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  1. I think what appealed to me the most about this was the idea of seeing my teacher facing the consequences of their behavior, at the hand of their own parent or parents. There's a dynamic with this which is very specific. It's embarrassing and painful enough for a child to be spanked by a parent, but it adds a whole new layer of embarrassment and emotions when this happens in front of their class. The role reversal element has always been prominent to me when it comes to spankings.
  2. I personally find it very meaningful when I see my husband starting to masturbate as he is being spanked. It's a very emotional and embarrassing experience for him and those feelings have a direct connection with his private parts. It's like they are linked, and his masturbation and ejaculation are simply an extension of the intense emotions he is experiencing. I don't see it as him being selfish or needing to be punished for it, although there are many things that he feels he deserves to be spanked severely for.
  3. I think your response here resonates the most with me. My husband is a very gentle and kind man, but in his heart he feels a yearning for maternal spankings, much like a young boy. The emotions of shame and embarrassment are like electricity to his private parts and he has had to be very honest with me about his fixation on being spanked and punished in various ways. I don't mind if he starts masturbating or if he ejaculates while being spanked because I know that I'm helping him experience something that affects him in such an emotional and sexual way.
  4. I know that I should share more of my thoughts on this site and stop with all of the lurking. I can remember sitting in school and imagining that my teacher was being disciplined and spanked by her mom, dad or both of her parents. I'm curious if anyone else was having thoughts like this when they were growing up at school? It was intriguing for me, even at such an early age, to imagine my female or male teachers experiencing a very humbling and embarrassing spanking in front of all of the students. The dynamic of seeing a teacher/mentor as a son or daughter being punished for their actions was always in my mind. I would most often imagine the teacher being understanding and willingly accepting their punishment...even with panties lowered. I could imagine him or her sincerely apologizing to the class before going over the knee of their parent/s and lashed with a belt. I had so many strange things in my mind growing up.
  5. Thanks for sharing this Steven. I’m sure that this has been quite an emotional journey for you, to share such a deep yearning with your wife. From what you’ve written I can tell that you have needed this since you were a little boy, so to have a wife who understands and supports you like this is something very special indeed.
  6. I fully agree with this. I think a lot of us struggle with the concept of revealing ourselves emotionally. It almost feels as though we are exposing ourselves naked for someone. What draws me to someone is knowing how difficult it is for them to "bare themselves" emotionally, yet at the same time I would know that their exposure and vulnerability is what they fear/crave the most. I would know that I have to be sensitive and careful with that person, to help them experience that magical combination of emotional exposure (being embarrassed, ashamed, regretful, worried, nervous, scared etc) while also supporting their sexual response to it all. The fulfillment for me would come in being able to see the deepest part of someone so vividly displayed. Their flood of emotions triggering an undeniable sexual response and exposes them in the most extreme way.
  7. It's so interesting when you think about how the brain processes emotions, and I can only assume that the brain is working overtime to process the myriad of emotions that are taking place in the mind of someone who is anticipating and/or receiving a powerful spanking. I say powerful because I'm referring to a spanking that requires a person's pants to be pulled down and for them to feel the burning, stinging pain and embarrassment as it's happening. I'm way more fascinated by seeing or being with someone who is nervously/fearfully anticipating their fate, knowing that right there in that moment their brain, nervous system and private areas are all working together in a complex network, which have an extraordinary effect on THAT particular person. Not everyone would have this same sort of anticipatory reaction emotionally....but I know that there are some who almost helplessly masturbate or even ejaculate as this storm of emotions are happening. Their own painful and embarrassing fate becomes deeply arousing, to the point where they yearn for what they fear the most. It's very similar to a moth being drawn to a flame.
  8. In my (limited) experience, I have found the act of spanking someone, particularly my husband, to be mostly driven by his need/desire for it. At the same time, it is very fulfilling for me to be able to do this for him. It's the fascination in seeing him becoming so nervous as he's anticipating what's about to happen to him, then the outpouring of emotions as his pants are down and I'm lashing his bottom with a belt or paddle. It's never that I'm hurting him physically (that much) but his embarrassment and guilt will cause him to cry in most cases. Even still, he will become deeply aroused in the process. I've grown to feel a sense of empowerment and fulfillment in seeing him brought to such an emotionally aroused state. It's like I've become a vital part of the most sexual and emotional part of him...
  9. Thanks for sharing your personal situation. I would fully agree that there is a particular marriage of that psychological component which I'm sure stems from your childhood, and the physical burning, stinging pain of the spanking you're receiving. You need to experience both together in order to really fulfill what your heart is yearning for. It's not even that you want to intentionally do things which would cause you to deserve a spanking, but you know that there are reasons why this is something you deeply deserve. There's a very particular process by which the embarrassing punishment you know you deserve will unfold and all of the components must be there. I am most fascinated by the idea of seeing you in every stage of this process and being able to see clearly how it's all effecting you. What a powerful release it would be for you to lovingly accept what you know you deserve, by someone you know loves you...and to feel comforted by the fact that it's all right for you. As embarrassing and shameful as it is for your private parts to be fully exposed and your bottom lashed with a belt or a paddle....you know that you're in the hands of someone who is lovingly correcting you....and all of this touches you so deeply that you can only surrender as the semen starts pouring out of your penis.
  10. oh most definitely! This is a good example of exactly the sort of thing I'm talking about. I think it would start with a person who has developed intense thoughts and fantasies surrounding their own spanking. The thoughts and fantasies are difficult because they know it's something that will hurt them, embarrass them, and make them feel ashamed...yet these feelings draw them like a moth to a flame. To be willingly placed in a position where he or she would have to confess their wrong doing in front of others would create an extraordinary vulnerability. To be able to simply discuss this process with a spankee and see them react emotionally and sexually is fascinating. It exposes the deepest, most sexual part of them
  11. For me there has always been a strange fascination in seeing someone become electrified with emotions and arousal at the same time, as a result of their anticipation of their spanking, during the spanking or even after it. These various stages of the punishment process each have their own unique elements which I believe contribute to the overall experience for the person being spanked. I personally have never had an interest in angrily or forcefully spanking someone, as it is much more intriguing for me when I know the person I'm spanking (or witnessing being spanked) is actually yearning for the experience. They're yearning for the vulnerability, the nervousness, the embarrassment, the exposure....all because these emotions have the greatest effect on them. To be a part of this process in which a spankee reaches the pinnacle of emotional arousal is a very powerful and memorable experience. My only experience thus far with this has been with my husband....who lovingly asks me to help him relive his childhood spankings, and the storm of emotions he feels will cause him to become so overwhelmed and he will eventually start ejaculating.
  12. Thanks for sharing your response. I now wish that I could go back and edit my posting where I mentioned "intense arousal causing you to become intensely aroused" ha. I'm glad you were able to see through that to the question being asked. I think you are exactly the kind of person that I am the most intrigued with, in that you are driven by the emotional response you feel when thinking about being spanked. Those feelings of dread, nervousness and the embarrassment are all drawing you like a moth to a flame. The myriad of emotions are hard wired to the most sexual part of you and I'm sure you've reached the point of ejaculating many times, simply from thinking about and speaking about being spanked.
  13. I'm curious if there is anyone here who is effected emotionally and sexually by the actual act or even just the thought of being spanked/punished? There have always been scenarios in my mind in which I envision someone becoming very emotional, perhaps even crying as they think about how much they deserve to be spanked/disciplined....and the intense arousal they are feeling as they think about this causes them to become intensely aroused. So there becomes this powerful marriage of intense emotions and burning arousal which causes them to masturbate feverishly. I love the thought of seeing someone reach this state, where even just the thought or description of the punishment he or she deserves bring them to a powerful, emotional climax. If this sounds like you, maybe we can share thoughts. Perhaps this is a connection you've needed to find for a long time.
  14. Thank you all for your thoughts on this! I'm glad I found this site and am enjoying the stories and feedback etc. I do agree that most of the damage that's been done to my poor husband is there and now we have made something more intensely sexual out of it. We both get a lot out of it and it's fulfilling for me to know that it has such a powerfully emotional effect on him. He's told me that his ultimate (and scary) fantasy would be for me to arrange a meeting with his mother, where he would confess all of his wrong doing to her and then have her either spank him or watch as he is spanked/punished in front of her. He says he knows this is unrealistic, yet a part of me feels he truly longs for this. He loves his mom so much and he loves the thought of confessing his heart to her, yet he knows it would be difficult for her to watch her son being spanked as he masturbates and ejaculates. I will admit that it's powerful to imagine this emotional experience for him and I'm tempted to arrange it!
  15. Hello group, I just discovered this site and thought it would be nice to join, as I've begun to have more and more experience with spanking and disciplining my husband. My name is Christy and my husband and I have been married for 11 years now. Over the years I have learned more about my husband's deep obsession with spanking and punishments, which likely are rooted in his childhood. I've begun to explore this with him more lately and it's become very powerful for him. His longing for punishment and embarrassment is directly connected with his masturbation, so there is a part of me that's concerned I might be doing further damage to him, as he is always masturbating fervently as I'm spanking or administering his punishments. Do you think I should stop or limit this because of his emotional/sexual response? I don't want to ruin him sexually, but I will admit that it's sort of fascinating to see his reactions as I'm doing things to him or even just describing things happening to him. -Christy
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