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I've always been a bit fascinated with people who crave or need punishment. I'm most drawn to anyone who feels an intense emotional response to being spanked/punished/disciplined because of the vulnerability, shame, exposure and embarrassment it creates for them. I am wanting to connect with someone who yearns for spankings or other various forms of punishment because it creates these kinds of emotions for them. Someone who becomes electrified with arousal as it's happening or as they anticipate it happening.  I love the dynamic of an adult male who lovingly surrenders to the embarrassing spanking he knows he deserves, and is brought to a very emotion filled ejaculation as a result.  If this resonates with you then perhaps we can share thoughts on the subject. 

If I don't PM or email you back, it's likely because your profile says you are a "spanker" or "both".  I prefer a connection with someone who only identifies as a spankee and yearns for that vulnerability, embarrassment and arousal.  I honestly don't really see myself as a spanker, so I'm not really into being called "ma'am". 


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