romantic sense, I fantasize about what it would be like to experience the pleasure-y type of spanking fun lead to other things type of deals. I kind of just circle around those. I also tend to not let my fantasies continue when they start. I think that’s weird, but I also think I should do that so that I’m not constantly in desire mode. It doesn’t stop my desire, but I feel like
  10. My favorite site is also spankingtube. I’m subscribed to Niko, Agoodspankin, PunishmentsOnly and DaddysBG26. These peeps are mostly real discipline situations. I’m a spanko spankee chick so for me personally, I want it all but when it comes to just watching, I like the real feel vibes the most. So recommendations encouraged 😋
  11. Corpus Christi whenever I’m not in University 👉🏿👈🏿😅
  12. How the in the blue fuck do you deactivate or delete this account 🤔 Like what? Never has such a thing on any other sight, been so difficult.

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    2. ellg99


      Thank you @shygurl duly noted. I'm kind of only sorta glad in a weird way.

      @OnlySolutions Exactly.

      @AfterGeometry Pffffft XD

    3. AfterGeometry


      You sound cool don't leave!!!!

    4. ellg99


      @AfterGeometry Lmao 😂 I meeeaaaan, it’s hella impossible sooooo I’ll be here XD. 

      Deleting my account was gonna be my weird way of trying to block out the cravings buuuuut 😭🤷🏿‍♀️😆 Here we are and I’m big fat chillin’. I’m cool beans because all the fight drained away with that one statement from ShyGurl. 

      So I’ll be around the spankingneeds towns 😂

  13. Such a great graphic novel! You are extremely talented chai 😊
  14. Thanks peep for a little fear alleviation. My chest is still heavy with my self disappointment. But yeah, in the end I’ll do what I’ll do and what happens will happen no matter how I feel.
  15. I’m going to talk about something that’s been in my heart. I guess I would just appreciate some feedback of any sort. But really, I just need this off my chest please. I’m not even sure if I’m the right group for this sort of thing 😭 but here I go. So a thing happened in the past. It was a misunderstanding type of thing but it made me decide to end the dynamic between me and my mentor. He was my mentor for 6 months before I started college all the way until my first summer after my first year of college. Then bam, it ended during the summer. Zoom past the ending of such a dynamic by a
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