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  1. Update: No longer reluctant. No longer confused. Thank you.
  2. I'm totally overwhelmed with all the messages I've received. In a good way. And to meet other Christians! I didn't expect such a welcome or such acceptance. I have more than enough to work with now and much I need to think about and sort out. You people are the best. I don't really know what to say but thank you.
  3. Thank you GC, I think I may be half way there.
  4. Hi, I'm Jubal and I'm 46 years old uncertain if I belong here. A little nervous. North Carolina. Military life. Now retired. I've lived my whole life in strict surroundings. My dad gave me whoopins from age 7 to 16 whenever he thought I might be acting out, and even often "just in case" lol. And as an adult I always was accountable, walked the straight and narrow. Man of God {my dad was an atheist}. Clean conscience. Quiet. Worked hard. Served my country. Now I'm retired. New city. No friends. No accountability. So I've really let things slide. Got in some trouble. Started drinking and frequenting questionable establishments. So I could maybe benefit from meeting once a week with a man my senior who would be willing to talk a little, give me some accountability, and uh you know. Corporal punishment. The form of a whoopin like my dad used to give. OTK. Bare ass. Make me sweat blood lol. No holding back. I'm not looking for a homosexual encounter. Nothing sexual. Just a dad, and not someone with a soft personality. Someone who is willing and able to deal out a sound whoopin. And keep in mind I'm 6.3, 46 years old, 210lbs. This is what I think I might possibly need to get me out of this rut. I'm embarrassed to ask. Regards, Jubal
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